Journal of Contemporary History 51 (2016), 2

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Journal of Contemporary History 51 (2016), 2
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London [u.a.] 2016: Sage Publications
Quarterly: January, April, July, October



Journal of Contemporary History (JCH)
United Kingdom
Fritsche, Jana


Table of Contents


The Reversal of the Passfield White Paper, 1930–1: A Reassessment
Carly Beckerman-Boys

Highland Rebels: The North Caucasus During the Stalinist Collectivization Campaign
Jeronim Perović

The Vatican, Nazi-Fascism, and the Making of Transnational Anti-communism in the 1930s
Giuliana Chamedes

Palestinian Collaboration with the British: The Peace Bands and the Arab Revolt in Palestine, 1936–9
Matthew Hughes

The Group of 7 and International Terrorism: The Snowball Effect That Never Materialized
Bernhard Blumenau

The Armed Neutrality Paradox: Sweden and Switzerland in US Cold War Armaments Policy
Mikael Nilsson and Marco Wyss

Musical Cultural Exchanges in the Age of Detente: Cultural Fixation, Trust, and the Permeability of Culture
Bradford Martin

Nuclear Power for a Dictatorship: State and Business involvement in the Spanish Atomic Program, 1950–85
Joseba De la Torre and Maria del Mar Rubio-Varas


Paul Preston’s The Spanish Holocaust and Recent Historiography on the Spanish Second Republic
Jim Bjork and Kristina Spohr

Violence, Continuity, and the Spanish State: Some Considerations
Gerald Blaney, Jr

The Second Republic: Myths and Realities
Roberto Villa García

When Ideology Takes Precedence over Historical Understanding: The Role of the ‘Right' in the Spanish Interwar Crisis
Manuel Álvarez Tardío

The Spanish Second Republic and Political Violence
Fernando del Rey

The Need to Record the Past
Cathie Carmichael

Book Reviews

Joshua Sanborn, Imperial Apocalypse: The Great War and the Destruction of the Russian Empire
Eric Lohr

John Pollard, The Papacy in the Age of Totalitarianism, 1914–1958
Dianne Kirby

Jenny Leigh Smith, Works in Progress: Plans and Realities on Soviet Farms, 1930–1963
Artemy M. Kalinovsky

Sarah Davies and James Harris, Stalin’s World: Dictating the Soviet Order
Stephen Lovell

Tobias Rupprecht, Soviet Internationalism after Stalin. Interaction and Exchange between the USSR and Latin America during the Cold War
Alessandro Iandolo

Dionysios Chourchoulis, The Southern Flank of NATO, 1951–1959: Military Strategy or Political Stabilization
Evanthis Hatzivassiliou

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