Being a Student in the Habsburg Monarchy

Being a Student in the Habsburg Monarchy

Croatian Institute of History
Croatian Institute of History
Vom - Bis
18.05.2017 - 19.05.2017
Ivana Horbec

The project “From Proto-Modernization to Modernization of Croatia’s School System”, one of the research projects of the Croatian Institute of History funded by the Croatian Science Foundation, wishes to encourage closer examination of various aspects of the history of student life. Accordingly, we decided to convene an international conference with the mandate to approach the school system through the students’ perspective. Such a reversal in perspective provides a better understanding of the actual scope of educational reforms in different political, economic and cultural environments, social expectations for educational strategies, or challenges faced by end users of the system.
The conference takes place at the Croatian Institute of History in Zagreb May 18-19, 2017. The working language of the conference is English.
The conference is organized by the Croatian Institute of History as part of an ongoing research project entitled “From Proto-Modernization to Modernization of Croatia’s School System (18th - 19th Centuries)”, financed by the Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ-4919).

Dr. Ivana Horbec
Dr. Maja Matasović
Dr. Branko Ostajmer

Croatian Institute of History
Opatička 10, 10000 Zagreb – Croatia


International Conference

Croatian Institute of History
Zagreb, May 18-19, 2017

Thursday, May 18, 2017

9.30 Welcome Coffee
10.00 Opening of the Conference

Towards the Modernisation of School System: Students’ Perspective
Chair: Iskra Iveljić

10.30 Thomas Wiedenhorn (Weingarten)
School Reforms in Pre-Modern and Modern Period from the Perspective of Justice and Discourse Analysis: On the Implementation of a “School for All Children” in Württemberg and Habsburg

10.50 Branko Šuštar (Ljubljana)
Can “Blaže and Nežica” be Images of Elementary School Pupils in Slovenian Lands in the 19th Century?

11.10 Simonetta Polenghi / Valentina Chierichetti (Milan)
Learning in Gymnasium and Lyzeum in Habsburg Milan (1814-1859)

11.30 Coffee Break

12.00 Magdolna Éva Rébay (Debrecen)
School through the Eyes of Hungarian Aristocratic Students in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

12.20 Rudolf Barišić (Zagreb)
Education Interrupted: Reasons why Bosnian Clerics Discontinued Scholarships

12.40 Manuela-Claire Warscher (Wien)
Austrian Littoral 1850-1918 “… we do not need educated farmers”

13.00 Olga Orlić / Anita Sujoldžić (Zagreb)
Multilingual Educational Trajectories in the Austro-Hungarian Empire: Two Autobiographical Accounts

13.20 Discussion

Personal Maturation through Learning
Chair: Simonetta Polenghi

15.20 Guido van Hengel (The Hague)
The Culture of Adolescence: Between the Classroom and the Reading Room

15.40 Zrinko Novosel (Zagreb)
Upbringing and Early Education in the 19th Century Memoirs

16.00 Mitsutoshi Inaba (Fujieda)
Children’s Vision in Pedagogical Discourse in Bosnia and Herzegovina under Habsburg Monarchy

16.20 Coffee Break

16.50 Marijana Kokanović Marković (Novi Sad)
Young Ladies at the Piano: The Role of Music in Upbringing and Education of Girls in Novi Sad in the 19th Century

17.10 Dinko Župan (Slavonski Brod)
Being a Female Pupil – Education of Middle Class Girls in Croatia in the Second Half of the 19th Century

17.30 Discussion

Friday, May 19, 2017

Peregrinatio academica
Chair: Branko Šuštar

10.00 Olga Khavanova (Moscow)
Poor Pupils – Informative Letters? The Hungarian Nobleman István Dessewffy at the Vienna Theresianum in the 1750s

10.20 Vlasta Švoger (Zagreb)
Students from a Small Country in the Big City – Croatians Studying in Vienna in the 19th Century

10.40 Rupert Klieber (Wien)
Croatian Clerics Studying at the Imperial Institute Frintaneum and the University of Vienna 1816 to 1918

11.00 Ljubinka Trgovčević (Belgrade)
Students from Serbia at the University of Vienna in the 19th Century

11.20 Discussion

12.00 Guided Tour through the Golden and Pompeian Halls of the Croatian Institute of History

12.30 Exhibition Being a Student in Croatia during the ‘long’ 19th Century

Students’ Life
Chair: Olga Khavanova

15.00 Martina Kočí / Miroslava Slezáková (Bratislava)
The Pleasures and Sorrows of Students in Veľká Revúca – The Life of Grammar School Students 150 Years Ago

15.20 Teodora Shek Brnardić (Zagreb)
The Everyday Life of Cadets at the Wiener Neustadt Military Academy as Represented on the Paintings by Bernhard Albrecht (1785-1793)

15.40 Iskra Iveljić (Zagreb)
From Lecture Halls to Taverns. Everyday Life of Croatian Students in Vienna

16.00 Coffee Break

16.30 Željko Oset (Nova Gorica)
Social and Cultural Aspects of Socializing of Slovenian Students in the Habsburg Monarchy in the 19th and the 20th Centuries

16.50 Branko Ostajmer (Zagreb)
Croatian Academic Societies in Graz in the Late 19th and the Early 20th Centuries

17.10 Tihana Luetić (Zagreb)
Students’ Magazines at the Beginning of the 20th Century in Zagreb

17.30 Discussion

Closing of the Conference


Ivana Horbec

Croatian Institute of History
Opaticka 10, HR-10000 Zagreb