German History 33 (2015) – Virtual Special Issue

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German History 33 (2015) – Virtual Special Issue
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Virtual Special Issue – Refugees and Migrants




German History. The Journal of the German History Society (GH)
United Kingdom
Bridget Heal E-Mail: <> Jim Bjork Secretary of the German History Society History Department King’s College London Strand Building London WC2R 2LS United Kingdom
Beaumont, Alex

New virtual special issue of German History ‘Refugees and Migrants’

This virtual special issue of German History draws together a selection of recent contributions to the journal on the subject of Refugees and Migrants. These are presented alongside a new introduction from the journal's co-editors that comments on the place of history and historians in national and international responses to the current European refugee crisis.

All of the articles in the issue are freely available to download.



Introduction: Refugees and Migrants
By Neil Gregor and Bridget Heal (Co-editors, German History)

‘Out of the Huts Emerged a Settled People’: Community-Building in West German Refugee Camps
by Meryn McLaren
German History (2010) 28 (1)

Godfather Cities: West German Patenschaften and the Lost German East
by Andrew Demshuk
German History (2014) 32 (2)

City Policy and Guest Workers in Stuttgart, 1955–1973
by Mark E. Spicka
German History (2013) 31 (3)

On Track for West Germany: Turkish ‘Guest-worker’ Rail Transportation to West Germany in the Postwar Period
by Jennifer A. Miller
German History (2012) 30 (4)

Reflection: On Forced Migrations: Transnational Realities and National Narratives in Post-1945 (West) Germany
by Pertti Ahonen
German History (2014) 32 (4)

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