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Royal Studies Journal 4 (2017), 1
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Royal Studies Journal
United Kingdom
Royal Studies Journal; University of Winchester; Sparkford Road; Winchester SO22 4NR; UK; E-Mail: editor.rsj@winchester.ac.uk
Sarti, Cathleen

The Royal Studies Journal is an online and fully open access publication which adheres to the highest standards of academic double blind peer-review. It provides a truly international and inter-disciplinary forum for scholars whose research is connected to monarchy in any aspect, period or geographical setting.




'Into our defense and saveguarde': Eton College and the Good Lordship of Edward, Duke of York
Alex Brondarbit

Catholic, Anglican, and Puritan Representations of Royal Martyrs
Nick K Crown

Book Reviews

Stonema, Xerxes: A Persian Life (Yale University Press, 2015).
Mauro Serena

D'Avray, Papacy, Monarchy and Marriage, 860–1600 (Cambridge University Press, 2015).
Jennifer Mara DeSilva

Pollock, The Lion, the Lily, and the Leopard: The Crown and Nobility of Scotland, France, and England, and the Struggle for Power (1100-1204) (Brepols Publishers, 2015).
Emily Joan Ward

Strickland, Henry the Young King 1155–1183 (Yale University Press, 2016).
Thomas Harry Chadwick

Hanley, Louis: The French Prince Who Invaded England (Yale University Press, 2016).
Sean Linscott Field

Duindam, Dynasties: A Global History of Power, 1300–1800 (Cambridge University Press, 2015).
Derek R Whaley

McMahon, Celestial Women: Imperial Wives and Concubines in China from Song to Qing (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016).
Hang Lin

McGettigan, Richard II and the Irish Kings (Four Courts Press, 2016).
David Green

Schutte, Mary I and the Art of Book Dedications: Royal Women, Power, and Persuasion (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015).
Anne Louise Mearns

Keay, The Last Royal Rebel (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2016).
Nicholas Ezra Field

Womersley, James II: The Last Catholic King (Penguin, 2015).
Hannah Jane Thomas

Germann, Picturing Marie Leszczinska (1703–1768): Representing Queenship in Eighteenth-Century France (Routledge, 2015).
Heidi Anne Strobel

Hardman, The Life of Louis XVI (Yale University Press, 2016).
Aurore Chery

Clarke, The Countess: The Scandalous Life of Frances Villiers, Countess of Jersey (Amberley Publishing, 2016)
Natalie Hanley-Smith

Reed, Royal tourists, colonial subjects and the making of a British world, 1860–1911 (Manchester University Press, 2016).
Laura Cook

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