Journal of Modern History 77 (2005), 4

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Journal of Modern History 77 (2005), 4
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Journal of Modern History
United States
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Kahlert, Torsten


Volume 77, Number 4
(December 2005)

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Table of Contents

The Making of Patriots: Love of Fatherland and Negotiating Monarchy in Seventeenth-Century Germany
Robert von Friedeburg
p. 881

Albert Sarraut, French Colonial Development, and the Communist Threat, 1919-1930
Martin Thomas
p. 917

The Battle of the Consumer in Postwar Britain
Peter Gurney
p. 956

Developments in Contemporary Spanish Historiography: From Social History to the New Cultural History
Miguel A. Cabrera
p. 988

Jews and the Ambivalences of Civil Society in Germany, 1800-1933: Assessment and Reassessment
Till van Rahden
p. 1024

Jessica C. E. Gienow-Hecht and Frank Schumacher, eds., Culture and International History
Eileen Scully
p. 1048

Lisa Lieberman, Leaving You: The Cultural Meaning of Suicide
Thomas Laqueur
p. 1050

Sylvie Courtine-Denamy, The House of Jacob
Sarah Abrevaya Stein
p. 1052

Heiko A. Oberman, The Two Reformations: The Journey from the Last Days to the New World
Robert M. Kingdon
p. 1053

Siep Stuurman, Francois Poulain de la Barre and the Invention of Modern Equality
Daniella Kostroun
p. 1055

Derek Beales, Prosperity and Plunder: European Catholic Monasteries in the Age of Revolution, 1650-1815
John H. Grever
p. 1057

Andrea A. Rusnock, Vital Accounts: Quantifying Health and Population in Eighteenth-Century England and France
Joshua Cole
p. 1059

Sankar Muthu, Enlightenment against Empire
Margaret C. Jacob
p. 1060

Ken Alder, The Measure of All Things: The Seven-Year Odyssey and Hidden Error That Transformed the World
Roger Hahn
p. 1062

Mark Cioc, The Rhine: An Eco-Biography, 1815-2000
Thomas Zeller
p. 1063

Reynolds M. Salerno, Vital Crossroads: Mediterranean Origins of the Second World War, 1935-1940
Joel Blatt
p. 1065

Peter C. Kent, The Lonely Cold War of Pope Pius XII: The Roman Catholic Church and the Division of Europe, 1943-1950
Peter Kenez
p. 1068

K. J. Kesselring, Mercy and Authority in the Tudor State
Ian W. Archer
p. 1069

Joad Raymond, Pamphlets and Pamphleteering in Early Modern Britain
Michael Mendle
p. 1071

Helen Berry, Gender, Society, and Print Culture in Late-Stuart England: The Cultural World of the "Athenian Mercury"
Brian Cowan
p. 1073

Anne Kugler, Errant Plagiary: The Life and Writing of Lady Sarah Cowper, 1644-1720
Sara H. Mendelson
p. 1075

Jonathan Andrews and Andrew Scull, Customers and Patrons of the Mad-Trade: The Management of Lunacy in Eighteenth-Century London
Dana Y. Rabin
p. 1077

Mark Freeman, Social Investigation and Rural England, 1870-1914
Barry Reay
p. 1078

Kelly Boyd, Manliness and the Boys' Story Paper in Britain: A Cultural History, 1855-1940
James Eli Adams
p. 1080

Patricia Lynch, The Liberal Party in Rural England, 1885-1910: Radicalism and Community
Alun Howkins
p. 1082

Glenn R. Wilkinson, Depictions and Images of War in Edwardian Newspapers, 1899-1914
Joanna Bourke
p. 1084

Nuala C. Johnson, Ireland, the Great War, and the Geography of Remembrance
Edna Longley
p. 1085

Nicholas Allen, George Russell (AE) and the New Ireland, 1905-30
Jerome aan de Wiel
p. 1087

Nikolaus Braun, Terrorismus und Freiheitskampf: Gewalt, Propaganda, und politische Strategie im Irischen Burgerkrieg, 1922/23
Jerome aan de Wiel
p. 1089

Rieko Karatani, Defining British Citizenship: Empire, Commonwealth, and Modern Britain
Nicoletta F. Gullace
p. 1090

Ronald Hyam and Peter Henshaw, The Lion and the Springbok: Britain and South Africa since the Boer War
Alan Lester
p. 1092

Peter Sahlins, Unnaturally French: Foreign Citizens in the Old Regime and After
Charlotte C. Wells
p. 1094

Glenn S. Sunshine, Reforming French Protestantism: The Development of Huguenot Ecclesiastical Institutions, 1557-1572
Larissa Juliet Taylor
p. 1096

Julian Swann, Provincial Power and Absolute Monarchy: The Estates General of Burgundy, 1661-1790
Thomas Brennan
p. 1098

Paul Friedland, Political Actors: Representative Bodies and Theatricality in the Age of the French Revolution
Sheryl Kroen
p. 1100

Paul R. Hanson, The Jacobin Republic under Fire: The Federalist Revolt in the French Revolution
Anthony Crubaugh
p. 1102

Kolleen M. Guy, When Champagne Became French: Wine and the Making of a National Identity
Harry W. Paul
p. 1104

Claire Lemercier, Un si discret pouvoir: Aux origines de la chambre de commerce de Paris, 1803-1853
Christine Haynes
p. 1108

Martin S. Staum, Labeling People: French Scholars on Society, Race, and Empire, 1815-1848
Jennifer Pitts
p. 1110

Stephane Gerson, The Pride of Place: Local Memories and Political Culture in Nineteenth-Century France
William R. Keylor
p. 1112

Christopher K. Ansell, Schism and Solidarity in Social Movements: The Politics of Labor in the French Third Republic
Christopher H. Johnson
p. 1114 p.

Jean Elisabeth Pedersen, Legislating the French Family: Feminism, Theater, and Republican Politics, 1870-1920
Judith F. Stone
p. 1116 p.

Jeffrey H. Jackson, Making Jazz French: Music and Modern Life in Interwar Paris
Vanessa R. Schwartz
p. 1119 p.

Ronald Aronson, Camus and Sartre: The Story of a Friendship and the Quarrel That Ended It
Samuel Moyn
p. 1121 p.

Serena Luzzi, Stranieri in citta: Presenza tedesca e societa urbana a Trento (secoli XV-XVIII)
Thomas Kuehn
p. 1123 p.

G. Bruce Strang, On the Fiery March: Mussolini Prepares for War
J. Calvitt Clarke III
p. 1125 p.

Robert A. Ventresca, From Fascism to Democracy: Culture and Politics in the Italian Election of 1948
James Edward Miller
p. 1127 p.

Ricardo Padron, The Spacious Word: Cartography, Literature, and Empire in Early Modern Spain
Helen Nader
p. 1129 p.

Kathleen Richmond, Women and Spanish Fascism: The Women's Section of the Falange, 1934-1959
Stanley G. Payne
p. 1131 p.

Steven Nadler, Rembrandt's Jews
Matt Goldish
p. 1132 p.

Susanne Kleinoder-Strobel, Die Verfolgung von Zauberei und Hexerei in den frankischen Markgraftumern im 16. Jahrhundert
Alison Rowlands
p. 1134 p.

Ulrike Strasser, State of Virginity: Gender, Religion, and Politics in an Early Modern Catholic State
R. Po-chia Hsia
p. 1137 p.

Heinz Duchhardt and Karl Teppe, eds., Karl vom und zum Stein: Der Akteur, der Autor, seine Wirkungs- und Rezeptionsgeschichte
Matthew Levinger
p. 1139 p.

Beth Irwin Lewis, Art for All? The Collision of Modern Art and the Public in Late Nineteenth-Century Germany
Celia Applegate
p. 1140 p.

Sven Oliver Muller, Die Nation als Waffe und Vorstellung: Nationalismus in Deutschland und Grossbritannien im Ersten Weltkrieg; Steffen Bruendel, Volksgemeinschaft oder Volksstaat: Die "Ideen von 1914" und die Neuordnung Deutschlands im Ersten Weltkrieg
Annika Mombauer
p. 1142 p.

Boris Barth, Dolchstosslegenden und politische Desintegration: Das Trauma der deutschen Niederlage im Ersten Weltkrieg 1914-1933
Laird Easton
p. 1145 p.

Conan Fischer, The Ruhr Crisis, 1923-1924
William Mulligan
p. 1147 p.

Stephan Malinowski, Vom Konig zum Fuhrer: Sozialer Niedergang und politische Radikalisierung im deutschen Adel zwischen Kaiserreich und NS-Staat
Mark Hewitson
p. 1148 p.

Richard J. Evans, The Coming of the Third Reich
Peter Fritzsche
p. 1150 p.

Massimo Ferrari Zumbini, Die Wurzeln des Bosen: Grunderjahre des Antisemitismus; Von der Bismarckzeit zu Hitler
James F. Harris
p. 1152 p.

Alexandra Przyrembel, "Rassenschande": Reinheitsmythos und Vernichtungslegitimation im Nationalsozialismus
Nikolaus Wachsmann
p. 1154 p.

Heinrich Berger, Gerhard Botz, and Edith Saurer, Otto Leichter: Briefe ohne Antwort; Aufzeichnungen aus dem Pariser Exil fur Kathe Leichter 1938-1939
Anson Rabinbach
p. 1156 p.

Elizabeth Harvey, Women and the Nazi East: Agents and Witnesses of Germanization
Raffael Scheck
p. 1158 p.

Ambrus Miskolczy, Hitler's Library
Harold James
p. 1160 p.

Valerie A. Kivelson and Robert H. Greene, eds., Orthodox Russia: Belief and Practice under the Tsars
Chris J. Chulos
p. 1161 p.

Marshall T. Poe, "A People Born to Slavery": Russia in Early Modern European Ethnography, 1476-1748; Marshall T. Poe, The Russian Moment in World History
Richard Hellie
p. 1163 p.

Tamara Kondratieva, Gouverner et nourrir: Du pouvoir en Russie (XVIe-XXe siecles)
Julie Hessler
p. 1166 p.

Barbara Alpern Engel, Women in Russia, 1700-2000
David L. Ransel
p. 1168 p.

Daniel P. Todes, Pavlov's Physiology Factory: Experiment, Interpretation, Laboratory Enterprise
Alexei Kojevnikov
p. 1170 p.

Benjamin Nathans, Beyond the Pale: The Jewish Encounter with Late Imperial Russia
Heinz-Dietrich Lowe
p. 1172 p.

Iain Lauchlan, Russian Hide-and-Seek: The Tsarist Secret Police in Saint Petersburg, 1906-1914
Daniel Orlovsky
p. 1175 p.

Julie Hessler, A Social History of Soviet Trade: Trade Policy, Retail Practices, and Consumption, 1917-1953
Alan Ball
p. 1176 p.

Douglas Northrop, Veiled Empire: Gender and Power in Stalinist Central Asia
Daniel Brower
p. 1178 p.

E. Thomas Ewing, The Teachers of Stalinism: Policy, Practice, and Power in Soviet Schools of the 1930s
Oskar Anweiler
p. 1180 p.

Kate Brown, A Biography of No Place: From Ethnic Borderland to Soviet Heartland
Hiroaki Kuromiya
p. 1182 p.

Nikolai V. Ssorin-Chaikov, The Social Life of the State in Subarctic Siberia
Mark Bassin
p. 1183 p.

Janusz Bardach and Kathleen Gleeson, Surviving Freedom: After the Gulag
Nanci Adler
p. 1185 p.

Mark Junge, Strakh pered proshlym: Reabilitatsiia N. I. Bukharina ot Khrushcheva do Gorbacheva
Wladislaw Hedeler
p. 1187 p.

Index to Volume 77
p. 1191

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