German Politics 12 (2003), 2

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German Politics 12 (2003), 2
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Ilford, Essex 2003: Frank Cass
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German Politics
United Kingdom
Barthel, Claudia


Class, Education and Extreme Party Support in Germany, 1991-98
Andersen, R.; Zimdars, A.
pp. 1-23

Labour, Neo-Liberalism and the Conflict over Economic and Monetary Union: A Comparative Analysis of British and German Trade Unions
Bieler, A.
pp. 24-44

From D-Mark to Euro: The Impact of Mass Media on Public Opinion in Germany
Brettschneider, F.; Maier, M.; Maier, J.
pp. 45-64

The Rise and Fall of Germany's Party of Democratic Socialism (ASGP Postgraduate Prize)
Gapper, S.
pp. 65-85

Policy Change without Government Change? German Gridlock after the 2002 Elections
Konig, T.; Blume, T.; Luig, B.
pp. 86-146

Why Aren't the Germans Debating the Draft? Path Dependency and the Persistence of Conscription
Longhurst, K.
pp. 147-165

Explaining Geographic Concentrations of Discrimination in Germany: Small Group Interaction, Youth and Spatial Context
Steinbach, A.; Gissendanner, S.
pp. 166-184

Ten Years of German Unification: Transfer, Transformation, Incorporation? Edited by Jorn Leonhard and Lothar Funk
King, I.
pp. 185

Literatur und nationale Einheit in Deutschland By Stefan Neuhaus
Hahn, H.
pp. 186

East German Distinctiveness in a Unified Germany Edited by Jonathan Grix and Paul Cooke
Niven, B.
pp. 187

The Divided Past: Rewriting Post-war German History Edited by Christoph Klessmann
Ross, C.
pp. 188

Liberalism, Anti-Semitism and Democracy: Essays in Honour of Peter Pulzer Edited by Henning Tewes and Jonathan Wright
Hough, D.
pp. 189-191

Ein Blick zuruck, ein Schritt nach vorn By Gregor Gysi
Jesse, E.
pp. 192

Green Parties in National Governments. Edited by Ferdinand Muller-Rommel and Thomas Poguntke
Lees, C.
pp. 193

New Aspects of Labour Market Policy Edited by Lothar Funk and Simon Green
Timmins, G.
pp. 194

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