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Andrea Westermann

A little over a year ago, we launched the blog Migrant Knowledge (migrantknowledge.org) to underline and explore the common ground that migration studies and the history of knowledge share. The fields have even converged along the lines of particular perspectives, such as research on border infrastructure or borderscapes; the study and creation of counter-archives to assemble and elevate hitherto silenced voices in societies; the examination of political cultures and their mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion; or the sometimes long-lasting condition of being "in transit." New research is emerging that profits both from the increased diversity of available methodologies and from acknowledging relevant longue durée aspects of migration.

We invite scholars with related interests to submit contributions of 1,000 to 2,000 words. These can be about all manner of topics related to migration and knowledge. The blog format makes it possible to offer preliminary results, tentative conclusions, short think pieces, source discussions, and more. It can also make sense to discuss work you have done that is inaccessible to a broader educated public, whether because of complexity, language, or paywalls.

In addition to work on your own scholarship, we welcome essays on two special rubrics. One, "Classics Revisited," is for essays that reflect on how a specific work came to be seen as a classic and why it is still rewarding to engage with it. See, for example, Michelle Lynn Kahn's essay on Werner Schiffauer's 1991 monograph Die Migranten aus Subay (The Migrants from Subay). A second rubric, "Engaging with Art," is for reflections on a novel, film, or other kind of work that has something to show us about migration and knowledge. Miriam Gutekunst's piece on Mohsen Ben Hassan's 2016 documentary "Bezness as Usual" is the first piece of this kind on the blog.

For more details see: migrantknowledge.org/contribute
Please send any inquiries you might have to: migknow@ghi-dc.org

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Andrea Westermann
Swen Steinberg
Mark Stoneman

German Historical Institute Washington,
Pacific Regional Office at Berkeley (GHI PRO)


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