"Public History" in Germany and the United States

Freie Universität
German Historical Institute (GHI), Freie Universität Berlin (FUB) in association with the Public History Master Program
25.06.2009 - 27.06.2009
Etges, Andreas

»Public History« in Germany and the United States.
Fields, developments and debates in praxis and theory
An International Conference organized by the German Historical Institute (GHI), and the Freie Universität Berlin (FUB) in association with the Public History Master Program at the FUB, June 25-27, 2009

Conveners: Andreas Etges and Paul Nolte (Berlin) and Anke Ortlepp (Washington D.C.)

In the past decades "history" has become more and more "public history." Using new ways to present history, a larger audience has been reached. At the same time, the presentation of (national) history and memory has become a public arena where different groups debate the correct interpretation of the past or fight for their inclusion. This is true for both the United States and Germany, where tragic and traumatic parts of their respective histories have dominated the discourse.
While in the United States public history is an established field at many universities, in Germany institutions like the Freie Universität Berlin only recently began to offer more practically oriented ways to study history. By bringing together those who practice public
history in a wide range of institutions as well academic historians the conference aims to both cover a wide range of forms of public history and also to critically discuss national traditions and developments in the field.

Presentation can cover topics like history and the public, history and memory, museums and exhibits, national sites; living and oral history; historical movies and documentaries; Holocaust memory; master narratives of national histories; history and the media, historical consulting, problems of corporate sponsorship, and many others. Comparisons as well as proposals focusing one country/case are welcome. A "national" perspective is not mandatory, though.

The GHI-FUB conference will be held at the John F. Kennedy Institute of the Freie Universität in Berlin-Dahlem from June 25-27, 2009. Participants will receive a lump sum contribution to cover travel expenses and accommodation. Proposals (one page abstract plus a short CV) should be e-mailed by December 20, 2008, and be submitted to Anke Ortlepp <ortlepp@ghi-dc.org>


Anke Ortlepp <ortlepp@ghi-dc.org>

"Public History" in Germany and the United States, 25.06.2009 – 27.06.2009 Berlin, in: H-Soz-Kult, 25.11.2008, <www.hsozkult.de/event/id/termine-10479>.
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