Classical Quarterly 53 (2003), 2

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Classical Quarterly 53 (2003), 2
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Classical Quarterly (CQ)
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Udo Hartmann


The Classical Quarterly, Vol. 53, 2003, No. 2


A testimony of Anaximenes in Plato, Daniel W. Graham, p. 327-337

Praxidamas' crown and the omission at Pindar, Nemean 6.18, J. Fenno, p. 338-346

Mapping Phleious: politics and myth-making in Bacchylides 9, David Fearn, p. 347-367

Motherhood or status? Editorial choices in Sophocles, Electra 187, Margalit Finkelberg, p. 368-376

Gender and transgression in Sophocles' Electra, Graham Wheeler, p. 377-388

Euripides and Macedon, or the silence of the Frogs, Scott Scullion, p. 389-400

Making the stronger argument the weaker: Euripides, Electra 518-44, Robert L. Gallagher, p. 401-415

Croesus' second reprieve and other tales of the Persian court, Stephanie West, p. 416-437

horkou pais estin anonymos: the aftermath of Plataean perjury Stephanie West, p. 438-447

Numbers in Greek poetry and historiography: quantifying Fehling, Catherine Rubincam, p. 448-463

Personal enmity as a motivation in forensic speeches, Asako Kurihara, p. 464-477

Aesthetics and recall: Callimachus frs. 226-9 Pf. reconsidered, Benjamin Acosta-Hughes, p. 478-489

Did the Greek ear detect 'careless' verbal repetitions?, P. E. Pickering, p. 490-499

Plato's mathematical construction, Reviel Netz, p. 500-509

The ethnic origins of the friends of the Antigonid kings of Macedon, James L. O'Neil, p. 510-522

Pliny the Elder on the melting and corrosion of silver with tin solders: prius liquescat argentum ... ab eo erodi argentum (HN 34.161), E. Paparazzo, pp. 523-529

The new Vindolanda writing-tablets, J. N. Adams, p. 530-575

Plotinus' last words, Glenn W. Most, p. 576-587

The new Rome and the old: Ammianus Marcellinus' silences on Constantinople, Gavin Kelly, p. 588-607

Shorter notes

Gnesippus and the rivals of Aristophanes, J. H. Hordern, p. 608-613

Polyaenus on Iphicrates, David Whitehead, p. 613-616

Horace's satelles orci (Odes 2.18.34), Archibald Allen, p. 616-619

Vain repetitions? Notes on the text of Ovid, Ars Amatoria 2.593 and Metamorphoses 14.240, E. J. Kenney, pp. 619-620

Birds, flames and epic closure in Ovid, Metamorphoses 13.600-20 and 14.568-80, Sophia Papaioannou, p. 620-624

Ovidian plumbing in Metamorphoses 4, Robert Shorrock, p. 624-627

Manilius' solitary chariot-ride (Astronomica 2.138-40), Katharina Volk, p. 628-633

Hot or strong? A textual note on Seneca, Phoenissae 254, S. J. Harrison, p. 633-634

Thyestes' belch (Seneca, Thy. 911-12), Gottfried Mader, p. 634-636

Embola Petroniana, F. S. Naiden, p. 637-639

Index, p. 641-644


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