Changing Perspectives on Resistance during the Second World War

Changing Perspectives on Resistance during the Second World War

Centre for Political History, University of Antwerp (University of Antwerp)
University of Antwerp
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University of Antwerp, Centre for Political History, FNRS and FWO
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18.09.2024 - 20.09.2024
Michèle Corthals, Department of History, University of Antwerp

The registration for this international conference is now open!

Changing Perspectives on Resistance during the Second World War

The Department of History of the University of Antwerp hosts an international conference on resistance during the Second World War.

Almost eighty years after the end of the Second World War and after the resistance to the fascist and nazi occupiers emerged from its shadows, this conference aims to unite the wealth of perspectives and insights generated by resistance historiography during these past decades. From 18 to 20 September 2024, the Department of History of the University of Antwerp will host an international conference on the history of resistance during the Second World War, exploring its conceptual and methodological evolutions. Please find the conference programme on the website.

Registration for this conference is now open!


Wednesday 18 September 2024

14h: Registration

14h30: Welcome and introduction: Prof. Marnix Beyen (University of Antwerp)

14h45: Keynote lecture: Prof. Claire Andrieu (Sciences Po), The Resistance phenomenon between history and historiography

16h: PANEL 1: The impact of prewar identities and experiences on resistance

Chiara Bonfiglioli (Ca' Foscari University of Venice): Vida Tomšič and the resistance in Slovenia: biographical and intersectional approaches

Guy Bud (CEGESOMA): “The Congo was our hope”: Colonial identities and resistance networks in German-occupied Belgium

Vincenzo Colaprice (Roma Tre University): Fighting far from home: Resistance as a voluntary or forced choice?

Saša Vejzagić (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts): Rebuilding and Enduring in the Lion’s Den: The second phase of Peoples’ Liberation Movement in the Occupied Zagreb (1942-1943)

Thursday 19 September 2024

9h30: Keynote lecture: Prof. Ismee Tames (NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies and Utrecht University), World War II resistance from a transnational perspective

10h30: PANEL 2: Female resistance

Christina Chatzitheodorou (University of Glasgow): Resistance & Contested Memories: The Resistance of all-female group Spitha in Occupied Athens (1941-1944) and the Post-War Oblivion

Michèle Corthals (University of Antwerp): Female resistance through clandestine aid: the Antwerp branch of Solidarity (1941-1944)

Martina Gugglberger (Johannes Kepler University Linz) and Alexandra Wachter (University of Vienna): "Late Recognition" - Regional Commemoration of Women in Resistance against the Nazi Regime

12h: Lunch

13h: Keynote lecture: Prof. Em. Paula Schwartz (Middlebury College): Sympathies for the Small: Making the Case for Microhistory

14h15: PANEL 3: Jewish resistance

Lilly Maier (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich): Rescue as Resistance – Jewish Female Rescuers in France

Markus Roth (Fritz Bauer Institut Frankfurt): Forms and frameworks of Jewish resistance in German occupied Europe in a comparative perspective

Dorien Styven (Kazerne Dossin) and Janiv Stamberger (Institute for Jewish Studies, University of Antwerp): Jewish resistance in Belgium: new perspectives and shifting paradigms

Friday 20 September 2024

9h30: Keynote lecture: Prof. Emmanuel Debruyne (UCLouvain), Resistance during the First and Second World War in a comparative perspective

10h30: PANEL 4: Expanding the notion of resistance

Rebekah Hodge (University College London): Food as Resistance in French North Africa, 1940-1944

Diego Marinozzi (Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt): Resistance or Eigen-Sinn? The Monks of the Abbey Val Dieu and the NS Regime (1940-1943)

Prof. Guillaume Piketty (Sciences Po, Paris): Resistance at the heart of the concentration camps system: what drawings tell us, or not

Rade Ristanvovic (Institute of Contemporary History, Belgrade): Invisible Soldiers: Residents of Belgrade and Resistance during World War II

12h: Lunch

13h: Keynote lecture: Dr. Jelena Batinic (Stanford University): Resistance, Gender, and Class: The Yugoslav Partisans in a Comparative Perspective

14h: PANEL 5: Resistance at the dawn of postwar society

Marina Alia Jurišić (University of Zagreb): Contribution of Dalmatian Partisans in Liberation of Lika

Giannis Lainas (University College Dublin): Partisan-People's Modernity: Resistance and State-Building in the Balkans during the Second World War

Florent Verfaillie (War Heritage Institute): A Trustworthy Auxiliary? The Belgian Resistance and the internment of collaborators at the Liberation (1944)

Babette Weyns (Ghent University): "I truly have not forgotten the difficult occupation years". Resistance members in the aftermath of their experience - a case study of the Belgian 'White Brigade'

15h45: Roundtable with Prof. Em. Claire Andrieu (Sciences Po), Dr. Jelena Batinic (Stanford University), Prof. Emmanuel Debruyne (UCLouvain), Prof. Em. Paula Schwartz (Middlebury College), Prof. Ismee Tames (NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies and Utrecht University)

16h45: Closing lecture by Prof. Marnix Beyen (University of Antwerp)