Funerary Landscapes of the Late Antique Oecumene

Funerary Landscapes of the Late Antique Oecumene

Stefan Ardeleanu / Jon Cubas Díaz, SFB 933 "Materiale Textkulturen" der Universität Heidelberg
Heuscheuer I, Große Mantelgasse 4, Heidelberg
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30.05.2019 - 01.06.2019
Stefan Ardeleanu

Funerary practices and epitaphs are key factors in our understanding of cultural transformation processes. Late Antiquity was doubtlessly one of such transitional phases. Although thousands of tombs and funerary inscriptions are known across the Late Antique World, research on burial habits of this period is still very uneven. The conference brings together researchers from different disciplines in order to give a first Mediterranean-wide synthesis of Late Antique funerary landscapes and their different regional characteristics. Questions on the materiality and design of epitaphs and tombs, their visibility, perception and accessibility will be central guidelines of our discussions.


Thursday, May 30th 2019
Welcome – Stephan Westphalen and Christian Witschel, Heidelberg
Introduction – Stefan Ardeleanu and Jon C. Cubas Díaz, Heidelberg

16:00–18:00 Session 1: North Africa
Identity, Community and the Funerary Landscape at Bulla Regia in Late Antiquity – Moheddine Chaouali, Tunis / Corisande Fenwick, London

Materializing Death in Late Antique North Africa: Microregional Epitaphic Habits and Funerary Rituals Contextualized – Stefan Ardeleanu, Heidelberg

From Jorf Torba to Foum Larjam: Late Antique Painted Tombs of the North-Western Sahara – David Mattingly, Leicester / Youssef Bokbot, Rabat

18:00–18:30 Coffee Break

18:30–19:30 Session 2: Egypt
Hierarchien und soziale Phänomene in der Nekropole des Paulosklosters in Theben-West/Oberägypten – Ina Eichner, Vienna

Protection for Eternity – Graves in Late Antique and Byzantine Egypt – Laura Willer, Heidelberg

19:30 Reception

Friday, 31st May 2019
9:00–10:30 Session 3: Near East
Appropriation, Invention, and Continuity: an Overview of Burial Practices from Roman to Late Roman Syria – Lidewijde De Jong, Groningen

Funerary Costums in Sacred Spaces. The Archaeological Evidence in the Provinces of Palaestina and Arabia – Davide Bianchi, Vienna

Christian Burials and Cemeteries in Proto-Byzantine Provincia Arabia (4th-7th cent. AD) – Pierre-Louis Gatier, Lyon

10:30–11:00 Coffee Break

11:00–13:00 Session 4: Asia Minor
Funerary Monuments as Textual Monuments. A Peculiar Mortuary Practice in Imperial Asia Minor re-considered – Evelien Roels, Heidelberg

Burials on the Move. The Mortuary Landscape of Ephesos in Late Antiquity – Martin Steskal, Vienna

Depicting the Self – Fulfilling Common Expectations. The Individual and the Collective in the Funerary Landscapes of Rough Cilicia – Jon C. Cubas Díaz, Göttingen/Heidelberg

13:00–14:30 Lunch Break
14:30–16:00 Session 5: Southeastern Europe
Late Antique Burials in Corinth – Jeremy Ott, Berkeley

Late Antique Rich Burials in the Balkan Provinces (in the Diocese of Thrace, and the Northern Provinces of Eastern Illyricum) – Julia Valeva, Sofia

Late Roman, Early Christian and Early Medieval Graves at Salona – Emilio Marin, Zagreb

16:00–16:30 Coffee Break

16:30–18:30 Session 6: Italy and Rome
Spazi, monumenti, epigraphic habit: considerazioni sulle necropoli tardoantiche della parte orientale della Venetia et Histria – Fulvia Mainardis, Triest

The Roman Catacombs: Reflections on Ownership, Spatial Use, and the Typology of Tombs. The Cases of Domitilla, Randanini and Marcellino e Pietro – Norbert Zimmermann, Rome

Paesaggi epigrafici nelle necropoli della Roma tardoantica: alcuni casi esemplari per una epigrafia archeologica – Antonio Felle, Bari

Papal Epitaphs and Burial Places in Medieval Rome – St. Peter’s and St. John Lateran as Funerary Landscapes – Wolf Zöller, Heidelberg

18:30 Reception

Saturday, 1st June 2019
9:00–10:00 Session 7: Germaniae
Changing Burial Rites – Changing Identities? Late Antique Burial Practices on the Rhine Frontier – Roland Prien, Heidelberg

Transformation and Disappearance. Inscriptions in the Funerary Culture of Germania Superior in Late Antiquity – Jonas Osnabrügge, Heidelberg

10:30–11:30 Session 8: Galliae
Inscriptions funéraires en contextes: de la nécropole à la tombe. Quelques exemples de l'Aquitaine tardo-antique – Morgane Uberti, Madrid

Levis aesto terra – Christliche Bestattungskultur im spätantiken Trier – Hiltrud Merten, Trier

10:00–10:30 Coffee Break

11:30–12:30 Session 9: Hispaniae
Framing the Funeral World in Late Antique Hispania. Permanence and changes in funeral rites and practices – Jorge López Quiroga, Madrid

Bestattung und Kommemoration im frühchristlichen Hispanien. Inschriftliche, ikonographische und materielle Aspekte – Achim Arbeiter, Göttingen

12:30–13:00 Conclusions – Kate Cooper, London / Philipp von Rummel, Berlin


Stefan Ardeleanu
Marstallstr. 6, Heidelberg

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