Journal of Contemporary History 41 (2006), 1

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Journal of Contemporary History 41 (2006), 1
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London [u.a.] 2006: Sage Publications
Quarterly: January, April, July, October



Journal of Contemporary History (JCH)
United Kingdom
Kahlert, Torsten

A new issue of Journal of Contemporary History has been made available:
1 January 2006; Vol. 41, No. 1


The Internment of Civilians by Belligerent States during the First World War and the Response of the International Committee of the Red Cross
Matthew Stibbe
pp. 5-19

The German Youth Movement and National Socialism: Some Views from Britain Mike Tyldesley
pp. 21-34

The Marketing of Megalomania: Celebrity, Consumption and the Development of Political Technology in the British Union of Fascists
Julie Gottlieb
pp. 35-55

Facing the Fascist Model: Discourse and the Construction of Labour Services in the USA and Sweden in the 1930s and 1940s
Norbert Gotz and Kiran Klaus Patel
pp. 57-73

The BBC and the Censorship of The War Game (1965)
James Chapman
pp. 75-94

The Katyn Massacre and Polish-Soviet Relations, 1941-43
George Sanford
pp. 95-111

The Escalation of German Reprisal Policy in Occupied France, 1941-42
Christopher Neumaier
pp. 113-131

The Language of Resistance? Czech Jokes and Joke-telling under Nazi
Occupation, 1943-45
Chad Bryant
pp. 133-151

Suicide at the End of the Third Reich
Christian Goeschel
pp. 153-173

Book Review:'Who has the Youth, has the Future': Three Youth Movements in Twentieth-century Germany
Anna Saunders
pp. 175-183

Book Review:All About Eve? Queer Theory and History
Sean Brady
pp. 185-195

pp. 197-200

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