POSTPONED Masterclass with Prof. Dr. Nurit Bird-David

Frankfurt am Main
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Frobenius-Institut für kulturanthropologische Forschung
09.07.2020 - 10.07.2020
Frobenius-Institut für kulturanthropologische Forschung

Please note: Due to the rapidly developing spread of COVID-19 and attendant new university regulations the conference is postponed to a later date.

Prof. Nurit Bird-David is one of the most prominent scholars studying hunter-gatherer societies. Her work relates to ways of being in the world, anthroplogical theories of scale, and most recently on homemaking in contemporary industrial societies.
Prof. Nurit Bird-David is this year’s speaker of the renowned Ad.E.Jensen Memorial Lecture at the Frobenius Institute for Research in Cultural Anthropology (Frankfurt a.M.), titled “The Connected Society: Lessons
from Gatherer-Hunter Cultures to the Digital Age”. In tandem with this lecture series, this masterclass held by Prof. Bird-David gives young researchers the opportunity to present their work and discuss it with her.
The masterclass is free of charge, but places are limited and registration is required. We invite young researchers (Master and PhD students) to apply.

Please note: Given the current circumstances of COVID-19, organising the masterclass in a digital format will be an option.


The masterclass will begin as a seminar on scholarship addressing ontological configurations of Nature and Society, primarily works by Tim Ingold, Phillip Descola, Viveiros de Castro, Marilyn Strathern, Marshall Sahlins and Nurit Bird-David. The focus lies especially on the comparative use of indigenous ethnographic material for developing theoretical perspectives and understandings of Western positions and options, and a discussion of what this comparative-ontological approach can contribute to studies of our currently changing environment and society.
On the second day, participants will present their own ethnographic materials and theoretical questions, and it will be discussed how their work might benfit from such a comparative approach.
A reading list will be provided in advance and each masterclass participant will be assigned one reading which he/she will be asked to introduce to the group.

Application details:
Please submit a brief description of your own research (max. 2 pages), including an ethnographic anecdote and research questions you would like to discuss, by May 15th 2020 to Sophia Thubauville:


Yanti Hölzchen

Norbert-Wollheim-Platz 1
60323 Frankfurt am Main

POSTPONED Masterclass with Prof. Dr. Nurit Bird-David, 09.07.2020 – 10.07.2020 Frankfurt am Main, in: H-Soz-Kult, 07.04.2020, <>.
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