New Book Series in Intercultural Transfer Studies with Anthem Press

New Book Series in Intercultural Transfer Studies with Anthem Press

Anthem Press
Arlington, Texas, USA
United States
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31.12.2018 - 31.12.2018
Thomas Adam

We invite authors from the humanities and social sciences to submit book proposals and manuscripts for our new book series in Intercultural Transfer Studies. We seek manuscripts that highlight the interconnected nature of the modern world since the fifteenth century. Book proposals and manuscripts should focus on the processes of intercultural contacts and transfers that shaped human societies and cultures. The intercultural transfer paradigm allows us to study phenomena within the space these phenomena created, and which cuts across national spaces. Such an approach liberates scholars from the straitjacket of national narratives, which all too often stress uniqueness and exceptionalism at the expense of universal commonalities and global connections.

We invite works focused on the circulation of notions, images, things, living beings, capital, and practices across cultures and societies around the globe and the creation or disruption of relations and spaces that shaped the perception and reality of individuals. Manuscripts could also explore the transnational spaces created by the circulation of material and immaterial objects and subjects.

Our series will provide a stage for scholars to explore and analyze historical phenomena in their entirety rather than segments of these phenomena in a specific and isolated national setting. We also encourage scholars to analyze the mechanisms involved in intercultural transfers and encounters and to develop theoretical and methodological settings that explain these transfers.
For example, we welcome works that analyze the processes of exchange and transfer of phenomena such as social policy, politics, law, constitutions, terrorism, revolutions, urban reform, Social Darwinism, museums and memorials, sports, philanthropy, academic education, literature.

Our interdisciplinary series is published with Anthem Press - an independent academic, educational and reference publishing house with a strong international focus. Our series will join Anthem strong publishing programs in Asian studies, economics, and nineteenth-century literature. The company’s head office is in London, U.K. with offices as well in New York, U.S. and New Delhi, India.

Contributions can come from any discipline and country as this series is decidedly international and global emphasizing intercultural transfer. Manuscripts should be between 80,000 and 130,000 words.

The series is edited by Thomas Adam, a leading scholar in the field of intercultural transfer studies and transnational history. He has published extensively on the intercultural transfer of philanthropy and nonprofit organizations. His concept of intercultural transfer that highlights the mutual exchanges between societies as well as the modifications and transformations of objects that occur in the process of transfer has provided an alternative to the paradigm of nation-centered history. The editor is supported by an editorial board of eminent scholars including Kirsten Belgum (University of Texas at Austin), Tobias Brinkmann (Penn State University), Laurence Hare (University of Arkansas), Alan Lessoff, (Illinois State University), Michal Jan Rozbicki (Saint Louis University), and Axel Schaefer (Johannes Gutenberg Universität).

For further information please contact the series editor Dr. Thomas Adam (



Thomas Adam

The University of Texas at Arlington
Department of History

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