Ancient Armenia in Context (II BCE-III CE)

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität
Achim Lichtenberger, Münster; Giusto Traina, Paris
26.06.2019 - 28.06.2019
Achim Lichtenberger

26. June – 28. June 2019, Münster
Convenors: Achim Lichtenberger (Münster) and Giusto Traina (Paris)

Venue: Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, agora Tagungszentrum, Bismarckallee 11b, Tagungsraum 3

Funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation


Wednesday, 26. June 2019

13.00 Registration
13.45-14.15 Welcome and Introduction

State of the art and methodology
14.15-15.00 Giusto Traina (Paris), Ancient Armenia: evidence and models
15.00-15.45 Klaus Geus (Berlin), Armenia in Ptolemy’s Geography
15.45-16.15 coffee break

Armenia and Iran
16.15-17.00 Edward Dąbrowa (Kraków), Parthian-Armenian relations from second century BC to the end of first century CE
17.00 -17.45 Carlo Cereti (Roma), Armenia and Iran in the 3rd c. CE: new evidence from Paikuli
18.15-19.30 Keynote lecture: Touraj Daryaee (Irvine), Armenia and Iran: The Birth of Two Nations in Late Antiquity (venue: Fürstenberghaus, Domplatz 20-22, F4)
20.00 Dinner for speakers

Thursday, 27. June 2019

Armenia and Rome
9.15-10.00 Pierangelo Buongiorno (Lecce/Münster), The Roman Senate and Armenia
10.00-10.45 Anahide Kéfélian (Paris), Armenia and the Armenians in Roman coins
10.45-11.15 coffee break
11.15-12.00 Michael Speidel (Warsaw), Provincia Armenia in the light of the epigraphic evidence from Armenia

The borders of Armenia
12.00-12.45 Michał Marciak (Kraków), The Upper Tigris Region Between Rome, Iran and Armenia
12.45-13.45 lunch
14.00-14.45 Hamlet Petrosyan (Erevan), Politics, ideology and landscape: Early Christian Tigranakert in Artsakh

Armenia and the Caucasus
14.45-15.30 Timo Stickler (Jena), Armenia and Iberia
15.30-16.15 Murtazali Gadjiev (Makhachkala), Armenia and the Land of Maskutes (3-5 centuries AD): written sources and archaeological data
16.15-16.45 coffee break
16.45-17.30 Lara Fabian (Freiburg), The South Caucasus and the Steppe, 500 BCE-300 CE
17.30-18.15 General discussion
19.00 Dinner for speakers

Friday, 28. June 2019

9.15-10.00 Mkrtich Zardaryan (Erevan), Artashat-Artaxata: Armenian city on the crossing of trans-regional interactions
10.00-10.45 Achim Lichtenberger (Münster) and Mkrtich Zardaryan (Erevan), The Armenian-German Artaxata project
10.45-11.15 coffee break
11.15-12.00 Torben Schreiber (İstanbul), The archives of Artaxata. Archival practice in the capital of ancient Armenia
12.00-12.45 Achim Lichtenberger, Giusto Traina, General conclusions and Final discussion
13.00-14.00 lunch


Achim Lichtenberger
Institut für Klassische Archäologie und Christliche Archäologie/Archäologisches Museum

Ancient Armenia in Context (II BCE-III CE), 26.06.2019 – 28.06.2019 Münster, in: H-Soz-Kult, 23.05.2019, <>.
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