1713-2013: The Peace of Utrecht Revisited. Historiographical Debate and Comparative Studies

CSCI, Sala Menendez Pidal, Albasanz 26-28, Madrid
CSIC Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, Instituto de Historia; Dr. Ana Crespo Solana Dr. Inken Schmidt-Voges, Osnabrück; Dr. David Onnekink, Utrecht
07.06.2012 - 09.06.2012
Inken Schmidt-Voges

The Peace of Utrecht may be considered as the first time a political treaty was concluded which had a global impact. The peace not only ended a European-wide conflict, but also led to a cessation of hostilities on the American continent and Indian subcontinent, as well as naval warfare worldwide. Arguably therefore the event also marks an important step in the development of an integrated world-wide political system. This conferences aims to reconsider the preconditions, negotiations and consequences of the Peace Treaties concluded in Utrecht in 1713 – rather than the prevailing research on international relations and diplomacy the contributions focus to embed the Utrecht events in a broader context of diverging networks, globalizing empires, expanding media and changing identities. Analysing the impact of and interdependencies between economic, dynastic and confessional challenges a nationstate-based perspective of peace congresses, the highlighting of discoursive and medial environments and strategies of diplomacy will work out the processes of making peace as cultural constructions and social practices in a world that differed so strikingly from the one of the Treaties of Westphalia.

Limited capacity, registration fee: 25 €, excursion on Saturday: 85 € (incl. lunch)


Thursday 7 June 2012

9’30-10’00: Registration and Opening

10’00- 10’30: Welcome words and Introduction by Ana Crespo Solana, Inken Schmidt- Voges and David Onnekink

10’30- 11’00: Steven Pincus (University of Yale): Dreams of Empire: British Aspirations and the Ending of the War of Spanish Succession


11’30- 12’00: Manuel Herrero Sánchez (Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla): The Dutch miracle in dynastic context. Ties, interdependence and coordination between the Unites Provinces and the Spanish Monarchy after Westphalia

12’00- 12’30: Guy Rowlands (University of St Andrews): The End of the Road: The logistical Decline of France and the Closing of the War of the Spanish Succession

12’30- 13’00: Panel Discussion

Break for Lunch

15’30- 16’00: Sugiko Nishikawa (University of Tokyo): Confessional trans-state networks in a religious cold war

16’00-16’30: Paola Bianchi (Università della Valle d’Aosta): Savoyard representatives in Utrecht: political – aristocratic networks and the diplomatic modernization of the State

16’30- 17’00: Panel Discussion

Friday, 8 June 2012

9’30-10’00: Solange Rameix (Fondation Thiers/CNRS, Université Paris I Pantheón-sorbonne): From the warrior king to the peaceful king: Louis XIV’s public image and the Peace of Utrecht

10’00-10’30: Inken Schmidt-Voges (Universität Osnabrück): Negotiating Peace: Diplomacy and Printing Politics in the Holy Roman Empire, 1710-1715

10’30-11’00: Panel Discussion


11’30- 12’00:Tony Claydon (University of Bangor): English Tories and the discourses of peace, 1708-1713

12’00-12’30:David Onnekink (Universiteit Utrecht): ‘Never was a war more necessary’: Dutch foreign policy discourses on war and peace 1708-1713

12’30-13’00: Panel Discussion

Break for Lunch

15’00- 15’30: Klaas Van Gelder (University Gent): The Peace of Utrecht and the Austrian Assumption of Power in the Southern Low Countries

15’30- 16’00: Christopher Storrs (University of Dundee): The Re-shaping of the Spanish Monarchy

16’00- 16’30: Panel Discussion

General Debate and Conclusions

Saturday 9 June: excursion

A Visit to the Court of Phillip V: El Real Sitio de La Granja de San Idelfonso, Segovia


Mercedes Aguilar Ollero

1713-2013: The Peace of Utrecht Revisited. Historiographical Debate and Comparative Studies, 07.06.2012 – 09.06.2012 Madrid, in: H-Soz-Kult, 28.02.2012, <www.hsozkult.de/event/id/termine-18558>.
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