European Review of History / Revue europeenne d'histoire 19 (2012), 3

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European Review of History / Revue europeenne d'histoire 19 (2012), 3
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W.G. Sebald, the Writing of History

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European Review of History / Revue Européene d'Histoire
United Kingdom
Horton, Emma

European Review of History / Revue europeenne d'histoire
Volume 19 Issue 3



Original Articles:

Introduction: W.G. Sebald, le souci de l'histoire
Emmanuelle Loyer
pages 347–354

L'absence et la trace: Kindertransport, Nuit de Cristal et Opération Meubles dans ‘Austerlitz'
Jean-Marc Dreyfus
pages 355–366

Austerlitz de W.G. Sebald. Une vue poétologique sur l'histoire des camps
Judith Kasper
pages 367–376

En marchant, en écrivant. Un essai entre géographie et littérature
Jean-Louis Tissier
pages 377–382

Fiction et lisibilité de l'histoire chez W.G. Sebald
Muriel Pic
pages 383–393

Négation du temps et besoin d'histoire dans les écritures de W.G. Sebald
Diana Napoli
pages 395–407

« Die Schatten der Wirklichkeit ». (« Les ombres du réel »)
Photographie et mémoire dans l'œuvre littéraire de W. G. Sebald
Roswitha Böhm
pages 409–425

L'archive en ruines: Sebald, le tri et l'accumulation
Philippe Artières
pages 427–437

Medieval Period – Époque Médiévale:

The Kings of Alba c.1000-c.1130
Christopher Heath
pages 439–440

Imagining the past in France. History in Manuscript painting 1250-1500
Karin Tilmans
pages 440–442

The Life and Afterlife of Isabeau of Bavaria
Katherine Harvey
pages 442–444

Early-Modern Period – Histoire Moderne:

Il profeta disarmato. L'eresia di Francesco Pucci nell'Europa del Cinquecento
Gábor Almási
pages 444–446

A Guide to Early Printed Books and Manuscripts
Ivana Dobcheva
pages 446–448

Warrior Pursuits. Noble Culture and Civil Conflict in Early Modern France
Tomaso Pascucci
pages 448–449

Beyond the Military Revolution: War in the Seventeenth Century World
Richard Harding
pages 450–451

The Turk and Islam in the Western Eye, 1450–1750. Visual Imagery before Orientalism
Jeremy Black
pages 451–452

The Hispanization of the Philippines. Spanish Aims and Filipino Responses, 1565–1700
José L. Gasch-Tomás
pages 452–453

Swift, the Book, and the Irish Financial Revolution: Satire and Sovereignty in Colonial Ireland
Macdara Dwyer
pages 453–455

Futures and Ruins: Eighteenth-century Paris and the art of Hubert Robert
Douglas James
pages 455–457

Selling Beauty – Cosmetics, Commerce, and French Society, 1750–1830
Tijl Vanneste
pages 457–459

Modern History – Histoire Comtemporaine:

The Modern Balkans: A History
Goran Miljan
pages 459–461

Mediterraneans – North Africa and Europe in an age of migration, c. 1800-1900
Adam Mestyan
pages 461–463

Inventing Luxembourg: Representations of the Past, Space and Language from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-First Century
Madalina Valeria Veres
pages 463–464

Free Access to the Past. Romanticism, Cultural Heritage and the Nation
Jeremy Black
pages 464–465

Monuments et Mémoires: Les Traces Coloniales dans le Paysage Français
Manuel Bollag
pages 465–467

Dance of the Furies. Europe and the Outbreak of World War I
Peter Bihari
pages 467–469

Neville Chamberlain
Warren Dockter
pages 469–470

Body By Weimar: Athletes, Gender, and German Modernity
Clare Tebbutt
pages 471–472

Terror und Traum: Moskau 1937
Björn M. Felder
pages 472–474

The Minsk Ghetto, 1941-1943. Jewish Resistance and Soviet Internationalism
Natalia Krasicka
pages 474–476

In War's Wake: Europe's Displaced Persons in the Postwar Order
Peter Gatrell
pages 476–478

Solidarity with Solidarity: Western European Trade Unions and the Polish Crisis, 1980-1982
Shirin Hirsch
pages 478–479

Over There: Living with the U.S. Military Empire from World War Two to the Present
Trond Ove Tøllefsen
pages 479–480

L'Espagne et l'Europe. De la dictature de Franco à l'Union européenne
Chiara Luck
pages 481–483

Historiography – Historiographie:

Institutul de istorie ‘Nicolae Iorga’ 1937–1948
Silviu Hariton
pages 483–485

Hayden White: The Historical Imagination
Admir Skodo
pages 485–487

The Novel: An Introduction
Oana Sinziana Paltineanu
pages 487–489

The Czech Reader: History, Culture and Politics
Michael Carter-Sinclair
pages 489–490

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