Social Science History Association Conference

Social Science History Association Conference

SSHA Women, Gender & Sexuality Network
Baltimore, Maryland
United States
Vom - Bis
12.11.2015 - 15.11.2015
Dominique Grisard,; Anna Korteweg,; Jadwiga E. Pieper Mooney, University of Arizona

General theme: “Pluralism and Community: Social Science History Perspectives” (see specific CfP attached)

Dear (past and present) SSHA participants,
It’s a new year and time to put your panels together. Believe it or not but the submission deadline for this year’s SSHA conference is just around the corner! Please find an array of Women, Gender and Sexuality themes below (in no specific order). Wonderful if you organize a panel on one of the themes proposed. Please note that they are mere suggestions. You may submit panels and/or papers on any theme of your interest. As a reminder: The location of Baltimore/Washington, DC offers exceptional opportunities for collaboration with scholars from one of the many regional universities.

Reminder: a full panel should have a chair and discussant and four presenters (four papers, though five presenters/papers is okay as well). The presenters should come from more than one discipline and ideally the members of the panel should be at different stages of their careers.

We very much look forward to your submissions. Please don’t hesitate to ask for our help.

Specific Women, Gender and Sexuality themes (suggestions from 2014 meeting participants and network members):

- Trans issues – the state, surveillance
- Technology, trans issues, pluralism and community
- Gender and sexuality in the global sixties
- Rethinking sexual “revolutions”
- Fertility regulation, population control, and reproductive rights
- Monogamy, polygamy, polyamory
- Pluralization of family forms and functions (e.g. “rainbow” families, “patchwork” families, single-parent families, three-parent-families, nuclear families etc.)
- Feminism and multiculturalism revisited
- Feminist/queer/intersectional theories of difference
- Performativity and pluralism (of gender expression, etc.)
- The challenges of transnational gender history
- From single issue politics via intersectionality to post-intersectionality and multidimensionality?
- Pluralism and the state
- The new biopolitics of race and gender
- Biopolitics and necropolitics
- Feminism, pluralism and politics of affect
- Populism, gender and the politics of affect
- Intimacy between public and private (commodified intimacies; commercial intimacies; public intimacies; “girlfriend experiences”)
- Feminist approaches to harm reduction programs in public health (please contact Benita Roth directly at
- Gender and sexuality and the British Empire; Imperial Women and Health; Indigenous Healthcare in Colonial British Caribbean; Imperial Health and Maternalism in British Caribbean (please contact Sandria Green-Stewart at

Contact information:
Dominique Grisard
Anna Korteweg
Jadwiga Pieper Mooney

Best wishes,
Anna, Dominique and Jadwiga



Contact information
(Network Representatives):

Dominique Grisard

Anna Korteweg

Jadwiga Pieper Mooney

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