Journal of Contemporary History 40 (2005), 1

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Journal of Contemporary History 40 (2005), 1
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London [u.a.] 2005: Sage Publications
Quarterly: January, April, July, October



Journal of Contemporary History (JCH)
United Kingdom
Kahlert, Torsten


J. David Cameron
To Transform the Revolution into an Evolution: Underlying Assumptions of German Foreign Policy toward Soviet Russia, 1919-27
pp. 7-24.

David Blaazer
Finance and the End of Appeasement: The Bank of England, the National Government and the Czech Gold
pp. 25-39.

Peter Neville
A Prophet Scorned? Ralph Wigram, the Foreign Office and the German Threat, 1933-36
pp. 41-54.

Seraphim Seferiades
The Coercive Impulse: Policing Labour in Interwar Greece
pp. 55-78.

David R. Costello
‘My Kind of Guy’: George Orwell and Dwight Macdonald, 1941-49
pp. 79-94.

Victor S. Kaufman
The United States, Britain and the CAT Controversy
pp. 95-113.

John Springhall
‘Kicking out the Vietminh’: How Britain Allowed France to Reoccupy South Indochina, 1945-46
pp. 115-130.

Frank Cain
Computers and the Cold War: United States Restrictions on the Export of Computers to the Soviet Union and Communist China
pp. 131-147.

Patrick Finney
Book Review: Beyond the Postmodern Moment?
pp. 149-165.

Rhodri Hayward
Book Review: ‘Much Exaggerated’: The End of the History of Medicine
pp. 167-178.

Zoe A. Colley
Book Review: Race and Rights: New Perspectives on the African American Experience
pp. 179-188.

John Brown
Book Review: The State of British Political History
pp. 189-198.

pp. 199-201.

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