European Visions: Small Cinemas in Transition

European Visions: Small Cinemas in Transition

Film Studies
University of Western Ontario
London (ON)
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28.01.2009 - 20.06.2009
Janina Falkowska

Call for papers

European Visions: Small Cinemas in Transition

Prospective Dates: June 29-July 2, 2010

The international conference European Visions: Small Cinemas in Transition will address issues which small European cinemas encounter as a result of European unification and worldwide economic and cultural globalization. During the conference, the presenters will explore how the general concept of "small cinemas" relates to questions of geographical territory, the nation- state and post-national phenomena. Our discussions will include the momentous political and social events which have influenced the ways in which small cinemas have evolved after 1989 in an effort to maintain national integrity, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the desire to join the international community in expressing general problems of the globalized world. The conference participants will also concentrate on the state of film industries in small nation-states, the emergence of new film industries in places like Estonia and Latvia, the work of the most accomplished new directors working in European countries during the past twenty years, the fate of old auteurs, and new themes and aesthetics foregrounded in contemporary European cinema.


Plenary speakers are renowned scholars in the field, including Mette Hjort, author of The Cinema of Small Nations, and Randall Halle, author of Toward a Transnational Aesthetic: German Film after Germany.

Abstracts of papers are invited on the following topics, while not ruling out other pertinent themes and points of departure:
Theorizing the concept of "small cinema”

- History in the making ― i.e., how various historical decisions (the unification of Europe, for instance) have influenced changes in small European cinemas
- Small vs. regional
- Centre vs. margins/periphery
- Ethnicity
- Diversity
- Multiculturalism
- Globalization and nationhood

Themes in Small Cinemas
- Border dynamics: issues of migration, immigration, emigration
- Regional sensibilities vs. national sensibilities
- Historicizing of the recent past
- Presentation of "the other" ― the disenfranchised, the underprivileged, etc.
- Issues of gender and sexuality
- New directors and new films ― generational shifts
- Films of national diasporas
- Minority film practices (examples: indigenous, migrant cinemas )

Discussion of Administrative and Policy Changes
- Means of production (e.g., transition from state to private production; new production companies; multinational productions; role of television broadcast companies in promoting small European cinemas etc.)
- Co-productions, co-financing, and co-operations
- Changes in documentary aesthetics
- Film festival as an aspect of cinema topography
- National cinema/filmmaking and the national vs. the international market
- DVD format, the archive and accessibility

Abstracts of circa 200 words for individual papers or pre-constituted panels consisting of three 20-minute papers to be submitted by April 30, 2009. Please send abstracts to Professor Janina Falkowska,

Janina Falkowska
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