Conflict Groups and Disputatio. Intra- and Extra-Academic Lines of Conflict around the Parisian University, c. 1300

Conflict Groups and Disputatio. Intra- and Extra-Academic Lines of Conflict around the Parisian University, c. 1300

SFB 1150 "Kulturen des Entscheidens" Projekt A02 „Contingentia und Disputatio: Entscheiden in der wissenschaftlichen Theorie des westeuropäischen Spätmittelalters" (Martin Kintzinger/Georg Jostkleigrewe)
Stadthotel Münster, Aegidiistraße 21, 48143 Münster: Tagungsraum s. vor Ort
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10.12.2015 - 11.12.2015
Georg Jostkleigrewe

Within the framework of Collaborative Research Centre 1150 “Cultures of Decision-making”, subproject A02 investigates the development of scholastic discourses and practices of decision-making as well as the social and institutional environments in which they were embedded.

The main focus lies on

- Interactions between academic practices and theoretical concepts of decision-making

- Influence of academic concepts and practices on extra-academic procedures of decision-making

- Decisions and conflict groups

The workshop’s aim is to identify relevant questions within this field of research. In order to do so, we focus on a specific historical situation in which several aspects highly relevant for our research can be found. As a point of departure, the workshop concentrates on intra- and extra-academic lines of conflict in the surroundings of the Parisian university (c. 1300).


Thursday/Jeudi (10/12/2015)

Chair/Modérateur: Nils Bock (Münster/Harvard)

14.00-14.30: Introduction (Martin Kintzinger/Georg Jostkleigrewe)

14.30-15.15: Olivier Canteaut (Paris): Barons, légistes, réformateurs : des factions dans l'entourage des derniers Capétiens ?

Chair/Modérateur: Karl Ubl

15.45-16.30: William J. Courtenay (Madison): The Attempted Politicization of an Educational Community. The University of Paris under Philip the Fair
16.30-17.15: Chris Jones (Christchurch): No Man Can Serve Two Masters: John of Paris & the Problem of Royal Authority

17.45-18.30: Sophia Menache (Haifa): Regnum, Studium, and Sacerdotium in the Early Avignon Period: The University of Paris

Friday/Vendredi (11/12/2015)

Chair/Modérateur: Max Schuh (Heidelberg)

9.15-10.00: Marcel Bubert (Göttingen/Münster): Towards a Sociology of Medieval Philosophy, with Special Reference to Paris around 1300. Some Preliminary Remarks

10.00-10.45: Catherine König-Pralong (Freiburg i. Br.): Distribution sociale des savoirs et monopole sur la théorie. Un programme scolastique autour de 1300

11.15-12.00: Olga Weijers (Paris): Le rôle de la disputatio scolastique dans la résolution de conflits

Chair/Modérateur: Frank Rexroth (Göttingen)

14.00 – 15.30: „Contingentia and Disputatio: Decision-making in late medieval theory”: Presentation of the project’s research programme and general discussion


Georg Jostkleigrewe

SFB 1150/TP A02, Institut für Frühmittelalterforschung, Robert-Koch-Straße 29, 48149 Münster
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