Culture & International History V: Stage & Performance – Theatricality in International History since 1500

Culture & International History V: Stage & Performance – Theatricality in International History since 1500

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jessica Gienow-Hecht, Abteilung Geschichte, John-F.-Kennedy-Institut für Nordamerikastudien, Freie Universität Berlin
John-F.-Kennedy-Institut, Lansstraße 7-9, 14195 Berlin
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28.04.2014 - 30.04.2014
Annika Estner

The Culture and International History symposium cycle began in 1999 and has taken place in Wittenberg, Frankfurt, and Cologne. It constitutes an international and interdisciplinary forum for researchers in the fields of history, political science, international relations, economics, sociology, literature, art, musicology, theatre, cultural studies and related fields. It aims to expand the network between interested scholars as well as the field of investigations pertaining to the study of culture in the history of international relations. The symposium is dedicated to the study of the cultural dimension in international relations and the relation between culture and state. Thus, the general purpose of CIH is to investigate the role of culture in diplomacy, the culture of politics, and cultural contacts as well as new methodologies that apply culture to global relations, i.e. Nation Branding and Cultural Diplomacy.

The fifth CIH conference is dedicated to the topic “Stage & Performance – Theatricality in International History since 1500.” It will take place from April 28 through April 30, 2014 at the John F. Kennedy Institute in Berlin. In 16 panels, the participating scholars from Europe, Asia, and North America aim to discuss new methodological frameworks and recent trends in cultural relations, examine the role of cultural and non-state actors in international relations, and explore methods of a state’s self-representation and performance on an international stage.

We invite students and scholars of American and International History, Modern History, Area Studies, Theater Studies, Cultural Studies, Musicology, Art History, Psychology, Social Science and related fields to participate in the conference.

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Monday, April 28, 2014, John F. Kennedy Institute, Berlin

15.00: Registration, Tea and Coffee

16.00-17.00: Introduction and Keynote Speech
Jessica Gienow-Hecht, Freie Universität Berlin
Chair: Irwin Collier, Freie Universität Berlin

17.30-19.30: First Session
Panel 1: Now What? The Search for a Framework of Cultural Relations and U.S. Public Diplomacy
Chair: Giles Scott-Smith, Leiden University

Nation Branding before Nation Branding? Reputation and Image at the International Maritime Exposition of 1907
Michael Louis Krenn, Appalachian State University
The Limits of Nation Branding: U.S. Public Diplomacy and the Perils of Image Management
Justin Hart, Texas Tech University
Staging American Values: The Foreign Relations of the United States Series as Representational Vehicle
William McAllister, Office of the Historian, U.S. Department of State

Tuesday, April 29, 2014, John F. Kennedy Institute, Berlin

9.00-11.00: Second Session
Panel 2: Political Theatricality Before 1815
Chair: Tilman Pietz, Freie Universität Berlin

The Theatre of Negotiations at the Congress of Rijswijk, 1697
Rebekah Ahrendt, Yale University
Harmony on the World Stage: Metternich's Designs for Diplomatic Entertainments
Damien Mahiet, Denison University

Panel 3: NGOs on the International Stage
Chair: Michael Louis Krenn, Appalachian State University

State Self-Representation: At the Crossroads of States’ and NGOs’ Interests
Aurélie Élisa Gfeller, Swiss National Science Foundation
The Performance of Revolution: The "World Council of Churches" and Its Struggle against the Loss of Importance of Religion
Hedwig Richter, Universität Greifswald

11.30-13.30: Third Session
Panel 4: Staging the French Struggle for Cultural Supremacy
Chair: William McAllister, Office of the Historian, U.S. Department of State

Cultural and Political Power: French and American Higher Education Diplomacy in the Middle East from the 1860s
Rasmus Bertelsen, Aalborg University
Reflections on the Political History of French Cultural Exceptionalism
David Ellwood, Johns Hopkins Bologna Center

Panel 5: Staging National Interest
Chair: Laura Belmonte, Oklahoma State University
“A Parade of Nations”: The Asian-African Conference in Bandung 1955 as Cultural History
Jürgen Dinkel, Justus-Liebig-Universität, Gießen
World Stage, Domestic Audience: The United Nations Security Council and Henry C. Lodge's Battle for the 1960 Republican Vice-Presidential Nomination
Tilman Pietz, Freie Universität Berlin
“The Deng Show“: Making Sino-American Normalization Palatable
Marcel Will, Universität zu Köln

Panel 6: Branding in South America
Chair: Christian Lammert, Freie Universität Berlin
The World’s Concert Hall: Cultural Diplomacy and European Emigres in Buenos Aires during the Second World War
Andrea Orzoff, New Mexcio State University
Suriname: The Branding of a Young Nation in South America
Rosemarijn Hoefte, KITLV/Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies, Leiden
Cultural Diplomacy and Nation Branding in Redemocratized Chile: Agents, Strategies and International Tendencies
Judith Gelke, Universität Rostock

13.30-14.30: Lunch

14.30-16.30: Fourth Session
Panel 7: Performing Empire
Chair: Fabian Hilfrich, University of Edinburgh

Performing the Conquest of Africa: Theatricality in the German Emin Pasha and Bushiri War Expeditions, 1889-1891
Matthew Unangst, Temple University
A Welcome to the “Hero of Manila”: New York’s Victory Parades for Admiral George Dewey in 1899
Sebastian Jobs, Freie Universität Berlin
Enacting and Writing the Encounter: Performing British Diplomacy in Afghanistan (c. 1922-1941)
Maximilian Drephal, Loughborough University

Panel 8: Dance in International Relations
Chair: Yoko Kawamura, Seikei University, Tokyo

"Counteracting Foreign Propagandas": Ballet Tours as Cultural Diplomatic Tool in the 20th Century, France and Great Britain
Stéphanie Gonçalves, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Japan’s Cultural Diplomacy in Western Europe through Dance during the 1930s
Kazumi Kuwahara, Shujitsu University

Panel 9: The International Performance of Statehood
Chair: Rosemarijn Hoefte, KITLV/Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies, Leiden

Performing Justice: America’s Liberal-democratic Justice System Facing International Criticism during the Angela Davis Trial 1971
Kristina Kütt, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Performing Sovereignty: The British State and the Hunger Strike in Northern Ireland in the Context of International Criticism 1981
Andreas Spreier, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Performing Dissent: The Controversies over Nuclear Weapons and the East-West Antagonism in West Germany, 1979-83
Jan Hansen, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

16.30-20.30: Cultural Program Including Dinner

Wednesday, April 30, 2014, John F. Kennedy Institute, Berlin

9.00-11.00: Fifth Session
Panel 10: Culture and Internationalism on Display
Chair: Frank Kelleter, Freie Universität Berlin

Exhibiting Internationalism? The League of Nations at New York’s World Fair 1939/40
Frank Beyersdorf, Universität Mannheim
The Aesthetics of Internationalism: Art and Politics on Display at the 1935-1936 International Exhibition of Chinese Art
Ilaria Scaglia, Columbus State University
From Diamonds to Samosas: The Professionalization, Democratization and Expansion of the Parsi Theatre
Rashna Darius Nicholson, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Panel 11: German Civil Society and Cultural Diplomacy
Chair: Gertrud Pickhan, Freie Universität Berlin
Jazz and the Black Other in German Culture
Paul J. Edwards, Boston University
Citizen Propaganda: The Last Years of East Germany
Alison Furlong, Ohio State University
Establishing a German Cultural Institute in Tokyo
Yoko Kawamura, Seikei University, Tokyo

Panel 12: Performing Gender: On Earth and in Space
Chair: Michaela Hampf, Freie Universität Berlin

U.S. Propaganda and Gender Equality, 1945-1990
Laura Belmonte, Oklahoma State University
Blasting Women’s Equality into Outer Space: Valentina Tereshkova and the Crisis of Masculinity at NASA
Petra Goedde, Temple University
The United States’ Portrayal of Women in the Field of Manned Space Travel during the Cold War
Karin Hagen, Jacobs University Bremen

11.30-13.30: Sixth Session
Panel 13: Selling a State’s Culture: Marketing and Commerce in International Relations
Chair: Irwin Collier, Freie Universität Berlin

Promoting National Products as Nation Branding? The Cases of Austria and Switzerland, 1915-2000
Oliver Kühschelm, University of Vienna
Spain for You: International Tourism Advertising, Public Relations, and the Branding of the Franco-Dictatorship.
Carolin Viktorin, Universität zu Köln
The Commercial Anthropology of Postcolonialism: Swedish Businesses and the Commerce of Culture in the Third World in the 1950s and 1960s
Nikolas Glover, Uppsala Universitet

Panel 14: New Insights in the Study of U.S. Cultural and Public Diplomacy
Chair: Ulla Haselstein, Freie Universität Berlin

Leonard Bernstein, the New York Philharmonic, and the Cold War
Jonathan Rosenberg, Hunter College
Performance and Identity: The Anti-war Movement Abroad
Fabian Hilfrich, University of Edinburgh
U.S. Public Diplomacy: A Theoretical Treatise
Foad Izadi, University of Tehran

Panel 15: Branding Contemporary European Identities
Chair: David Ellwood, Johns Hopkins Bologna Center

Sovereignty without Theatricality: The Performative Deficit of the European Union
Klaas Tindemans, RITS School of Arts, Brussels
Branding and Public Diplomacy as Tools Accompanying “Coming back to Europe”
Beata Ociepka, University of Wroclaw
Beyond the Edelweiss: Austrian Image in the United States
Hannes Richter, Austrian Press and Information Service, Embassy of Austria, Washington, DC

13.30-15.00: Final Discussion and Reports of the Chairs


Annika Estner
Lansstraße 7-9
14195 Berlin