Journal of Contemporary History 40 (2005), 4

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Journal of Contemporary History 40 (2005), 4
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London [u.a.] 2005: Sage Publications
Quarterly: January, April, July, October



Journal of Contemporary History (JCH)
United Kingdom
Kahlert, Torsten

Table of Contents:


A Portrait of Sir Lewis Namier as a Young Socialist, Amy Ng, pp. 621-636

The Anti-Gentilians during the Fascist Regime, Alessandra Tarquini, pp. 637-662

Historical Models -- Contemporary Identities: The Seccion Femenina of the Spanish Falange and its Redefinition of the Term 'Femininity', Inbal Ofer, pp. 663-674

A Note on Mosley, the 'Jewish War' and Conscientious Objection, Richard Griffiths, pp. 675-688

What the Angels Saw: Red Cross and Protecting Power Visits to Anglo-American POWs, 1939-45, Vasilis Vourkoutiotis, pp. 689-706

The Plan to Capture the British Labour Party and its Paradoxical Results, 1947-91, John Callaghan, pp. 707-725

'Don't Trust Anyone Older Than 30?' Voices of Conflict and Consensus between Generations in 1960s West Germany, Detlef Siegfried, pp. 727-744

Junta by Another Name? The 1974 Metapolitefsi and the Greek Extra-parliamentary Left, George Kassimeris, pp. 745-762

Review Article: Ways With Food, E. C. Spary, pp. 763-771

Review Article: War and the President, John Kentleton, pp. 773-781

Review Article: Unveiling Irish History, Alvin Jackson, pp. 783-792

Review Article: Medium Meets Message: Can Media History and History of Technology Communicate?, Jon Agar, pp. 793-803

Abstracts, pp. 805-808

Index to Volume 40 Numbers 1-4 2005, pp. 809-814


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