The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online XVII (2011), 24

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The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online XVII (2011), 24
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Mannheim 2011: Selbstverlag
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The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online
The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Dr. Bernhard H. Bayerlein Institut für Soziale Bewegungen, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Clemensstrasse 17–19, 44789 Bochum
Bernhard H. Bayerlein, Gleb J. Albert

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Contributors,

We are pleased to be able to give you two good news:

Since 2010, The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online is hosted by the Centre of Contemporary History Potsdam (Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung, ZZF), Germany, an internationally reknown research institute for contemporary history and the history of communism in particular. At the ZZF the International Newsletter will be part of a larger internet portal project concerning the historiography and archives of communism, about which we shall inform you soon.

We would like to thank the ZZF staff and are looking forward to further cooperation. At the same time, we would like to thank the Mannheim Centre of European Social Research (MZES) at the University of Mannheim for the long lasting cooperation and support. There will be no changes for the mailing list hosted by the University of Cologne (see: <>).

The International Newsletter’s homepage is from now on accessible at <>. Also, the Newsletter is from now on present on Facebook. Feel free to “like” our page at <> to stay informed about our updates and calls for papers.

Finally we announce the release of the 2011 issue of The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online. The online edition, which can be freely downloaded from the INCS website, incorporates 301 pages. The direct download link for the PDF is <>

The 2011 issue includes current contents of other relevant newsletters and web services, news from all over the world concerning research and archives, project presentations, six articles of a wide geographic and thematic spectrum, book reviews and various informational items (see the table of contents below). We would like to thank everybody who made this possible through their contributions.

The bibliographical coverage of topics related to Communist Studies is a major focus of the International Newsletter in general and this issue in particular. It includes a new issue of the "International Bibliography of Communist Studies", covering 624 titles from 47 countries. For the "International Article Bibliography on Communist Studies and Related Topics", we have retrieved 776 relevant articles published during the year 2010 in scholarly journals and periodicals (and selected edited volumes).

The number of publications indicates that studies on communism in its variety are still going strong and even increasing. This strong output goes hand in hand with a shift towards a comparative or trans-/international perspective, and the participation of new generations of scholars in research. The International Newsletter sees as one of its tasks to navigate and provide a compact overview over this vast output for scholarly community. Furthermore, the International Newsletter contributes to mediating between different – still regionally and nationally fragmented – research environments, as well as between classical academia and politically affiliated or „militant“ research. While the institutionalisation of communist studies is largely still in the making, the International Newsletter contributes to networking between the single initiatives of this process.

Concerning our editorial work and the retrieval of valuable information in the different countries, we are very glad to welcome new correspondents, this time from Portugal, Slovenia, Russia and the UK. The participation of readers and correspondents proves crucial for the bibliographical sections – but of course not only. Everyone is encouraged to send us suggestions and contributions and all kind of informational data on the various sections for the 2012 issue of the International Newsletter, regular bibliographic updates about the national (or international) landscape of publications, and so on. Also we welcome suggestions on article contributions and reviews.

The deadline for the compact print version in the Jahrbuch für historische Kommunismusforschung (cont. around 40 pages, excluding the bibliographies and all article/review contributions) will be November 1, 2011. The deadline for the online version is March 1, 2012. All article and review contributions have to be coordinated with us beforehand. Unsolicited reviews will not be accepted. We also strongly advice you to follow the submission guidelines, which are available at the INCS homepage (<>). By following the style guidelines you will contribute to a speedy editing/ layout process, helping the next issue to be released with less delay.

With kind regards
and good luck for your ongoing projects,

Bernhard H. Bayerlein, Executive Editor
Gleb J. Albert, Junior Editor


Table of Contents

I. The Newsletter of the Newsletters: Communist Studies Newsletters – New issues/ Selected Items

H-HOAC – London Socialist Historians Group Newsletter – Aktuelles aus der DDR-Forschung – Georgian Archival Bulletin – ICCEES Newsletter – NewsNet – Alfred Klahr Gesellschaft Mitteilungen – Mitteilungen des FABGAB – Estudos sobre o Comunism … 7

II. News on Archives, Holdings and Institutions

INCS Moves to ZZF – New Declassifications in Russian Archives 2010 – GARF Finding Aids Online – APRF Plans Release of Documents – Post-Soviet Archives Conference – Heritage of the People’s Europe Project –Marx & Philosophy Review of Books – Afrikanische Archive der sozialen Bewegungen – Russian Archive Publications – Archives of Messali Hadj – Veröffentlichungsreihe des DHI – CERMTRI Digital Library –Zeitzeugenportal 1989/90 – AAASS Renamed – Warlam-Schalamow-Werkausgabe – KPD-Betriebszeitungen – PdAS im Schweizerischen Sozialarchiv – Ernest Mandel Papers – ITF Bibliography – KI Tables of Contents – Deutschland Archiv Online – Erkennungsdienstliche Kartei der Wiener Gestapo – Erinnerungsorte der deutschen Teilung – Dokumente als Weltkulturerbe – Comintern Working Papers – OstDok …11

ArcheoBiblioBase Archives in Russia – Update 2011 (Patricia K. Grimsted) … 21

III. Research Projects and Dissertations – Work in Progress

III.1: Individual Projects
– Udo Grashoff (Leipzig, Germany): Verrat und Verräter im kommunistischen Widerstand gegen das NS-Regime 1933 bis 1945. Habilitationsprojekt … 28
– Ralf Hoffrogge (Potsdam, Germany): Werner Scholem. A Political Biography (1895-1940). PhD Project … 30
– Brendan McGeever (Glasgow, UK): The Bolsheviks and Antisemitism, 1917-1927. PhD Project … 32
– Timur Mukhamatulin (Moscow, Russia): The Formation of the Image of Republican Spain in the Soviet Union, 1936-1939. Construction, Mediation, Outcomes. PhD Project … 35
– Matthias Neumann (Norwich, UK): ‘Thinking Globally’. Internationalism and Workers’ Identity. A Comparison of Workers in Liverpool, Hamburg and St Petersburg / Petrograd / Leningrad, 1910-1925. Research project … 37
– Aleksandr V. Reznik (St Petersburg, Russia): The Left Opposition within the RCP(b), 1923-1924. PhD Project… 39
– Alexander R. Schejngeit (Konstanz, Germany): Die Nachrichtenagentur TASS und die Auslandsberichterstattung in der Sowjetunion. Dissertationsprojekt … 41

III.2: Collaborative Projects
– Aleksei J. Suslov, Konstantin N. Morozov (Kazan’/Moscow, Russia): Neopopulism and Neopopulist Parties in Twentieth Century Russia: A Bibliography … 43
– Memorial St Petersburg (Russia): The Virtual Gulag Museum. Internet-Project … 44
– Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung (Berlin, Germany): Erinnerungsorte an die kommunistischen Diktaturen im Europa des 20. Jahrhunderts. Dokumentation … 45
– Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung (Potsdam, Germany): Physische Gewalt umd Herrschaftslegitimation im Spätsozialismus. Internationales Forschungs- und Vernetzungs-projekt … 46

IV. Materials and Studies

IV.1: Biographical Materials and Studies
– Gertrud Lenz (Bonn, Germany): Eine Biografie im Schatten Willy Brandts. Gertrud Meyer (1914-2002). Ein politisches Leben im Kampf gegen Nationalsozialismus und Faschismus zwischen Lübeck, Oslo und New York … 49
– Frank Wolff (Bielefeld, Germany / Baltimore, US): The Collateral Prisoner. A Bundist Holocaust Survivor between Nazi Perpetrators, Anti-Communism and British World Politics … 78

IV.2: Regional Materials and Studies
– Víctor Augusto Piemonte (Buenos Aires, Argentina): An Interpretation on the Class Condition of the Communist Party of Argentina in its Formative Process, 1914-1920 … 92
– Aleksandr V. Shubin (Moscow, Russia): Spain's Decisive Moment … 101

IV.3: Institutional Studies
– Gleb J. Albert (Bielefeld, Germany): Think Tank, Publisher, Symbol. The Comintern in the Early Soviet Media Landscape … 110
– Sonia Combe (Nanterre, France): Zu den Eigenschaften von Polizei- und Geheimdienst-archiven. Der Fall der Stasi-Unterlagen … 120

V. New Publications – Reports, Presentations and Reviews

V.1: Reviews.

– Sandra Dahlke: Individuum und Herrschaft im Stalinismus. Emel’jan Jaroslavskij 1878-1943, München, Oldenbourg, 2010. 484 p. (Ordnungssysteme. Studien zur Ideengeschichte der Neuzeit. 29). ISBN: 978-3-486-58955-9 (Klaus-Georg Riegel, Trier) … 126

– Alfred Eisfeld (ed.): Von der Autonomiegründung zur Verbannung und Entrechtung. Die Jahre 1918 und 1941 bis 1948 in der Geschichte der Deutschen in Russland, Stuttgart, Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Russland e.V., 2008. 287 p. ISBN: 978-3-923553-29-7 (Thorsten Pomian, Düsseldorf) … 130

– Natan G. Gutov: Ja rodilsja v 1898 godu. Podgotovka teksta, kommentarii Nadeždy Gutovoj [Ich wurde 1898 geboren. Redaktion und Kommentare von Nadežda Gutova], Moskva, Grundrisse, 2010. 265 p. ISBN: 978-5-904099-05-3 (Malte Griesse, Bielefeld) … 134

– Barry McLoughlin, Hannes Leidinger, Verena Moritz: Kommunismus in Österreich 1918-1938. Innsbruck-Wien-Bozen, Studien-Verlag, 2009. 529 p. ISBN: 978-3-7065-4459-7 (Manfred Mugrauer, Vienna) … 139

– David Priestland: Weltgeschichte des Kommunismus. Von der Französischen Revolution bis Heute, München, Siedler, 2009. 783 p. ISBN: 978-3-88680-708-6 (Klaus-Georg Riegel, Trier) … 143

– Mary Fulbrook: Ein ganz normales Leben. Alltag und Gesellschaft in der DDR, aus dem Englischen von Karl Nicolai, Primus Verlag, 2008. 365 p. ISBN: 978-3-89678-643-2; Hedwig Richter: Die DDR, Paderborn, Schöningh, 2009. 116 p. (UTB Profile). ISBN: 978-3-8252-3252-8 (Sonia Combe, Nanterre) … 148

V.2: Presentations and Announcements
– Juliette Cadiot, Dominique Arel, Larissa Zakharova (eds.): Cacophonies d'empire. Le gouvernement des langues dans l'Empire russe et en Union soviétique, Paris, CNRS Editions, 2010. 368 p. ISBN 978-2-2710-7031-9 … 150
– Oleg Chlevnjuk: Chozjain. Stalin i utverždenie stalinskoj diktatury [Master of the House. Stalin and the Establishment of the Stalinist Dictatorship], Moskva, ROSSPEN, 2010. 478 p. (Istorija stalinizma). ISBN: 978-5-8243-1314-7 … 150
– Romain Ducoulombier: Camarades. La Naissance du Parti Communiste en France. Préface de Marc Lazar,Paris, Perrin, 2010. 430 p. ISBN 978-2-2620-3416-0 … 150
– Malte Griesse: Communiquer, juger et agir sous Staline. La personne prise entre ses liens avec les proches et son rapport au système politico-idéologique, Frankfurt am Main e.a., Lang, 2011. XII, 536 p. ISBN: 978-3-631-60446-5 … 151
– Narihiko Ito, Annelies Laschitza, Ottokar Luban (eds.): Rosa Luxemburg. Ökonomische und historisch-politische Aspekte ihres Werkes. Internationale Rosa-Luxemburg-Gesellschaft in Tokio, April 2007, und Berlin, Januar 2009, Berlin, Dietz, 2010. 236 p. ISBN 978-3-3200-2233-4 … 152
– Gerd Koenen: Was war der Kommunismus?, Göttingen, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2010. 143 p. (FRIAS Rote Reihe. 2). ISBN 978-3-5253-2301-4 … 152
– Grigorij G. Kosač: Kommunisty Bližnego Vostoka v SSSR [Communists from the Middle East in the USSR]. 1920-1930-e gody, Moskva, RGGU, 2009. 268 p. ISBN 978-5-7281-1004-0 … 153
– Aleksandr Livšin: Nastroenija i političeskie ėmocii v Sovetskoj Rossii [Morale and Political Emotions in Soviet Russia]. 1917-1932 gg., Moskva, ROSSPEN, 2010. 344 p. (Istorija stalinizma). ISBN 978-5-8243-1358-1 … 153
– Alex Marshall: The Caucasus under Soviet Rule, London-New York, Routledge, 2010. VIII, 387 p. (Routledge Studies in the History of Russia and Eastern Europe). ISBN 978-0-415-41012-0 … 153
– Vladimir G. Mosolov: IMĖL. Citadel' partijnoj ortodoksii. Iz istorii Instituta marksizma-leninizma pri CK KPSS [IMEL. Fortress of Party Orthodoxy. The History of the Institute of Marxism-Leninism at the CC of the CPSU].1921-1956, Moskva, Novyj chronograf, 2010. 600 p. ISBN 978-5-94881-104-8 … 154
– Jürgen Mothes: Lateinamerika und der "Generalstab" der Weltrevolution. Zur Lateinamerika-Politik der Komintern. Herausgegeben von Klaus Meschkat, Berlin, Dietz, 2010. 304 p. (Geschichte des Kommunismus und des Linkssozialismus. 14). ISBN 978-3-3200-2235-8 … 154
– Matthias Neumann: The Communist Youth League and the Transformation of the Soviet Union. 1917-1932, London-New York, Routledge, 2011. XXI, 289 p. (BASEES/Routledge series on Russian and East European studies. 76). ISBN: 978-0-415-55957-7 … 154
– Serge Wolikow: L’Internationale Communiste. 1919-1943. Le Komintern ou le rêve déchu du parti mondial de la révolution, Paris, Les Editions de l’Atelier, 2010. 288 p. ISBN 978-2-7082-4131-2 … 155

V.3: Books Sent in for Review … 156

VI. Meetings and Conferences Concerning Communist Studies 2010-2012

VI.1: Conference List
– Past Meetings 2010 … 158
– Forthcoming Meetings 2011-2012 … 161

VI.2: Conference Reports and Announcements … 166

VII. The International Bibliography of Communist Studies. Issue 2010 … 170

VIII. Periodicals/ Serials on Communist Studies

VIII.1: The International Bibliography of Journal Articles on Communist Studies. Issue 2010 … 202

VIII.2: Directory of Periodicals on Communist Studies and Connected Areas: Conventional and Online Journals, Newsletters and Bulletins … 264

VIII.3: Calls for Papers … 275

IX. Internet Resources. Websites Relevant for Communist Studies … 277

X. Communism in Culture, Art and Media

In the Name of Stalin: Russian Radio Programme on Stalinism Discontinued. – Exhibitions on the History of Communism, 2010-2011. – David King Collection – Anthology Published – Three Web Portals about the Surrealist Movement. – Film "Boxhagener Platz" – Mosfilm Studios Online Film Portal – App zur Spurensuche der Berliner Mauer …. 285

XI. Discussions, Debates, Historical Controversies

– Trouble for Hungarian Archives … 291
– Gedenkbuch für deutsche Stalinopfer: Ermittlungen gegen russischen Historiker … 292

XII. Miscellanea

XII.1: Orbituaries

Moshe Lewin (1921-2010) – Robert C. Tucker (1918-2010) – Robert J. Alexander (1918-2010) – Ronald Kowalski (1949-2010) – Nelli P. Komolova (1929-2010) – Iurii N. Amiantov (1930-2011) … 293

XII.2: Awards

Christoph Kalter Receives Walter-Markow-Prize – Wissenschaftspreis der Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Sachsen: Preisträger 2010-2011. – Feliks Tych erhält Preis „Gegen Vergessen – für Demokratie“ 2010 … 297

List of Authors … 298

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