Tourism and Performance: Scripts, Stages and Stories

Tourism and Performance: Scripts, Stages and Stories

Centre for Tourism & Cultural Change, Sheffield Hallam University
United Kingdom
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14.08.2005 - 18.08.2005
Picard, David

This is the first announcement and call for papers for the 3rd CTCC Tourism Research Conference. Tourism and Performance: Scripts, Stages and Stories is part of our ongoing conference series focusing on tourism and tourism related practices, with the aim to test and, where useful, to overcome traditional conceptual and disciplinary boundaries. Previous events of this series include Tourism and Photography: Still Visions - Changing Lives in Sheffield, in 2003, and Tourism and Literature: Travel, Imagination and Myth in Harrogate, in 2004.

Performance has been theorised as a way by which human beings act in society and organise their being in the world. In the context of tourism, there is much debate regarding the idea of tourists as performers, 'acting out' spaces, and enacting 'scripts', through which they organise and add meaning to their experiences and journeys. Tourism in this sense can be seen to be 'staged'. But such perspectives raise a number of questions regarding the reflexivity, the hermeneutics, the sensual and aesthetic modalities, the social interactions and the political economy of tourist performance: How is individual tourist performance linked to socially prescribed or learnt models regarding tourism behaviour and spaces? How are spaces and material culture 'enacted' by and for tourists? What are the production and consumption modalities of in situ and in visu stages for tourism performance? How is tourism performance linked to modes of touristic social interaction during the journey? What roles do stories play in generating performativity and in liberating tourists from the acts of travel and tourism?

The aim of this conference is to explore such questions by drawing on the methodological and conceptual knowledge of different disciplinary perspectives including those of: anthropology, sociology, history, folkloric studies, literature and critical theory, linguistics, human/cultural geography, psychology, theatre studies and other relevant approaches. Key themes of interest to the conference include:

- Eden, Sodom & Gomorrah, the Golden Fleece: narrative archetypes underlying tourism?
- Hermeneutics and reflexivity: Tourism scripts, stages and stories as parables of the social world?
- Losing the plot: Tourism lost in translation
- Odour, sound, vision, taste - making sense of the senses: cognitive categories and processes in tourism
- Distance and familiarity: Tourist performance and social interaction
- Global forms and exchange: Building facades, eroticising space, making places visible for tourism
- Who is cooking who? Geographies and economies of touristic performance, consumption and exchange
- Political and symbolic manipulation of tourism scripts, stages and stories
- Objects as props - objects as texts

Please send a 300 word long abstract of your suggested communication with full address details as an electronic file to Dr. David Picard (send to ) as soon as possible but by 15th April 2005 at the latest.



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