European Review of History 12 (2005), 2

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European Review of History 12 (2005), 2
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Abingdon 2005: Taylor & Francis
2 issues per year
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European Review of History / Revue Européene d'Histoire
United Kingdom
Kahlert, Torsten


This issue contains:

Political Transfer: An Introduction
Henk te Velde, p. 205

Political Models and Political Transfer in the Shaping of Europe
Paolo Pombeni, p. 223

The Political Transfer of English Parliamentary Rules in the French Assemblies (1789–1848)
Nicolas Roussellier, p. 239

Balancing the Constitution: Bicameralism in Post-revolutionary France, 1814–31
Annelien de Dijn, p. 249

'The Principles of Steam': Political Transfer and Transformation in Japan, 1868–89
Janny de Jong, p. 269

Herbert Morrison's London Labour Party in the Interwar Years and the SPD: Problems of Transferring German Socialist Practices to Britain
Stefan Berger, p. 291

Introduction to Part II: Invention, Diffusion, and Transformation of the Social Movement Repertoire
Charles Tilly, p. 307

Foreign Examples as Eye Openers and Justification: The Transfer of the Anti-Corn Law League and the Anti-Prostitution Movement to the Netherlands
Annemarie Houkes, Maartje Janse, p. 321

Building Barricades: the Political Transfer of a Contentious Roadblock
Dennis Bos, p. 345

Feminism from Amsterdam to Brussels in 1891: Political Transfer as Transformation
Mieke Aerts, p. 367

In Love with Garibaldi: Romancing the Italian Risorgimento
Marjan Schwegman, p. 383

Transnational Mobilization and Cultural Representation: Political Transfer in an Age of Proto-Globalization, Democratization and Nationalism 1848–1914
Wolfram Kaiser, p. 403

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