Isis 97 (2006), 3

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Isis 97 (2006), 3
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quarterly, plus Current Bibliography as fifth issue



United States
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Kahlert, Torsten

Isis - Volume 97, Number 3 - (September 2006)

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Table of Contents

p. vi

A Lens of Many Facets: Science through a Family's Eyes
Deborah R. Coen
p. 395

Patrons of the Revolution:
Hunter Crowther-Heyck
p. 420

The 1909 Darwin Celebration:
Marsha L. Richmond
p. 447

Joan Cadden
p. 485

Women, Gender, and Utopia: The Death of Nature and the Historiography of Early Modern Science
Katharine Park
p. 487

Where Ecology, Nature, and Politics Meet: Reclaiming The Death of Nature
Gregg Mitman
p. 496

Back to Nature?
p. 505

The Scientific Revolution and the Death of Nature
Carolyn Merchant
p. 513

John T. Blackmore
p. 534

Science in Late Imperial ChinaBenjamin A. Elman: On Their Own Terms: Science in China, 1550-1900
Fa-ti Fan
p. 535

Intimate BiotechnologyJoan Rothschild: The Dream of the Perfect ChildCharis Thompson: Making Parents: The Ontological Choreography of Reproductive Technologies
Susan Lindee
p. 539

From Science to Industry? Flaws in the Linear ModelKarl Grandin; Nina Wormbs; Sven Widmalm (Editors): The Science-Industry Nexus: History, Policy, Implications
David E. Nye
p. 543

Patricia Fara: An Entertainment for Angels: Electricity in the Enlightenment, Jeff Hughes: The Manhattan Project: Big Science and the Atom Bomb, and John Waller: The Discovery of the Germ: Twenty Years That Transformed the Way We Think about Disease,
rev. by Marjorie C. Malley
p. 546

Arthur Greenberg: The Art of Chemistry: Myths, Medicines, and Materials,
rev. by Peter Ramberg
p. 547

Gerald N. Grob: The Deadly Truth: A History of Disease in America,
rev. by Michelle Murphy
p. 548

Christiane Groeben; Joachim Kaasch; Michael Kaasch (Editors): Statten biologischer Forschung/Places of Biological Research,
rev. by Keith R. Benson
p. 549

Santiago Huerta: Arcos, bovedas y cupulas: Geometria y equilibrio en el calculo tradicional de estructuras de fabrica,
rev. by Luciano Boschiero
p. 550

Geoffrey J. Martin: All Possible Worlds: A History of Geographical Ideas,
rev. by Alex Checkovich
p. 551

David Park: The Grand Contraption: The World as Myth, Number, and Chance,
rev. by Patricia Fara
p. 552

Christian C. Young: The Environment and Science: Social Impact and Interaction,
rev. by Keely Maxwell
p. 553

Ken Alder: The Measure of All Things: The Seven-Year Odyssey and Hidden Error That Transformed the World,
rev. by Suzanne Debarbat
p. 553

Sylvia Bowerbank: Speaking for Nature: Women and Ecologies of Early Modern England,
rev. by Shana Cohen
p. 554

Lisa Forman Cody: Birthing the Nation: Sex, Science, and the Conception of Eighteenth-Century Britons,
rev. by Ludmilla Jordanova
p. 555

David Boyd Haycock: William Stukeley: Science, Religion, and Archaeology in Eighteenth-Century England,
rev. by Matthew R. Goodrum
p. 556

Claire Preston: Thomas Browne and the Writing of Early Modern Science,
rev. by Michael Hunter
p. 557

Jean-Marc Rohrbasser; Jacques Veron: Leibniz et les raisonnements sur la vie humaine,
rev. by Francois Duchesneau
p. 558

Margaret Schabas; Neil De Marchi (Editors): Oeconomies in the Age of Newton,
rev. by Rob Iliffe
p. 559

William R. Shea: Designing Experiments and Games of Chance: The Unconventional Science of Blaise Pascal,
rev. by Matthew L. Jones
p. 561

C. U. M. Smith; Robert Arnott (Editors): The Genius of Erasmus Darwin,
rev. by Maureen McNeil
p. 562

Claude Blanckaert: La nature de la societe: Organicisme et sciences sociales au XIXe siecle,
rev. by Warren Schmaus
p. 563

Mineke Bosch: Aletta Jacobs 1854-1929: Een onwrikbaar geloof in rechtvaardigheid,
rev. by Ida H. Stamhuis
p. 564

Pratik Chakrabarti: Western Science in Modern India: Metropolitan Methods, Colonial Practices,
rev. by Satpal Sangwan
p. 565

Hunter Crowther-Heyck: Herbert A. Simon: The Bounds of Reason in Modern America,
rev. by Jon Agar
p. 566

Robert Darby: A Surgical Temptation: The Demonization of the Foreskin and the Rise of Circumcision in Britain,
rev. by Janet Miron
p. 567

Aant Elzinga; Torgny Nordin; David Turner; Urban Wrakberg (Editors): Antarctic Challenges: Historical and Current Perspectives on Otto Nordenskjold's Antarctic Expedition, 1901-1903,
rev. by P. J. Capelotti
p. 568

Nancy Thorndike Greenspan: The End of the Certain World: The Life and Science of Max Born: The Nobel Physicist Who Ignited the Quantum Revolution,
rev. by Richard H. Beyler
p. 569

Charles Hayter: An Element of Hope: Radium and the Response to Cancer in Canada, 1900-1940,
rev. by Peter Keating
p. 570

Danian Hu: China and Albert Einstein: The Reception of the Physicist and His Theory in China, 1917-1979,
rev. by Tian Yu Cao
p. 571

D. Brett King; Michael Wertheimer: Max Wertheimer and Gestalt Theory,
rev. by David J. Murray
p. 573

Nikolai Krementsov: International Science between the World Wars: The Case of Genetics,
rev. by Paolo Palladino
p. 574

Christopher Lawrence: Rockefeller Money, the Laboratory, and Medicine in Edinburgh, 1919-1930: New Science in an Old Country,
rev. by Robert E. Kohler
p. 575

David Lebrun: Proteus: A Nineteenth-Century Vision,
rev. by Helen M. Rozwadowski
p. 576

Diana E. Manuel (Editor): Walking the Paris Hospitals: Diary of an Edinburgh Medical Student, 1834-1835,
rev by Susan C. Lawrence
p. 577

Daniel Pauly: Darwin's Fishes: An Encyclopedia of Ichthyology, Ecology, and Evolution,
rev. by Gregory Radick
p. 578

Harold L. Platt: Shock Cities: The Environmental Transformation and Reform of Manchester and Chicago,
rev. by Jeffrey K. Stine
p. 579

Michael Ruse: The Evolution-Creation Struggle,
rev. by Edward B. Davis
p. 581

Robert J. Spear: The Great Gypsy Moth War: The History of the First Campaign in Massachusetts to Eradicate the Gypsy Moth, 1890-1901,
rev. by Christine Keiner
p. 582

Sarah W. Tracy: Alcoholism in America: From Reconstruction to Prohibition,
rev. by John C. Burnham
p. 583

Peter L. Twohig: Labour in the Laboratory: Medical Laboratory Workers in the Maritimes, 1900-1950,
rev. by Floyd E. Thurston
p. 584

Alexander von Schwerin: Experimentalisierung des Menschen: Der Genetiker Hans Nachtsheim und die vergleichende Erbpathologie 1920-1945,
rev. by Mitchell G. Ash
p. 584

David M. Berube: Nano-Hype: The Truth Behind the Nanotechnology Buzz,
rev. by W. Patrick McCray
p. 586

Irene K. Fischer: Geodesy? What's That? My Personal Involvement in the Age-Old Quest for the Size and Shape of the Earth, with a Running Commentary on Life in a Government Research Office,
rev. by Duncan Agnew
p. 587

Jacob Darwin Hamblin: Oceanographers and the Cold War: Disciples of Marine Science,
rev. by Harold L. Burstyn
p. 587

Laura Hein: Reasonable Men, Powerful Words: Political Culture and Expertise in Twentieth-Century Japan,
rev. by Morris Low
p. 588

W. D. Kay: Defining NASA: The Historical Debate over the Agency's Mission,
rev. by Virginia P. Dawson
p. 589

Chris Mooney: The Republican War on Science,
rev. by David Sepkoski
p. 590

J. Samuel Walker: Three Mile Island: A Nuclear Crisis in Historical Perspective,
rev. by Robert W. Seidel
p. 591

Steven Weber: The Success of Open Source,
rev. by Tarleton Gillespie
p. 592

Jeanne Daly: Evidence-Based Medicine and the Search for a Science of Clinical Care,
rev. by Kirstin Borgerson
p. 593

Joseph LaPorte: Natural Kinds and Conceptual Change,
rev. by Gordon McOuat
p. 594

Dominique Pestre: Science, argent et politique: Un essai d'interpretation,
rev. by Isabelle Stengers
p. 595

S. L. Zabell: Symmetry and Its Discontents: Essays on the History of Inductive Probability,
rev. by Byron E. Wall
p. 596

John P. Jackson, Jr.; Nadine M. Weidman: Race, Racism, and Science: Social Impact and Interaction,
rev. by Elizabeth Green Musselman
p. 597

Sal Restivo (Editor): Science, Technology, and Society: An Encyclopedia,
rev. by Amy Slaton
p. 598

Notes on Contributors
p. 600

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