Intelligence Clash: East vs West During the Cold War

Intelligence Clash: East vs West During the Cold War

Universität Marburg und Akademie Rosenhof e.V., Weimar
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20.04.2007 - 22.04.2007
Prof.Dr. Wolfgang Krieger und Prof. Dr. Dr. Heiner Timmermann

Academy Rosenhof e.V., Weimar January 25th, 2007
University Marburg

Call for Papers:

“Intelligence Clash: East vs West During the Cold War”

Conference to be held in Weimar / Germany on 20-22 April 2007
Organizers: Professor Wolfgang Krieger (Universität Marburg / Germany) and Professor Heiner Timmermann (Akademie Rosenhof / Weimar)

It has often been said that intelligence services helped keep the peace during the cold war. But there can be no doubt that in many instances intelligence activities led to or intensified international conflict. At least two large-scale wars, in Vietnam and in Afghanistan, resulted directly from massive intelligence failures (and eventually led to further such failures). Throughout the cold war intelligence clashes produced diplomatic or political incidents, such as expelling embassy staff or formal protests against abductions or telephone wiretappings. Intelligence clashes worsened relations , at least temporarily, within each bloc, between the two blocs and with countries outside the blocs.
The divided Germany played an important role in this game.
While a fair number of such clashes have already been studied, including naval incidents and incidents relating to espionage overflights, much research is still required before we gain a more reliable sense of their significance in cold war history.

Proposals are to be sent (by February 20th) to -- or

Conference presentations will be limited to 25-30 minutes. While the conference organizers will attempt to provide financial assistance to the conference presenters for travel and accommodation expenses no formal commitment can be made in advance. For further information please consult our website at -- or
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Further information under:
(0049) 0173-568 35 47 (Prof. Dr. Dr. Timmermann
(0049) 6421-28-24600 (Prof. Dr. Krieger)


Friday, 20th, April 2007
16 h Opening of the Conference
16.30 h lecture
17 h lecture
17.30 h lecture
18 h lecture
18.30 discussion
19.30 h dinner

Saturday 21st, April 2007
9 h lecture
9.30 h lecture
10 h lecture
10.30 tea and coffee
11 h discussion
12 h lecture
12.30 lunch

14-16.30 h Visit to the Classical Weimar
16.30 h lecture
17 h lecture
17.30 h discussion
19 h Reception and dinner

Sunday 22nd, April 2007
9 h lecture
9.30 h lecture
10 h lecture
10.30 break
11 h final discussion
12.30 h lunch


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Krieger
Fachbreich 06
Universität Marburg
35032 Marburg
Tel. 06421-28-24600; Fax 06421-28-25700

Prof. Dr. Dr. Heiner Timmermann
Akademie Rosenhof e.V.
Industriestr. 1
99427 Weimar
Tel. 0173-5 68 35 47
Fax 03643-770 824

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