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Maria Framke, Historisches Seminar, Universität Erfurt

In July 2021, the Transimperial History Network launched a new blog to explore the history of interactions across empires. Transimperial history is an approach that begins from the assumption that empires both dominated world history until the 1960s and engendered postcolonial afterlives that continue to shape societies around the globe until the present, thus enabling us to reveal connections between and across empires.

At present, contributors of are members of a network that emerged from the international conference “Trans-imperial Cooperation and Transfers in the Age of Colonial Globalization” held in Erfurt and Gotha, Germany, in March 20181. The event brought together researchers from various disciplines, specializing in different colonial empires. The Transimperial History Blog gives researchers the opportunity to engage in scholarly exchange, publish their research, report from archives that hold relevant collections for transimperial history, and introduce their books. We invite colleagues from around the world to join our network and contribute to the blog. We are committed to engaging with a multiplicity of voices and viewpoints and especially invite individuals from underrepresented communities to participate in the project. On 13 September, 2pm (CET), we will have an online meeting to discuss the future of our network and the associated blog. If you are interested in joining us, please send us an email via

Contributions to the blog reflect the variety of transimperial history writing:

Klaus Dittrich, Education between Empires: International Schools in East Asia during the First Half of the Twentieth Century, in: Transimperial History Blog, 23 July 2021, URL: <>.

Maria Framke, Indian and Chinese Anti-imperial Networks in the 1930s and 1940s, in: Transimperial History Blog, 23 July 2021, URL: <>.

Jonas Kreienbaum, The “Exploration” of Central Africa in the Late 19th Century as a Transimperial Project – The Example of Paul Pogge, in: Transimperial History Blog, 23 July 2021, URL: <>.

Christian Methfessel, Afro-Asian States, the Congo Crisis, and the United Nations: Solidly United in an Anti-imperial Agenda?, in: Transimperial History Blog, 19 August 2021, URL: <>.

Felix Schürmann, Naturverinselung im Viktoriasee: Ökologische Erbschaften der transimperialen Kampagne gegen die Schlafkrankheit, in: Transimperial History Blog, 23 July 2021, URL: <>.

Andreas Weiß: Book Spotlight “Asiaten in Europa. Begegnungen zwischen Asiaten und Europäern 1880–1914 [Asians in Europe: Encounters between Asians and Europeans, 1880–1914], Paderborn 2016”, 23 July 2021, in: Transimperial History Blog, 23 July 2021, URL: <>.

1 Russell Palmer, conference report: Trans-imperial Cooperation and Transfers in the Age of Colonial Globalization: Towards a Triangular History of Colonialism?, 22.03.2018 – 24.03.2018 Gotha / Erfurt, in: H-Soz-Kult, 03.05.2018, <>.

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