Journal of World-Historical Information 1/1 (2013)

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Journal of World-Historical Information 1/1 (2013)
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Journal of World-Historical Information
United States
Patrick Manning Editor in Chief World History Center University of Pittsburgh Journal of World-Historical Information World History Center 3900 Wesley W. Posvar Hall University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA 15260 Phone: 412-624-3073 Fax: 412-648-9074 Email:
Manning, Patrick

The Journal of World-Historical Information has just released its first issue. This open-access, online journal centers on the materials and technology for developing a world-historical data resource. It aims at collaborative discussion across disciplines, to gather the best scholarly minds in the creation of Big Data in history. Its audience is to include scholars and practitioners in every field of history and social sciences, information science, the humanities and natural sciences.

The journal is edited by Patrick Manning (History, University of Pittsburgh), Ruth Mostern (History, University of California – Merced), and Vladimir Zadorozhny (Information Science, University of Pittsburgh). It is published twice annually by the World History Center and the University Library System of the University of Pittsburgh.

JWHI gives special emphasis to scholarly reviews of historical datasets. These reviews - - assessing published datasets in terms of their data, the technology of their presentation, and their historical significance - - will help achieve scholarly recognition for researchers who do the important work of assembling and documenting historical data.



Collaboration in Building a Global Archive: Vision, practice, methodology, and analysis

Articles: Vision
Collaborative for Historical Information and Analysis: Vision and Work Plan
Vladimir Zadorozhny, Patrick Manning, Daniel J. Bain, Ruth Mostern

Articles: Methodology
Cross-Disciplinary Theory in Construction of a World-Historical Archive
Patrick Manning, Sanjana Ravi

Reviews of Datasets
Indices of Trade Partner Concentration for 183 Countries
Jackie Smith

African Population Estimates, 1850-1960
Filipa Ribeiro da Silva

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