Journal of Contemporary History 49 (2014), 4

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Journal of Contemporary History 49 (2014), 4
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London [u.a.] 2014: Sage Publications
Quarterly: January, April, July, October



Journal of Contemporary History (JCH)
United Kingdom
Mielbrandt, Björn


Call for Applications

Editorship of the Journal of Contemporary History
Richard J. Evans and Miriam Hodge


‘Our Russian Passport’: First World War Monuments, Transnational Commemoration, and the Russian Emigration in Europe, 1918–39
Aaron J. Cohen

Humanitarianism and National Sovereignty: Red Cross Intervention on behalf of Political Prisoners in Soviet Russia, 1921–3
Kimberly A. Lowe

The Fortress Shop: Consumer Culture, Violence, and Security in Weimar Berlin
Molly Loberg

The Many Heads of the Hydra: Local Parafascism in Spain and Europe, 1936–50
Óscar Rodríguez Barreira

Japanese War Criminals in Indochina and the French Pursuit of Justice: Local and International Constraints
Beatrice Trefalt

From Blackface to Beulah: Subtle Subversion in Early Black Sitcoms
Mack Scott

Spiel Appeal: Play, Drug Use and the Culture of 1968 in West Germany
Will Morris

Cold War Identities: Citizenship, Constitutional Reform, and International Law between East and West Germany, 1967–75
Sebastian Gehrig

After the Fall: Politics, the Public Use of History and the Historiography of the Italian Communist Party, 1991–2011
Gianluca Fantoni

Review Article

The Interdisciplinary Challenge in European Integration History
Laurent Warlouzet

Book Reviews

Stephen Morillo with Michael F. Pavkovic, What is Military History?
Sönke Neitzel

Max Paul Friedman, Rethinking Anti-Americanism: The History of an Exceptional Concept in American Foreign Relations
Egbert Klautke

Andrew Thompson (ed.), Britain’s Experience of Empire in the Twentieth Century
Nicholas Owen

Michael Alpert, The Republican Army in the Spanish Civil War, 1936–1939
James Matthews

Menno Spierling and Michael Wintle (eds), European Identity and the Second World War
Machteld Venken

Jennifer L. Foray, Visions of Empire in the Nazi-Occupied Netherlands
Bob Moore

Catherine Epstein, Model Nazi: Arthur Greiser and the Occupation of Western Poland
Elizabeth Harvey

Daniel Maul, Human Rights, Development and Decolonization: The International Labour Organization, 1940–1970
Chris Moores

Alon Confino, Foundational Pasts: The Holocaust as Historical Understanding,
Tom Lawson

Julius W. Friend, Stateless Nations. Western European Regional Nationalisms and the Old Nations
Martin Conway

Jussi M. Hanhimäki, Benedikt Schoenborn and Barbara Zanchetta, Transatlantic Relations since 1945: An Introduction,
Mario Del Pero

Angela Davis, Modern Motherhood: Women and Family in England, 1945–2000,
Sandra Trudgen Dawson

Olaf Mertelsmann and Kaarel Piirimäe (eds), The Baltic Sea Region and the Cold War
Edijs Bošs

Quinn Slobodian, Foreign Front: Third World Politics in Sixties West Germany,
James Chappel

Petri Hakkarainen, A State of Peace in Europe: West Germany and the CSCE, 1966–75
Anja Hanisch

James Cooper, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan: A Very Political Special Relationship
Richard Aldous

Julian E. Zelizer, Governing America: The Revival of Political History
Andrew Priest

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