Turn Back Now? Anachronies, temporal, and chronological layering in visual arts

Turn Back Now? Anachronies, temporal, and chronological layering in visual arts

Institute of Contemporary Arts and Media, Catholic Private University of Linz
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Bischöflicher Fonds der KU Linz, Günther-Rombold-Privatstiftung, Österreichische Forschungsgemeinschaft
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24.09.2021 - 24.09.2021
Maximilian Lehner, Institut für Kunst in gegenwärtigen Kontexten und Medien, KU Linz

Workshop announcement and Call for Contributions

Research workshop at the Institute of Contemporary Arts and Media, KU Linz (Austria) and via Zoom, September 24, 2021 (10–17h CET) + CfP for PhD students

Speakers: Tim Barker (University of Glasgow), Amelia Groom (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen), Dan Karlholm (Södertörn University, Stockholm), Eva Kernbauer (University of Applied Arts, Vienna)

Turn Back Now? Anachronies, temporal, and chronological layering in visual arts

The „now“ as an insoluble moment of time from which we perceive our world is a key element in the temporal structuring of experience. Its indexical quality opens a discourse centered around notions of the contemporary or the present to the agents involved in experiencing and producing art. Being only one among multiple ideas on how to conceive structures of time, the perspective of presentism yet unfolds the difficulties we face in the interpretation of other times in artworks. Turn Back Now? asks when and how contemporary art reaches back in history, changes the perception of past or present, and how viewers are affected by these gestures.

The research workshop fosters exchange between different approaches to these issues and emphasizes the need for methodologies covering the questions:

- How are historical, anachronic, and other temporal references framed or produced within artworks?
- Are there any medium-specific ways of anachronies and temporal layering?
- Can we understand these means as inherently temporal and how could we use this way of seeing artworks for art historical interpretation?

Call for Contributions

For the research workshop Turn Back Now? on September 24, 2021 at the Catholic Private University Linz we are looking for two PhD students to present their ongoing research on temporalities, with a focus on the directions mentioned in the description above. Please send an abstract of 300 words and a short CV (2 pages max.) to Maximilian Lehner (m.lehner@ku-linz.at) until September 10, 2021.

The selected participants will receive a travel grant of 100,00 EUR.

Confirmed Speakers:

- Tim Barker (Senior Lecturer in Digital Media, University of Glasgow)
- Amelia Groom (Postdoctoral Researcher, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen)
- Dan Karlholm (Professor of Art History, Södertörn University, Stockholm)
- Eva Kernbauer (Professor of Art History, University of Applied Arts, Vienna)

Organized and hosted by:

Maximilian Lehner and Ilaria Hoppe


To join the workshop online or in person please contact: m.lehner@ku-linz.at until September 23.


E-Mail: m.lehner@ku-linz.at

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