German Historical Institute London Bulletin 44 (2022), 2

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German Historical Institute London Bulletin 44 (2022), 2
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Special Issue: Memory Cultures 2.0. From Opferkonkurrenz to Solidarity (ed. by Mirjam Sarah Brusius)

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German Historical Institute London Bulletin
United Kingdom
Dr. Mirjam Brusius, German Historical Institute, 17 Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2NJ, E-Mail: <>; URL: <>
Mirjam Brusius, Global and Colonial History, German Historical Institute London

How can memory culture be pluralized? What are positive histories of solidarity between victimized groups in Germany beyond the concept of Opferkonkurrenz? Memory Cultures 2.0. is now online foregrounding underrepresented voices with new approaches to 'Historikerstreit 2.0'. Why have histories of solidarity been sidelined if not forgotten and who did this narrative of oblivion serve? Why are histories often thought of as competing rather than as historically entangled, suggesting a hierarchy of victimhood when it comes to forms of commemoration? How should the memory landscape change in an increasingly multicultural society in which different minoritized groups relate differently to Germany’s past and demand their own forms of commemoration?


Memory Cultures 2.0: From Opferkonkurrenz to Solidarity. Introduction – Mirjam Sarah Brusius

‘Victimhood is a Tricky Terrain to Negotiate’ – Michael Rothberg in conversation with Mirjam Sarah Brusius

From Opferkonkurrenz to Solidarity: A Round Table – Manuela Bauche, Patricia Piberger, Sébastien Tremblay, and Hannah Tzuberi

Beyond Victimhood: German Muslims and the Minority Question after the Holocaust – Sultan Doughan in conversation with Mirjam Sarah Brusius

Memory Cultures 2.0 and Museums – Jaś Elsner in conversation with Mirjam Sarah Brusius

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