Digital Editions: Academia, Society, Cultural Heritage

Universität zu Köln
16.03.2016 - 18.03.2016
Franz Fischer

Mit der zweiten DiXiT-Tagung nach der im September '15 in Den Haag kommenden ( soll der Fokus auf die Situierung Digitaler Editionen zwischen Wissenschaft, kulturellem Erbe und Gesellschaft gelegt werden. Wir laden herzlich zur Einreichung von Beiträgen ein:

DiXiT Convention "Digital Editions: Academia, Society, Cultural Heritage", Cologne, 16-18 March 2016

Call for papers

The Cologne Center for eHumanities is organizing the second DiXiT
convention, taking place 16-18 March 2015 in Cologne, Germany. The
conference will be preceded by a day dedicated to workshops on:

* Publishing Models for Digital Scholarly Editions
* Aggregation of Digital Cultural Content and Metadata Mapping
* XML-Free Scholarly Editing

The convention organizers invite contributions from everyone working
in the field of scholarly editing and its neighbouring areas. Early
career scholars are welcome.

I. Topics

While the convention is open to any research about digital scholarly
editing, the focus will be on its relation to academia, society and
cultural heritage. As such, topics for the sessions may especially

* textual criticism and the future of the high standard critical edition
* open/public knowledge: mutual benefit for academia & society
* social editing, crowdsourcing, citizen science
* issues of rights and ethics related to scholarly editions
* scholarly curation and usage of cultural heritage data
* museums, libraries & archives as data providers for the edition
* dissemination, sustainability and addressability of digital heritage assets
* publishing the edition and the role of publishers
* editors and the job market: career prospects
* and others

We encourage exploratory papers and posters.

II. Submissions

We invite proposals for papers and posters.

In the case of papers, speakers will be given 20 minutes for
presentation and 10 minutes for discussion.

We ask those interested in presenting a paper or poster to email their
proposal to

The proposal should include:
* name and email of the presenter
* title of the paper
* abstract (ca. 400 words)

The deadline for submission is 16 October 2015. A decision about
acceptance and the subsequent notifications will be made in early
December 2015.

Information about registration for the convention and workshops will follow.

Every announcement can be found on the DiXiT website:


Franz Fischer
CCeH, Universität zu Köln

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