The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online XVIII (2012), 25

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The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online XVIII (2012), 25
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Potsdam 2012: Selbstverlag
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The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online
The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Dr. Bernhard H. Bayerlein Institut für Soziale Bewegungen, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Clemensstrasse 17–19, 44789 Bochum
Albert, Gleb J.

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Contributors,

We are proud to present the 2012 edition of The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online.

The International Newsletter of Communist Studies (INCS), issued since 1993/1994, focuses on the international research concerning communist and respective left political systems, movements and ideas. Combining the features of a journal and a newsletter, it is aimed at scholars and publicists, archivists and librarians. The multilingual publication accompanies the opening processes of the archives in the East and the West. It regularly contains project presentations, reports on archival openings, problems and projects, an annual bibliography, reviews and presentations of new publications, current events and meetings, a survey of periodicals and online resources. It also publishes materials and articles with a regional, biographical, institutional or cultural focus. A more concise paper edition of INCS is included in the "Jahrbuch für historische Kommunismusforschung" published by Aufbau Verlag, Berlin (see: <>).

The new issue, incorporating 421 pages, can be downloaded free of charge at <>. Thanks to our authors, the Newsletter once again can offer a wide range of news, information, studies and materials on the history of communism, as can be seen in the table of contents below. Furthermore, it features The International Bibliography of Communist Studies, issue 2011. Covering 991 books from 61 countries and having retrieved 975 relevant articles published during the year 2011 in scholarly journals, the bibliography presents Communist Studies being a major field of research and publication activity within the Humanities. A number of new correspondents are sustaining this huge undertaking. Everyone is encouraged to send us suggestions and contributions and all kind of informational data on the various sections for the 2013 issue, regular bibliographic updates about the national (or international) landscape of publications, as well as suggestions for article contributions and reviews.

The deadline for the concise print version will be October 15, 2012. The deadline for the online edition is May 15, 2013. All article and review contributions have to be coordinated with us beforehand. Unsolicited reviews will not be accepted. We also strongly advice you to follow the submission guidelines available at <>.

INCS is hosted by the Centre of Contemporary History Potsdam at <>, where you can download all the past issues. You are welcome to subscribe to our mailing list, hosted by the University of Cologne (including only a minimal amount of mails per year concerning our calls for papers and tables of contents), at <>. You can also "like" our Facebook page at <>.

INCS is non-commercial, non-funded, open-access, and only relying on the free activity of the editors and contributors.

Kind regards and good luck with your ongoing research,

Bernhard H. Bayerlein, Executive Editor 

Gleb J. Albert, Junior Editor



I. The Newsletter of the Newsletters: Communist Studies Newsletters – New issues/Selected Items

H-HOAC (Washington D.C.) – Aufarbeitung Aktuell (Berlin) – ICCEES Newsletter (Münster) – NewsNet (Philadelphia) – Alfred Klahr Gesellschaft Mitteilungen (Vienna) – Mitteilungen des FABGAB (Berlin) – Georgian Archival Bulletin (Tbilisi) … 8

II. News on Archives, Holdings and Institutions

New Declassifications in Russian Archives, 2011 – Moscow: Website Relaunch of the RGASPI & International Brigades Digital Archive – “Gulag Boss”: Discussing the Memoirs of a Gulag Commander – “Pravda” über DFG-Nationallizenz verfügbar – Washington D.C.: ECNU – Wilson Center Cold War Studies Initiative – Egypt: State Security Archives May Be Opened – Washington D.C.: FBI Releases SOLO File – Riazanov Library Project: US Radical Left Periodicals Digitised – Marxists Internet Archives: Recent Additions on British Communism – Bloomington, IN: Polish Workers’ Movement Collection at Indiana University – Vologda, Russia: Regional Communist Newspaper Digitised – Amsterdam: Ngo Van Papers at the IISH – Coventry, UK: Internet Project “Trabajadores: The Spanish Civil War Through the Eyes of Organised Labour” – Budapest: New Sources on the 1956 Revolution at OSA – Washington, D.C.: Jacques Rossi Memorial Gulag Research Fund – Neue Informationen zur Biographie von Voldemārs Roze – Potsdam-Berlin: Internet-Portalprojekt DDR-Presse … 12

– Lev Centrih, Liubliana: Digitizing Sources for the History of the Communist Movement in Slovenia … 19

– Andreas Peglau, Berlin: Bericht über einen Besuch im Wilhelm-Reich-Archiv, Boston, USA … 22

III. Research Projects and Dissertations – Work in Progress

– Maurice Andreu (Paris): N. I. Boukharine sur les intellectuels et le communisme. Projet en cours … 26

– Álvaro Cúria (Porto): Heirs of the Wall. The Events of 1989-91 and the Continuity of the Southwest European Communist Parties. PhD Project … 37

– Aurélie Denoyer (Potsdam/Paris): Exil als Heimat. Die spanischen kommunistischen Flüchtlinge in der DDR. Individuelle Lebensläufe, Kollektivgeschichte. Dissertationsprojekt … 40

– Leo Goretti (Reading): Young Partisans and “Ragazzi con la maglietta a strisce”. Communist Youth in Italy between the Resistance and July 1960. A Gender and Generational Study. PhD Project … 44

– David Mayer (Vienna): Tropics Defiant – Clio Militant. On Marxist Historiographic Debates in Latin America in the ‘Long 1960s’ in Transnational Perspective. PhD Project … 46

– Jeff R. Meadowcroft (Glasgow): The History and Historiography of the Russian Worker-Revolutionaries of the 1870s. PhD Dissertation Summary … 48

– Claudia Monteiro (Paraná): A Study of Communism in Paraná (1945-1964). Militancy Between Reason and Feelings. PhD Project …54

– Matthew Rendle (Exeter): The State versus The People: Revolutionary Justice in Russia’s Civil War, 1917-22. Research Project … 56

– Jonathan Waterlow (Oxford): Popular Humour in Stalin’s 1930s. A Study of Popular Opinion and Adaptation. PhD Project … 60

IV. Studies and Materials

IV.1: Biographical Materials and Studies

– Constance Margain (Le Havre/Potsdam): Die zwei Leben des Anton Saefkow: kommunistischer Widerstandskämpfer und sozialistischer Held (1903-1944). Biographische Skizzen und Fragen der historischen Erinnerung … 62

– Andreas Peglau (Berlin): Wilhelm Reich und Willy Brandt als „Hochverräter“ … 74

– Alexander R. Schejngeit (Konstanz): Der Mann, der die sowjetische Auslands-berichterstattung organisierte. Jakov Doleckij, Leiter der Nachrichtenagentur TASS, 1921-1937 … 79

– Maurice Andreu: Les manuscrits de prison de Boukharine (1937-1938) … 88

– Bernhard H. Bayerlein, Kasper Braskén, Uwe Sonnenberg, Gleb J. Albert: Research on Willi Münzenberg (1889-1940). Life, Activities. and Solidarity Networks. A Bibliography … 104

IV.2: Regional Materials and Studies

– Lazar Kheifets, Victor Kheifets (St Petersburg): The “International of Moscow” or the “International of Buenos Aires”? The Comintern and the Paraguayan Communist Party … 123

– Marcos Schiavi (Buenos Aires): Los sindicatos comunistas argentinos ante el surgimiento del peronismo. El caso textil y metalúrgico …137

– Andreas Stergiou (Crete): Die Linke in Griechenland. Ein historischer Überblick von ihrer Entstehung bis zu den Maiwahlen 2012 … 152

V. New Publications – Reports, Presentations and Reviews

V.1: Reviews.

– Der lange Schatten der Mauer: Neuerscheinungen zur Emigration aus der DDR. Sammelrezension (Frank Wolff, Osnabrück) … 169

– Rudolf Boch, Rainer Karlsch (eds.): Uranbergbau im Kalten Krieg. Die Wismut im sowjetischen Atomkomplex. I: Studien. II: Dokumente, Berlin, Ch. Links, 2011. 699, XVI + 387 p. – ISBN 978-3-86153-653-6 + 978-3-86153-654-3 (Walter M. Iber, Graz) … 179

– Christian Heppner (ed.): Als Sozialist und Kommunist unter vier Regimes. Die Memoiren des ersten niedersächsischen Sozialministers Karl Abel. 1897-1971, Bielefeld, Verlag für Regionalgeschichte, 2008. 408 pp. (Schaumburger Studien. 67). – ISBN 978-3-89534-677-4 (Jan Willem Waterböhr, Bielefeld) … 181

– Herbeck, Ulrich: Das Feindbild vom „jüdischen Bolschewiken“. Zur Geschichte des russischen Antisemitismus vor und während der Russischen Revolution [The „Jewish Bolshevik“ as an Enemy Stereotype. The History of Russian Antisemitism Before and During the Russian Revolution], Berlin, Metropol, 2009. 480 p. ISBN 978-3-940938-49-7 (Frank Wolff, Osnabrück) … 183

– Tristram Hunt: Friedrich Engels. Der Mann, der den Marxismus erfand, Berlin, Propyläen, 2012 . 574 p. ISBN:978-3-549-07378-0 (Klaus-Georg Riegel, Trier) … 188

– David King (ed.): Roter Stern über Russland. Eine visuelle Geschichte der Sowjetunion von 1917 bis zum Tode Stalins. Plakate, Fotografien und Zeichnungen aus der David-King-Sammlung, Essen, Mehring, 2010. 352 pp. – ISBN 978-3-88634-091-0 (Gleb J. Albert, Bielefeld) … 192

– Grigorij F. Krivošeev e.a.: Velikaja Otečestvennaja bez grifa sekretnosti. Kniga poter' [Der Große Vaterländische Krieg ohne Geheimhaltung. Ein Buch der Verluste], Moskva, Veče, 2009. 380 p. – ISBN 978-5-9533-3877-6 (Jan Foitzik, Berlin) … 196

– Todor Kuljić: Sećanje na titoizam. Između diktata i otpora [Die Erinnerung an den Titoismus. Zwischen Diktat und Widerstand], Beograd, Čigoja, 2011. 267 p. – ISBN 978-86-75588-23-8 (Avgust Lešnik, Ljubljana) … 200

– Annelies Laschitza, Klaus Gietinger (eds.): Rosa Luxemburgs Tod. Dokumente und Kommentare, Leipzig, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Sachsen, 2010, 203 p. (Rosa-Luxemburg-Forschungsberichte. 7). – ISBN 978-3-89819-333-7 (Ottokar Luban, Berlin) … 204

– Gerlinde Lorenz: „Leitstern“ Sozialismus. Die politische Biografie des Remscheider Arbeiterführers Otto Braß (1875-1950) und seines Sohnes Otto (1900-1972), Klartext Verlag, Essen 2010. 432 p. (Veröffentlichungen des Instituts für Soziale Bewegungen. Schriftenreihe A, Darstellungen. 46). – ISBN 978-3-8375-0412-5 (Ottokar Luban, Berlin) … 206

– Ziyang Zhao, Pu Bao, Renee Chiang, Adi Ignatius (eds.): Prisoner of the State. The Secret Journal of Chinese Premier Zhao Ziyang, London-Sydney, Simon & Schuster, 2009. XXV, 306 p. – ISBN 978-1-4391-4938-6 (Sebastian Burghof, Mannheim) … 212

– Laura Polexe: Netzwerke und Freundschaft. Sozialdemokraten in Rumänien, Russland und der Schweiz an der Schwelle zum 20. Jahrhundert, Göttingen, V&R Unipress, 2011. 270 p. – ISBN 978-3-899718-07-2 (Kevin J. Callahan, West Hartford) … 217

V.2: Presentations and Announcements.

– John Riddell (ed.): Toward the United Front. Proceedings of the Fourth Congress of the Communist International 1922, Leiden, Brill, 2011. 1310 p. (Historical Materialism Book Series. 34). – ISBN 978-9-00420-778-3 … 221

– Fridrich I. Firsov: Sekrety Kommunističeskogo Internacionala. Šifroperepiska [Secrets of the Communist International. Coded Correspondence], Moskva, ROSSPĖN, 2011. 519 p. (Istorija stalinizma). – ISBN 978-5-8243-1461-8 … 222

– Ralf Hoffrogge: Sozialismus und Arbeiterbewegung in Deutschland. Von den Anfängen bis 1914 [Socialism and Workers’ Movement in Germany. From the Beginnings to 1914], Stuttgart, Schmetterling, 2011. 216 p. (Reihe – ISBN 978-3-89657-655-2 … 222

– Richard Müller: Eine Geschichte der Novemberrevolution [The History of the November Revolution]. Vom Kaiserreich zur Republik. Die Novembverrevolution. Der Bürgerkrieg in Deutschland, Berlin, Die Buchmacherei, 2011. 756 p. – ISBN 978-3-00-035400-7 … 223

– David North: Verteidigung Leo Trotzkis, Essen, Mehring-Verlag, 2010. 259 p. – ISBN 978-3-88634-085-9 … 223

– David Fernbach (ed.): In the Steps of Rosa Luxemburg. Selected Writings of Paul Levi, Leiden, Brill, 2011. VI, 349 p. (Historical Materialism Book Series. 31). – ISBN 978-90-04-19607-0 … 224

– Raquel Varela: A História do PCP na Revolução dos cravos [The History of the Portuguese Communist Party in the Carnations Revolution], Lisboa, Bertrand, 2011. 399 p. – ISBN 978-972-252295-3 … 224

– Tibor Frank: Widerstand im Gulag. Überlebensstrategien und aktiver Protest in sowjetischen Straflagern 1923-1960 [Resistance in the Gulag. Survival Strategies and Active Protest in Soviet Penal Camps, 1923-1960], Marburg, Tectum-Verlag, 2010. 136 p. – ISBN 978-3-8288-2326-6 … 225

– Angelo Priori: O Levante dos Posseiros. A revolta camponesa de Porecatu e a ação do Partido Comunista Brasileiro no campo [The Squatters’ Uprising. The Peasants’ Revolt in Porecatu, Brazil, and the Activities of the Brazilian Communist Party in the Rural Area], Maringá, EDUEM, 2011. 236 p. – ISBN 978-85-7628-390-4 … 225

– Wolfgang Hesse (ed.): Die Eroberung der beobachtenden Maschinen. Zur Arbeiter-fotografie der Weimarer Republik [The Conquest of the Observing Machines. Workers’ Photography in the Weimar Republic], Leipzig, Leipziger Universitäts-Verlag, 2012. 491 p. (Schriften zur sächsischen Geschichte und Volkskunde. 37). – ISBN 978-3-86583-616-8 … 226

– Doris Danzer: Zwischen Vertrauen und Verrat. Deutschsprachige kommunistische Intel-lektuelle und ihre sozialen Beziehungen. 1918-1960 [Between Trust and Treason. German-language Communist Intellectuals and Their Social Relations. 1918-1960], Göttingen, V&R Unipress, 2012. 576 p. (Freunde – Gönner – Getreue. 5). – ISBN 978-3-89971-939-0 … 226

– José Gotovitch: Du communisme et des communiste en Belgique. Approches critiques [Communism and Communists in Belgium. Critical Approaches], Bruxelles, Aden, 2012. 436 p. – ISBN 978-280592-024-0 … 227

– Hilde Kramer: Rebellin in München, Moskau und Berlin. Autobiographisches Fragment 1900-1924 [Rebel in Munich, Moscow and Berlin. Autobiographical Fragment 1900-1924]. Herausgegeben von Egon Günther, unter Mitarbeit von Thies Marsen, Berlin, BasisDruck, 2011. 264 p. (Pamphlete. 27). – ISBN 978-86163-144-6 … 227

– James Ryan: Lenin’s Terror, The Ideological Origins of Early Soviet State Violence, London e.a., Routledge, 2012. XI, 260 p. (Routledge contemporary Russia and Eastern Europe series. 36). – ISBN 978-0-415-67396-9 … 228

– John Shepherd, Jonathan Davis, Chris Wrigley (eds.): The Second Labour Government, 1929-31. A Reappraisal, Manchester, Manchester University Press, 2012. 272 p. – ISBN 978-0-7190-8614-4 … 228

– Larissa Rosa Corrêa: A tessitura dos direitos. Patrões e empregados na justiça do trabalho. 1953-1964 [The Tissues of the Laws. Enterpreneurs and Employees in Labour Law. 1953-1964], São Paulo, LTr, 2011. 231 p. – ISBN 978-85-361-1654-9 … 229

– Richard Pare, Maria Tsantsanoglou, Jean-Louis Cohen u.a.: Baumeister der Revolution. Sowjetische Kunst und Architektur 1915-1935 [Builders of the Revolution. Soviet Art and Architecture 1915-1935], Essen, Mehring Verlag, 2011. 272 pp. – ISBN 978-3-88634-096-5 … 229

V.3: Books Sent in for Review … 231

VI. Meetings and Conferences Concerning Communist Studies 2011–2013

VI.1: Conference List

– Past Meetings and Conferences 2011 … 233
– Meetings and Conferences 2012-2013 … 238

VI.2: Conference Reports and Announcements

– Call for Papers: Radical Americas (Institute of the Americas, University College London, 28-29 January 2013) … 242

– Call for Papers: International Conference "Crisis and Mobilization since 1789" (International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, 22-24 February 2013) … 243

– Historical Materialism Conference 2011: Panels on the History of Communism … 245

– Conference on the “Praxis School”: Materials Online … 245

VII. The International Bibliography of Communist Studies. Issue 2011

VII.1: Books on Communism, 2011 … 248
VII.2: Journal Articles on Communism, 2011 … 299

VIII. Periodicals/ Serials on Communist Studies

VIII.1: Directory of Periodicals on Communist Studies and Connected Areas: Conventional and Online Journals, Newsletters and Bulletins … 373

VIII.2: Announcements and Calls for Papers

– Call for Articles: „Den Kommunismus erinnern“. Jahrbuch für Historische Kommunismus-forschung 2014 … 386

– Announcement: Workers of the World. International Journal of Strikes and Social Conflict … 387

– Announcement: Archivos de historia del movimiento obrero y la izquierda, año 1, n° 1 … 388

IX. Internet Resources. Websites Relevant for Communist Studies … 391

X. Communism in Culture, Art and Media

– Some Exhibitions on the History of Communism, 2011-2012 … 399

– Berlin/Moskau: Retrospektive und Konferenz über Mežrabpom-Fil’m … 400

– Berlin: Ausstellung und Tagung über Willi Münzenberg … 400

– Opening of the Museo Memorial de la Resistencia Dominicana, Santo Domingo … 401

– “Hotel Lux”: Das sowjetische KPD-Exil im Spielfilm … 401

– Tatlin-Ausstellungen in Moskau und Basel … 402

– „Die Tochter des Generals“: Verschollener Roman von Arkadij Maslow veröffentlicht … 402

XI. Discussions, Debates, Historical Controversies

– William A. Booth (London, UK): Mid-Century Communisms: A Schematic Approach? … 403

– Controversy around Trotsky Biography by Robert Service … 411

– Russia: “Commission against Falsification” Dissolved … 413

XII. Miscellanea

– Jorge Semprún (1923-2011) … 414

– Sergei Alekseevich Pavliuchenkov (1960-2010) … 414

– Klaus Tenfelde (1944-2011) … 415

– Hartmut Mehringer (1944-2011) … 415

Authors … 416

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