POSTPONED Ad.E.Jensen-Gedächtnisvorlesung 2020 mit Nurit Bird-David

Frankfurt am Main
Goethe-Universität, Campus Westend, Casinogebäude Raum 1.811
Frobenius-Institut für kulturanthropologische Forschung
22.06.2020 - 13.07.2020
Frobenius-Institut für kulturanthropologische Forschung

Please note: Due to the rapidly developing spread of COVID-19 and attendant new university regulations the conference is postponed to a later date.

"The Connected Society: Lessons from Gatherer-Hunter Cultures to the Digital Age"

In what ways can scholarship about gatherer-hunter cultures shed light on our understanding of sociality in the Digital Age?

The 2020 Jensen lectures explore this question from a theoretical perspective that employs the comparative power of gatherer-hunter cases while regarding scale/ability as key to the insights they offer to contemporary life. The series examines how gatherer-hunters connect among and beyond themselves; how they perform and imagine communal affiliations; how they figure "society" into their more-than-human heterogeneous world. Drawing on their perspective, we reflect on our emergent culture of connectedness, its euphoric visions of a connective world marked by sharing and trust among strangers, and dystopic fears of loss of privacy and agency in the global digital ecosystem. We ask, can gatherer-hunters be considered the original networked society?


mondays 4.15 to 5.45pm

22 June 2020
Sociality, Scalability and Gatherer-Hunter Scholarship

29 June 2020
Relational Society and Environment

06 July 2020
Intimate Public Spaces

13 July 2020
Lessons to the Digitally-Networked Society


Frobenius-Institut für kulturanthropologische Forschung

POSTPONED Ad.E.Jensen-Gedächtnisvorlesung 2020 mit Nurit Bird-David, 22.06.2020 – 13.07.2020 Frankfurt am Main, in: H-Soz-Kult, 03.04.2020, <>.
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