Scientific Cooperations between Greece and Germany

Scientific Cooperations between Greece and Germany

Prof. Dr. Dieter Lenzen, Präsident der Universität Hamburg
Universität Hamburg
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05.02.2015 -
Sara Buske

Conference on Scientific Cooperation between Greece and Germany 2015
-Matchmaking Meeting-

February 5 to 7, 2015, Universität Hamburg

The conference is aimed at both Greek and German scientists and scholars from various disciplines and from both universities and technical colleges. It is intended to provide a multidisciplinary bilateral forum for its participants in order to develop new ways to cooperate and profit from each other's work and expertise.

The development of the idea behind this event was inspired by the current situation at Greece's universities and the fact that its higher education system as a whole has been severely affected by the spending cuts in the public sector as part of the saving measures implemented during the debt crisis.

The draft program consists of three parts: on the first day, a plenary session with brief introductory speeches will be followed by workshops during which the participants will be divided into groups according to their scientific field in order to identify and discuss challenges currently faced by their faculties at Greek universities. The proclaimed goal of the conference is to identify and initiate joint projects and new cooperations. Therefore, on the second day of the conference, academics from both Greece and Germany will join each other in groups of 5 to 6 people (matchmaking workshops) to introduce their work to their colleagues with the purpose of identifying common research projects and approaches, which will eventually lead to cooperations. We invite scientists and scholars (postdoctoral level) of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Engineering who are interested in engaging in matchmaking activities to participate in the conference and to come into discussion with German and Greek colleagues from their respective fields to find new ways of cooperation. Please note that participants residing in Greece will be reimbursed for their travel

To apply for participation in the conference, please send until December 12, 2014 a short
CV as well as an indication as to what topic you would like to cooperate on to Ms Sara
Buske: (, +4940/428 38 1802).
If any further questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Sara Buske.




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