Resonanz and Power - IGS "Resonant Self-World Relations"

International Graduate School (IGS) "Resonant Self-World Relations in Ancient and Modern Socio-Religious Practices", Max-Weber-Kolleg der Universität Erfurt, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz
26.02.2020 - 28.02.2020
Elisabeth Begemann

This conference examines the manifold and complex relations between Resonance and Power. For the purpose of this conference, we do not understand power as a force that is exercised by the powerful over the powerless. Rather, we seek to analyze ancient and modern societies and cultures by asking what different forms power takes and what the practices of power are.
Therefore, key questions of the conference are how power creates or thwarts resonance, and how power operates in and through resonant relations. Our basic assumption is that resonant power is neither sovereign nor disciplinary in the first place, but rather governmental and affective. The power of resonance works by endowing those who feel powerless with self-efficacy and by creating a sense of belonging among some people, but also by and through excluding others.
We seek to address the following questions:
- How does resonance among some people interact with the repulsion, exclusion, or oppression of others in ancient and modern societies?
- What are the interdependencies of resonance with gender, race, class, and other categories of difference?
- How are moments of collective resonance triggered in order to achieve certain political, economic, or other aims, e.g. create identification with a certain nation or religion, or enhance economic productivity?
- How do nationalism and racism––for instance the new politics of whiteness––operate through triggering resonant group experiences?
- How does power work in the resonance between ancient and modern cultures?
- How do ancient ritual practices (re)structure or orchestrate power by experiences of resonance?


Wednesday, 26 February 2020
17.00 Uhr Paula-Irene Villa Braslavsky: Resonance, affectedness, vulnerability. Thinking through intersectional embodiments
Thursday, 27 February 2020
9.00 Uhr Workshops
Olivera Koprivica, Raphaela Swadosch: “Naturally… because you’re a (wo)man!” Power and dominant discourse types
Marcus Döller, David Palme, Luca Pellarin: What (if anything) does the concept of class domination mean today?
10.30 Uhr Coffee Break
11.00 Uhr Brigitte Röder: Politische Macht versus Schönheit. Gender Bias bei der Suche nach Resonanz in der Urgeschichte
12.00 Uhr Project presentations
Nancy Alhachem: Resonance instead of alienation. The practices of memory among migrants and refugees in the German Culture of Remembrance
Manuel Moser: The anthropology of cars: resonances in the relationships between drivers and their vehicles?
12.45 Uhr Lunch break
13.45 Uhr Workshops
Thomas Sojer: Creative Renunciation. An experimental theatre workshop
Gabriel Malli, Anita Neudorfer, Anton Röhr, Stella Rehbein: Discourse.Power.Resonance
15.15 Uhr Coffee Break
15.45 Uhr Expert discussions
17.45 Uhr Rainer Mühlhoff: Resonance, affect, and power. Affect theory of subjectivation with Spinoza and Foucault
Friday, 28 February
9.00 Uhr Claudia Horst: Antigone. Politics and the need for resonance between the conflicting priorities of different religious systems| Chair: Katharina Waldner
10.30 Uhr Project presentations
Malka Wijeratne: Mos maiorum, resonance and emotion
João Tziminadis: Unleashing life from its boundaries. The bioscientific-cultural pursuit of vitality and the finiteness of the human
Martin Repohl: The relational quality of the material world. Perspectives of a world-relational sociological approach of the analysis of materiality
11.30 Uhr Wrap-up


Elisabeth Begemann

Postfach 900 221, 99105 Erfurt

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