Gender and Authority in Medieval Society

Gender and Authority in Medieval Society

Anne Foerster, Ingrid Baumgärtner
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11.02.2015 -
Anne Foerster

Gender as a category of difference has a profound influence on the access to power and authority in most societies - past or present. Our workshop will explore the gendered nature of political authority by focusing on queens and other female aristocrats. It will offer a platform to discuss new approaches and different methods for the study of gender. The talks will address the varying self-images, ideas, projections, practices, and agencies pertaining to women as landgravines and queens, as wives, daughters, and widows in Britain and the Holy Roman Empire from c. 1000 to 1500.

To shed light on how the standing of rulers was shaped by different factors, situations, and actions is a crucial task for historians. The workshop seeks to enable young researchers with a focus on gender to discuss their work with students, interested guests, and accomplished scholars from Germany and Great Britain. Participants will gain new perspectives for their research in the field of Gender History, win experience in an international setting and a better understanding of the needs and benefits that characterize international scientific cooperation.

The Conference will be free of charge. A prior registration is welcome.


Students’ Workshop (registration required)

10:15-12:30 Workshop for students with Anne Foerster, Kassel and Susan Johns, Bangor


14:00 Anne Foerster, Kassel
Welcome address

14:15 Ingrid Baumgärtner, Kassel
Medieval History and Gender Studies at the University of Kassel

Section I: Performing Gender and Authority

14:30 Stefanie Dick, Kassel
Representation and Performance: Royal Couples in the Holy Roman Empire

15:15 Nadine Rudolph, Kassel
Agency in Gendered Spaces. The Hessian Landgravine Mechthild of Württemberg

16:00 Afternoon break

Section II: Gender and Authority in Historiographie

16:30 Anne Foerster, Kassel
The King’s Widow: Gendered Roles in English Chronicles

17:15 Carina Nolte, Kassel
Gendering the Mathildas. Women and Power in the English Anarchy

18:00 Evening break

Key Lecture

18:30 Susan Johns, Bangor
Studying Women and Power in the Middle Ages and in Historiography

19:15 Closing discussion

20:15 Dinner (registration required)


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