Drugs and the Birth of Scientific Marketing

Drugs and the Birth of Scientific Marketing

Joined DFG/ANR Research Project "From Advertisement to Marketing - Pharmaceutical enterprises, patients, physicians and the construction of medical markets "
Hörsaalruine der Charité, Charitéplatz 1, 10117 Berlin
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04.06.2012 - 05.06.2012
Ulrike Thoms

Since 2009 DFG and ANR have financed our comparative research project „From Advertisement to marketing. Pharmaceutical enterprises, patients, physicians and the construction of medical markets (GEPHAMA)”, during which we have analysed the marketing of modern drugs as an heuristic approach for understanding the modern medical market. Industrial mass production, the use of communications media in marketing, the specialization of and the differentiation within the medical market, the increasing internatio-nalization of the market and last not least the blessings and promises of the post World War II "therapeutic revolution":
Our final conference wants to put our own research into context. Its contributions will discuss investigations of pharmaceutical promotion as a series of local and industry-based practices which contribute to the construction of markets by linking research, the market(s) and medicine during the last century.

Supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), European Science Foundation, Cermes 3, Paris, Institut für Geschichte der Medizin, Berlin.

For participation please contact Ulrike Thoms (ulrike.thoms@charite.de).


Monday, 4.6.2012
9.00 Jean-Paul Gaudilliére and Ulrike Thoms: Welcome

9.15-13.00 h
Session 1: Consumption, regulation and professional marketing.
Chair: Christian Bonah

Sergio Sismondo Managing Opinions, Key Opinion Leaders, and a Model of Communication

Ulrike Thoms: Marketing Strategies and the Life Cycle of Pharmaceuticals. A theoretical Concept and its Consequences

Jean-Paul Gaudilliére: Marketing Loops: Clinical Research, Antidepressants Consumption and the Reorganization of Promotion at Geigy in the 1960s-70s

10.30 h-11.00 h Coffee Break

Nils Kessel: Exasperating Use(r)s - Pharmaceutical Marketing and its Limits

Quentin Ravelli: The failed Globalization of an Antibiotic: Regulation Standards and Marketing Practices

Commentator: Nicolas Henckes
13.00 h-14.30 h Lunch break

14.30-17.00 h
Session 2: Media and marketing practices.
Chair: Anne Rasmussen

Christian Bonah: Marketing Film. Audiovisuals as Scientific Marketing and Medical Training in Psychiatry: The Example of Sandoz in the 1960s

Anne-Sophie Mazas: Images, Visualization and the Practice of Scientific Marketing in postwar France

15.00 - 15.30 h Coffee Break

Meghean Brierley. Nudging Visual Practice: Medical Illustration & Pharmaceutical Promotion 1990-2012

Maria Jésus Santesmases: Marketing Progress, Selling Prosperity. Advertisement of Antibiotics Production in Spain, 1948-1958

Stephan Felder: Pharmaceutical Advertisements for Physicians: A French/German Database and its Uses

Commentator: Anne Schmidt

Tuesday, 5.6.2012
9.00-13.00 h
Session 3: Marketing and Medical Practice
Chair: Jean-Paul Gaudilliére

Tricia Koenig: "Equilibre du diabète" (Im)balance in advertisement and diabetes treatment, France (1923-1970)

Lea Haller: Drug Marketing and Media Attention: Ciba’s Struggle with Cortisone

Lucie Gerber: Marketing Loops. The Development of Psychopharmacological Screening at Geigy, 1957-1970

10.30 h-11.00 h Coffee break

Alexandre Marchant: Prescription Drug Abuses and Drug Markets Regulation in France (1960-1975): The Case Study of a Market Rarefaction

Commentator: Elisabeth Watkins

General discussion

13.30 h End of Conference


Ulrike Thoms

Institut für Geschichte der Medizin, Universitätsmedizin Charité, Berlin



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