Classical Quarterly 55 (2005), 1

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Classical Quarterly 55 (2005), 1
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May and December every year
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Classical Quarterly (CQ)
United Kingdom
Classical Quarterly Classical Association Senate House Malet Street London, WC1E 7HU UK
Kahlert, Torsten



Arms and the Man: Euphorbus, Hector, and the Death of Patroclus, William Allanpp, pp.1-16.

Nestor the Good Counsellor, Hanna M. Roisman, pp. 17-38.

Odyssey and Argonautica, M. L. West, pp. 39-64.

The Archaic Treaties between the Spartans and their Allies, David C. Yates, pp. 65-76.

Pindar's three Words: The Role of Apollo in the Seventh Nemean, Annette Teffeteller, pp. 77-95.

Pindar and the Statues of Rhodes, Patrick O'Sullivan, pp. 96-104.

Some Remarks on the text of Aristotle's Metaphysics, Borje Byden, pp. 105-120.

Machon, FR. 5, 44-5, Gow: A Fish with a {Psi}H{Phi}O{Sigma}, Antonis K. Petrides, pp. 121-129.

Unwelcome Dedications: Public Law and Private Religion in Hellenistic, Laodicea by the Sea, Joshua D. Sosin, pp. 130-139.

Readings of Scipio's Dictatorship in Cicero's De Re Publica (6.12), Tom Stevenson, pp. 140-152.

Epic and Epigram--Minor Heroes in Virgil's Aeneid, Martin Dinter, pp. 153-169.

Virgil's Sibyl and the 'Many Mouths' Cliche (Aen. 6.625-7), Emily Gowers, pp. 170-182.

Tillius and Horace, Mark Toher, pp. 183-189.

A Yoke Connecting Baskets: Odes 3.14, Hercules, and Italian Unity1, Llewelyn Morgan, pp. 190-203.

Milestones in the Career of Tibullus, Peter E. Knox, pp. 204-216.

Narrative Technique in The Lives of the Ten Orators, L. V. Pitcher, pp. 217-234.

Pausanias and Oral Tradition, Maria Pretzler, pp. 235-249.

Achilles Tatius' Leucippe and Cleitophon: What Happened Next?, I. D. Repath, pp. 250-265.

Apuleius' Apologia in a Nutshell: The Exordium, Monika Asztalos, pp. 266-276.

Porphyry and Gnosticism, Ruth Majercik, pp. 277-292.


Aeschylus, Septem Contra Thebas 17-20, Nicholas Lane, pp. 293-294.

Plato's Misquotation of the Poets, J. Mitscherling, pp. 295-298.

Ephorus(?) on the Spartan Constitution, David Whitehead, pp. 299-301.

Antipater After the Lamian War: New Readings in Vat. Gr. 73 (Dexippus Fr. 33), Gunther Martin, pp. 301-305.

The Splenetic Leno: Plautus, Curculio 216-45, Jarrett T. Welsh, pp. 306-309.

Cicero, De Imperio Cn. Pompei 21, D. H. Berry, pp. 309-310.

No more Slave-Gangs: Varro, De Re Rustica 1.2.20-1, Ulrike Roth, pp. 310-315.

Virgil, Aeneid 10.366-7, J. M. Trappes-Lomax, pp. 315-317.

War and the Sweet Life: The Gallus Fragment and the Text of Tibullus 1.10.11, James J. O'Harra, pp. 317-319.

Spartan Tarentum? Resisting Decline In Odes 3.51, Llewelyn Morgan, pp. 320-323.

Why didn't Constantius II Eat Fruit?, David Rohrbacher, pp. 323-326.

The A Team: A Note On Anth. Pal. 11.437, L. V. Pitcher, p. 327.

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