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Journal of Religious History 32 (2008), 1

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Journal of Religious History 32 (2008), 1
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Nicholas Doumanis and Nicholas Eckstein
Oxford 2008: Wiley-Blackwell
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Journal of Religious History
United Kingdom
Karl Grünberg

Journal of Religious History
Volume 32, Issue 1, March 2008



Engineering the Kingdom of God: Irrigation, Science and the Social Christian Millennium, 1880-1914
pages 1–15

A Door of Hope Re-opened: The Fifth Monarchy, King Charles and King Jesus
pages 16–30

Radio Ministries: Religion on Australian Commercial Radio from the 1920s to the 1960s*
pages 31–54

PAUL Post-Colonialism, Orientalism, and Understanding: Religious Studies and the Christian Missionary Imperative
pages 55–75

A National Saint in a Fascist State: Catherine of Siena, ca 1922-1943
pages 76–95


New Perspectives on the Reformation
pages 96–108

The Arrow of Time and the Moving Image of Eternity
pages 109–115


The Inquisition of Francisca: A Sixteenth-Century Visionary on Trial - edited by Gillian T. W. Ahlgren and trans.: Francisca de los Apóstoles
Simone Marshall
pages 116–117

Encountering the Sacred: The Debate on Christian Pilgrimage in Late Antiquity - by Brouria Bitton-Ashkelony
Lisa R. Holliday
pages 117–118

The Precisianist Strain: Disciplinary Religion and Antinomian Backlash in Puritanism to 1638 - by Theodore Dwight Bozeman and Blown by the Spirit Puritanism and the Emergence of an Antinomian Underground in Pre-Civil-War England - by David R. Como
Sybil M. Jack
pages 118–120

The American Religious Experience: A Concise History - by L. Bridgers
Stephen Hunt
pages 120–122

American Religions and the Family: How Faith Traditions Cope with Modernization and Democracy - edited by Don S. Browning and David A. Clairmont
Stephen Hunt
pages 122–123

Seeking Sanctuary: Seventh-Day Adventism and the American Dream - by Malcolm Bull and Keith Lockhart
Stephen Hunt
pages 123–124

Moral Geography: Maps, Missionaries and the American Frontier - by Amy Derogatis
Meredith Lake
pages 124–125

Dissent in American Religion - by Edwin S. Gaustad
Stephen Hunt
pages 125–127

Reading Romans through the Centuries - by Jeffrey P. Greenman and Timothy Larsen
David W. Kim
pages 127–127

Joan of Arc in French Art and Culture (1700-1855): From Satire to Sanctity - by Nora M. Heimann
Jay Johnston
pages 128–129

The New Oxford History of England. A Mad, Bad, & Dangerous People? England 1783-1846 - by Boyd Hilton and The New Oxford History of England. The Mid-Victorian Generation 1846-1886 - by K. Theodore Hoppen
John Gascoigne
pages 129–130

The Foundations of Medieval English Ecclesiastical History: Studies Presented to David Smith - edited by Philippa Hoskin, Christopher Brooke, and Barrie Dobson
Peter McDonald
pages 130–132

Sunday in Canada: The Rise and Fall of the Lord's Day - by Paul Laverdure
Stephen Hunt
pages 132–133

From Woolloomooloo to "Eternity": A History of Australian Baptists - by Ken R. Manley
Meredith Lake
pages 133–134

The Istanbul Latin Community and its Church since the Age of the Byzantine Empire to the Present - by Rinaldo Marmara
Onur Inal
pages 134–135

God's Willing Workers: Women and Religion in Australia - by Anne O’Brien
Marilyn Kelleher
pages 135–137

Imagined Hinduism: British Protestant Missionary Constructions of Hinduism, 1793-1900 - by Geoffrey A. Oddie
Paul Hedges
pages 137–138

Healing in the History of Christianity - by Amanda Porterfield
Diana Jefferies
pages 138–139

In Search of New Age Spiritualities - by Adam Possamai
Jay Johnston
pages 139–140

De La Rochelle vers l’Aunis L’Histoire des Reformes et de leurs Églises dans une Province Française au xvie siecle - by Pascal Rambeaud and Authority and Society in Nantes During the French Wars of Religion, 1559-98 - by Elizabeth C. Tingle
Sybil Jack
pages 141–142

Borrowed Gods and Foreign Bodies: British Missionaries Imagine Chinese Religions - by Eric Reinder
Paul Hedges
pages 142–144

The Politics of Knowledge in Premodern Islam: Negotiating Ideology and Religious Inquiry - by Omid Safi
Milad Milani
pages 144–144

Remember, Remember: A Cultural History of Guy Fawkes Day - by James Sharpe
Anthony Miller
pages 144–146

Baptism in the Early Church - by Hendrick F. Stander and Johannes P. Louw
David W. Kim
pages 146–147

A Sure Ground on Which to Stand: The Relation of Authority and Interpretive Method in Luther's Approach to Scripture - by Mark D. Thompson
Sybil Jack
pages 147–148

Christian Women and the Time of the Apostolic Fathers (ad c 80-160): Corinth, Rome and Asia Minor - by Christine Trevett
Lisa R. Holliday
pages 148–150

Baha’i and Globalization -edited by Margit Warburg, Annika Hvithamar, and Morten Warmind
Christopher Hartney
pages 150–150

The Abbé Grégoire and the French Revolution: The Making of Modern Universalism - by Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall
Christopher Hartney
pages 151–152

The Writings of Julian of Norwich: A Vision Showed to a Devout Woman and A Revelation of Love - edited by Nicholas Watson and Jacqueline Jenkins
Simone Celine Marshall
pages 152–153

History of Biblical Interpretation - by William Yarchin
pages 153–155

pages 156–157

pages 158–158

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