The Peace of Kiel - Northern Europe and the World 1814

Internationales Begegnungszentrum (IBZ),Kiellinie 5,24105 Kiel
Steen Bo Frandsen, Syddansk Universitet; Martin Krieger, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
18.04.2013 - 20.04.2013
Prof. Dr. Martin Krieger

On 14th January 1814, the Peace of Kiel was concluded, which reshaped the map of Northern Europe.

The workshop investigates the historical background, the negotiations themselves and their consequences in a European and global perspective.


Thursday, April 18th

15.00 – 15.20 Opening & Welcome
Susanne Gaschke, Major of Kiel
Sven Erik Svedman, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway
Markus Hundt, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Kiel University

15.20 – 15.50 Steen Bo Frandsen (Sønderborg)
The sudden death of a small empire.
Denmark and the Peace of Kiel

16.40 – 17.20 Michael Bregnsbo (Odense)
The Danish decision to cede Norway and the conclusion of the peace treaty of Kiel.

17.20 – 18.00 Rasmus Glenthøj (Copenhagen)
Impacts of the defeat. The Danish state in the wake of the catastrophe of 1814.

18.00 – 18.40 Lars Clausen (Sønderborg)
Kiel 1814: Sociological observations of an improbable order.


19.00 Bernd Henningsen (Berlin)
Nicht nur 1814: Die Konstruktion einer Nation aus der Niederlage.

Friday, April 19th
Kiel 1814

9.00 – 9.40 Martin Rackwitz (Kiel)
The hardships of the Swedish occupation on everyday life in Kiel in the winter of 1813/14.

9.40 – 10.20 Lena Cordes (Kiel)
Between Denmark and Germany? The University Kiel around 1814.

Coffee break

10.30 – 11.00 Ruth Sindt (Kiel)
Northern Europe in the University Library
Kiel: Using the internet to find scientific information on the Peace of Kiel.

11.00 – 11.40 Sonja Kinzler (Bremen)
Peace for the North. The treaty’s anniversary exhibition in 2014.

11.40 – 12.20 Lunch Break

12.20 – 13.00 Ola Mestad (Oslo)
Under Danish-Norwegian law, the Kiel Treaty returned sovereignty to the Norwegian people.

13.00 – 13.40 Erik Jondell (Eidsvoll)
Eidsvoll – on constitutional ground. Sweden

13.50 – 14.30 Lars Ericson Wolke (Stockholm)
A European and a Scandinavian power? The Peace of Kiel and Sweden’s strategical situation in the years 1813-1815.

14.30 – 15.10 Robert Riemer (Greifswald)
Crisis in the periphery. Pomerania between 1803 and 1815.


Saturday, April 20th
The North Sea, Atlantic and Indian Ocean

9.00 – 9.40 Anna Agnarsdóttir (Reykjavík)
The Treaty of Kiel 1814: The fate of the North Atlantic dependencies with special regard to Iceland.

9.40 – 10.20 Thorkild Kjærgaard

1814: Could it have been otherwise? The Peace of Kiel with special regard to Greenland.

10.20 – 10.40 Coffee Break

10.40 – 11.20 Simon Rastén (Copenhagen)
Serampore – A Danish trading post in India during the Napoleonic Wars.

11.20-12.00 Martin Krieger (Kiel)
From Helgoland to Heligoland.

End of the Conference


Martin Krieger

Historisches Seminar, Lehrstuhl für Geschichte Nordeuropas, Leibnizstraße 8, 24118 Kiel


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