900. Per una storia del tempo presente

900. Per una storia del tempo presente
zweimal jährlich (März und November)
editorial board: c/o Istituto Storico di Modena Via Ciro Menotti 137 I-41100 Modena, Italy tel.: ++39059219442/++39059242377 fax: ++39059214899

After a short break to reshape and restyle its editorial project, with the beginning of 2009 the historical Journal “900. Per una storia del tempo presente”, peer-reviewed scholarly journal of contemporary history, resumes its scheduled publication, offering its readers two issues per year.

With both a new graphic outlook and a new publishing house (l’Ancora del Mediterraneo), as well as a substantial reorganization of its table of contents, the new partnership with this publisher and the long standing institutional support coming from the Istituto Storico di Modena, “900” does carry out its betting on the future consistently with the research perspective which drove this review since as early as its inception. The idea that historical explorations on the main Gordian knots of the past-especially those getting across the 20th century- are tightly bound to questions, trends and contradictions proper to the present, continues to underpin this review´s scholarly achievement. Formerly carried out as early as 1998 when “Rassegna di storia contemporanea” was founded, this editorial project does therefore continue to underpin the achievements of “900”, which since issue n. 2-3 of 2003 did change its subtitle in “Per una storia del tempo presente” and begin to publish monographical issues to investigate the past through events and problems regarded of paramount historical relevance arising out of contemporary history.

As in the past, “900” carries out its task through the vital contribution of a young generation of scholars contributing to its commitments. Among others, “900” strives to grasp how outstanding problems of the contemporary age are interweaved with historical matters; furthermore, it aims at offering a reflection on the most relevant historical concepts and categories, with a special attention to historicity and time; thirdly, it brings forward an interest in drawing upon a long term historical genealogy to provide an interpretation of what is currently shaping the present and its transformations. What underpins these different commitments is the idea that “to make a history of present” time it is worth devising problems, tendencies and watersheds which did mark the contemporary age.

900. Per una storia del tempo presente 4 (2011)

900. Per una storia del tempo presente, in: H-Soz-Kult, 30.01.2012, <www.hsozkult.de/journals/id/zeitschriften-533>.
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