‘Special NATO panel: 30 Years after the Dual Track Decision’

Canterbury, UK
Christ Church University, Canterbury
8th Annual Transatlantic Studies Association Conference
13.07.2009 - 16.07.2009
Bange, Oliver

To commemorate NATO’s Dual Track Decision of 1979 and its momentous impact on both East-West relations (on a variety of security, political, economic levels) and Western societies (the ascend of peace movements, the origins of West Germany's ‘Green Party’, politics of fear, etc.), the organizers of the NATO panels would like to invite contributions to a special session which will address issues related to this decision, from its origins to its effects and perceptions on a variety of levels. The contributions should be based on original research, offering new insights in the process leading up to the Dual Track Decision, the discussion within the alliance over the missile-gap proclaimed by West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, the military and security thinking behind it, the receptions in Western media and societies, Soviet and Eastern European reactions, the dynamics initiated by the proclamation of a moratorium before new medium-range ballistic missiles of the West were to be stationed, counter-actions by the member states of the Warsaw Pact, societal reactions in West and East, economic questions connected to the matter, and a multitude of other related questions at the transatlantic and European level.
Proposals which will address any of these issues, although not directly linked to NATO, will also be considered by the organizers.

Please note that there may be a limited amount of small travel bursaries available for participants in this panel.

Please send a short abstract (1 page) and a brief CV (1 page) to
Oliver Bange (U Mannheim; bange.preuss@t-online.de), Luca Ratti (U Roma III; ratti@uniroma3.it) Ralph Dietl (Queen's UB; r.dietl@qub.ac.uk); or Ellen Hallams (U Reading; e.hallams@reading.ac.uk).


Oliver Bange

Universität Mannheim, Historisches Seminar


‘Special NATO panel: 30 Years after the Dual Track Decision’, 13.07.2009 – 16.07.2009 Canterbury, UK, in: H-Soz-Kult, 19.02.2009, <www.hsozkult.de/event/id/termine-10873>.