The Journal of Modern History 76 (2004), 1

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The Journal of Modern History 76 (2004), 1
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Journal of Modern History
United States
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Voegler, Max



Testamentary Charity in Early Modern Russia: Trends and Motivations
Daniel H. Kaiser
Page 1

The "Bosom of Proof": Criminal Justice and the Renewal of Oral Culture during the French Revolution
Laura Mason
Page 29

The Crack in the Plaster: Crisis in Romania and the Origins of the Cold War
Alfred J. Rieber
Page 62


French Democracy between Totalitarianism and Solidarity: Pierre Rosanvallon and Revisionist Historiography
Andrew Jainchill and Samuel Moyn
Page 107


Anthony Grafton, Bring Out Your Dead: The Past as Revelation
Paula Findlen
Page 155

Dario Castiglione and Iain Hampsher-Monk, eds., The History of Political Thought in National Context
Johnson Kent Wright
Page 157

Patrick O'Brien et al., eds., Urban Achievement in Early Modern Europe: Golden Ages in Antwerp, Amsterdam, and London
Peter Arnade
Page 159

T. J. Hochstrasser, Natural Law Theories in the Early Enlightenment
Steven Lestition
Page 162

Manfred Kittel, Provinz zwischen Reich und Republik: Politische Mentalitaten in Deutschland und Frankreich, 1918-1933/36
Celia Applegate
Page 165

Jane Caplan and John Torpey, eds., Documenting Individual Identity: The Development of State Practices in the Modern World
Joshua Cole
Page 167

Joyce Lee Malcolm, Guns and Violence: The English Experience
Chris A. Williams
Page 168

Lois G. Schwoerer, The Ingenious Mr. Henry Care, Restoration Publicist
Mark Knights
Page 170

Naomi Tadmor, Family and Friends in Eighteenth-Century England: Household, Kinship, and Patronage
Richard G. Wilson
Page 172

David Lemmings, Professors of the Law: Barristers and English Legal Culture in the Eighteenth Century
David Lieberman
Page 173

Ron Harris, Industrializing English Law: Entrepreneurship and Business Organization, 1720-1844
Wilfrid Prest
Page 175

Seymour Drescher, The Mighty Experiment: Free Labor versus Slavery in British Emancipation
Lawrence C. Jennings
Page 177

Jonathan Rose, The Intellectual Life of the British Working Classes
Philip Waller
Page 179

Brock Millman, Managing Domestic Dissent in First World War Britain
Janet Watson
Page 180

Dan Stone, Breeding Superman: Nietzsche, Race, and Eugenics in Edwardian and Interwar Britain
Richard C. Thurlow
Page 182

Lenard R. Berlanstein, Daughters of Eve: A Cultural History of French Theater Women from the Old Regime to the Fin-de-Siecle
Mary Louise Roberts
Page 184

Carol Blum, Strength in Numbers: Population, Reproduction, and Power in Eighteenth-Century France
Jeffrey Merrick
Page 186

Michael Kwass, Privilege and the Politics of Taxation in Eighteenth-Century France
Jeremy D. Popkin
Page 188

Steven L. Kaplan, La fin des corporations
Jean-Laurent Rosenthal
Page 190

Richard D. E. Burton, Blood in the City: Violence and Revelation in Paris, 1789-1945
Victoria Thompson
Page 191

Linda L. Clark, The Rise of Professional Women in France: Gender and Public Administration since 1830
Laura Levine Frader
Page 193

Allen Douglas, War, Memory, and the Politics of Humor: The Canard Enchaine and World War I
Charles Rearick
Page 195

Stephen L. Harp, Marketing Michelin: Advertising and Cultural Identity in Twentieth-Century France
Leora Auslander
Page 197

Adam Steinhouse, Workers' Participation in Post-Liberation France
Michael Seidman
Page 199

James D. Le Sueur, Uncivil War: Intellectuals and Identity Politics during the Decolonization of Algeria
Donald Reid
Page 201

Henry Rousso, The Haunting Past: History, Memory, and Justice in Contemporary France
Omer Bartov
Page 204

Stanley Chojnacki, Women and Men in Renaissance Venice: Twelve Essays on Patrician Society
P. Renee Baernstein
Page 206

Anne Jacobson Schutte, Aspiring Saints: Pretense of Holiness, Inquisition, and Gender in the Republic of Venice, 1618-1750
Jodi Bilinkoff
Page 208

Arne Jarrick, Back to Modern Reason: Johan Hjerpe and Other Petit Bourgeois in Stockholm in the Age of Enlightenment
Lisbet Rausing
Page 209

Alfred Kohler, Barbara Haider, and Christine Otter, eds., Karl V., 1500-1558: Neue Perspektiven seiner Herrschaft in Europa und Ubersee
Paula Sutter Fichtner
Page 211

Jeffrey Freedman, A Poisoned Chalice
Mary Lindemann
Page 213

Monika Wienfort, Patrimonialgerichte in Preussen: Landliche Gesellschaft und burgerliches Recht, 1770-1848/49; Gunter Mahlerwein, Die Herren im Dorf: Bauerliche Oberschicht und landliche Elitenbildung in Rheinhessen, 1700-1850
Edgar Melton
Page 215

Jean H. Quataert, Staging Philanthropy: Patriotic Women and the National Imagination in Dynastic Germany, 1813-1916
Mary Jo Maynes
Page 219

Uwe Puschner, Die volkische Bewegung im wilhelminischen Kaiserreich: Sprache, Rasse, Religion; Barbara Besslich, Wege in den "Kulturkrieg": Zivilisationskritik in Deutschland, 1890-1914
Jeffrey Herf
Page 221

Matthew Stibbe, German Anglophobia and the Great War, 1914-1918
Hew Strachan
Page 225

Bernhard Grau, Kurt Eisner, 1867-1919: Eine Biographie
Eric D. Weitz
Page 227

Frank Bajohr, "Aryanisation" in Hamburg: The Economic Exclusion of Jews and the Confiscation of Their Property in Nazi Germany
Michael Thad Allen
Page 229

Christoph Cornelissen, Gerhard Ritter: Geschichtswissenschaft und Politik im 20. Jahrhundert
Stefan Berger
Page 231

Serhii Plokhy, The Cossacks and Religion in Early Modern Ukraine; Jeffrey Bruce Beshoner, Ivan Sergeevich Gagarin: The Search for Orthodox and Catholic Union
Max J. Okenfuss
Page 233

Michelle Lamarche Marrese, A Woman's Kingdom: Noblewomen and the Control of Property in Russia, 1700-1861
David L. Ransel
Page 236

Austin Jersild, Orientalism and Empire: North Caucasus Mountain Peoples and the Georgian Frontier, 1845-1917
Adeeb Khalid
Page 238

Robert P. Geraci, Window on the East: National and Imperial Identities in Late Tsarist Russia
David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye
Page 240

Israel Getzler, Nikolai Sukhanov: Chronicler of the Russian Revolution
Tsuyoshi Hasegawa
Page 241

Ronald Grigor Suny and Terry Martin, eds., A State of Nations: Empire and Nation-Making in the Age of Lenin and Stalin; Terry Martin, The Affirmative Action Empire: Nations and Nationalism in the Soviet Union, 1923-1939
Andreas Kappeler
Page 244

Jorg Morre, Hinter den Kulissen des Nationalkomitees: Das Institut 99 in Moskau und die Deutschlandpolitik der UdSSR, 1943-1946
Norman M. Naimark
Page 246

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