Medieval German History 34 (2016) – Virtual Special Issue

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Medieval German History 34 (2016) – Virtual Special Issue
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Medieval German History




German History. The Journal of the German History Society (GH)
United Kingdom
Bridget Heal E-Mail: <> Jim Bjork Secretary of the German History Society History Department King’s College London Strand Building London WC2R 2LS United Kingdom
Beaumont, Alex

This virtual special issue of German History draws together a selection of recent contributions to the journal on the subject of medieval history. These are presented alongside a new introduction from the journal's co-editors looking at the importance of medieval scholarship within the wider discipline, as well as the impact this work has had amongst researchers of later periods.

All of the articles in the issue are freely available to download until the end of September 2016.


Table of Contents


Medieval German History
by Bridget Heal and Nick Stargardt (Co-editors, German History)


Two Worlds Become One: A ‘Counter-Intuitive’ View of the Roman Empire and ‘Germanic’ Migration
by Guy Halsall

Inauguration and political liturgy in the Hohenstaufen Empire, 1138–1215
by Johanna Dale

Urban Order and Urban Other: Anti-Waldensian Inquisition in Augsburg, 1393
by Eugene Smelyansky

The Healing Touch of a Sacred King? Convicts Surrounding a Prince in adventus Ceremonies in the Holy Roman Empire during the Fourteenth to Sixteenth Centuries
by Mikhail A. Boytsov


Contributions from Bettina Bildhauer, Stefan Goebel, Stefan Laube, Sue Marchand, and Astrid Swenson

Review Article:

Before and After Nationes: Accounting for Medieval Peoples in Twenty-First-Century Germany
by Len Scales

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