From "Hereditary Enemies" to Partners - A History of Franco-German Relations in Europe; deadline extension

From "Hereditary Enemies" to Partners - A History of Franco-German Relations in Europe; deadline extension

Henning Türk, Universität Duisburg-Essen Carine Germond, Yale University
Universität Duisburg-Essen/Yale University
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01.06.2006 -
Henning Türk

In today’s Europe it is a common place to consider that there is a “special” relationship between France and Germany
and that the Franco-German partnership played
and, despite recent problems, still plays a
central role in Europe. The multiplication of
labels applied to Franco-German relations – axis,
couple, tandem, engine, motor, privileged
partnership, alliance, hard core, etc. – are only
different expressions of that idea. However, in
order to understand the present and future of the
Franco-German partnership, it is also necessary to take its past into account.

While, for obvious reasons, much has already been
written in French and German on Franco-German
relations, the academic literature in English on
this topic mainly deals with most recent aspects
or very specific issues of the bilateral
relationship. As matter of fact, a complete
historical overview of the evolution of
Franco-German relations still isn’t available in
English. Moreover, the role and function of
Franco-German relations in Europe remains largely
misunderstood outside the European Union, and
especially in the United States. For that reason,
it seems all the more necessary to highlight the
historical roots of the Franco-German entente.

Tentatively entitled From “Hereditary Enemies” to
Partners – A History of Franco-German relations
in Europe, this book is designed to close the gap
in the scholarly literature in English on
Franco-German relations. Conceived as a reader
for English-speaking students, scholars and
instructors, the book’s aim is to highlight and
discuss the historical foundations upon which the
contemporary Franco-German relationship is based,
the different aspects and dimensions of the
bilateral relations and, therefore, its very
nature. Ultimately, the book would present the
most recent results of the scholarly research on
Franco-German relations in Europe and suggest new avenues of research.

Interested young researchers are invited to
submit papers within the general topics listed below:
- Franco-German relations from Napoleon
to World War I (Topics may include the following:
France and German unification, the
Franco-Prussian War, the “hereditary enemy”
concept, France, Germany and the Great War,
Franco-German crises in the early 1920s, the Briand-Stresemann and Locarno Era)
- Development and achievements of the
bilateral relationship: Military, Cultural
relations/Civil-society/city partnership, Economy

Ph.D. students, post-doctoral and young
researchers will be eligible. Interested
researchers should submit their application in
English, French or German. However, the final
paper should be written in English. The
application should include a resume indicating
the current affiliation/institution/position and
including a brief abstract of the Ph. D-thesis,
Post-doc or current project of maximum 200 words,
as well as a summary of the proposed paper of maximum 800 words.

Applications should be emailed simultaneously to
the editors Carine Germond (Yale University), and Henning Türk (University Duisburg-Essen),
The deadline for submission is 1 June 2006.



Henning Türk

Historisches Institut, Universität Duisburg-Essen