Isis 110 (2019), 3

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Isis 110 (2019), 3
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quarterly, plus Current Bibliography as fifth issue



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Wolff, Sarah



Calendar Reform and World Chronology: Pierre De Lille’s Tria
Calendaria Parva (1529)
Nicolae Virastau
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 441–459.;af=T

Technologies of the Scientific Self: John Tyndall and His Journal
Ian Hesketh
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 460–482.;af=T

The Flow of Cognitive Goods: A Historiographical Framework for the Study of Epistemic Transfer
Rens Bod, Jeroen van Dongen, Sjang L. ten Hagen, Bart Karstens, and Emma Mojet
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 483–496.;af=T

Abraham Gibson, Manfred D. Laubichler, and Jane Maienschein
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 497–501.;af=T

Computational History of Knowledge: Challenges and Opportunities
Manfred D. Laubichler, Jane Maienschein, and Jürgen Renn
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 502–512.;af=T

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Data in the History of Science
Julia Damerow and Dirk Wintergrün
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 513–521.;af=T

Triangulation of History Using Textual Data
Kenneth D. Aiello and Michael Simeone
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 522–537.;af=T

Network Analysis for the Digital Humanities: Principles, Problems, Extensions
Deryc T. Painter, Bryan C. Daniels, and Jürgen Jost
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 538–554.;af=T

The History of Science and the Science of History: Computational
Methods, Algorithms, and the Future of the Field
Abraham Gibson and Cindy Ermus
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 555–566.;af=T

Early Modern Letters Online (EMLO)
Tianna Helena Uchacz
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 567–569.;af=T

Book Reviews

Petteri Pietikäinen. Madness: A History.
Daphne Rozenblatt
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 570–571.;af=T

Iwan Rhys Morus, ed. The Oxford Illustrated History of Science.
Floor Haalboom
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 571–572.;af=T

John E. Joseph. Language, Mind, and Body: A Conceptual History.
Matthew Lauzon
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 572–574.;af=T

Peter Pesic. Polyphonic Minds: Music of the Hemispheres.
Ellen Lockhart
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 574–575.;af=T

Arthur MacGregor, ed. Naturalists in the Field: Collecting, Recording,
and Preserving the Natural World from the Fifteenth to the Twenty-First Century.
Samuel J. M. M. Alberti
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 576–577.;af=T

Michael Friedman. A History of Folding in Mathematics: Mathematizing the Margins.
Anne Por
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 577–578.;af=T

Ben A. Minteer; Jane Maienschein; James P. Collins, eds. The Ark and Beyond: The Evolution of Zoo and Aquarium Conservation.
Raf De Bont
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 578–579.;af=T

Michael Ruse. On Purpose.
T. D. P. Brunet
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 580–581.;af=T

Robert A. Voeks. The Ethnobotany of Eden: Rethinking the Jungle Medicine Narrative.
David Arnold
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 581–582.;af=T

C. Pierce Salguero, ed. Buddhism and Medicine: An Anthology of Premodern Sources.
Dominik Wujastyk
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 582–584.;af=T

John Z. Wee, ed. The Comparable Body: Analogy and Metaphor in Ancient
Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Greco-Roman Medicine.
Rosalie David
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 584–585.;af=T

Richard Carrier. The Scientist in the Early Roman Empire.
Cristian Tolsa
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 585–586.;af=T

Andreas Lammer. The Elements of Avicenna’s Physics: Greek Sources and Arabic Innovations.
Nicola Polloni
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 586–587.;af=T

Richard J. Oosterhoff. Making Mathematical Culture: University and Print in the Circle of Lefèvre d’Étaples.
Abram Kaplan
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 588–589.;af=T

Giuseppe Olmi; Fulvio Simoni, eds. Ulisse Aldrovandi: Libri e immagini di Storia naturale nella prima Età moderna.
Gian Battista Vai
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 589–590.;af=T

C. Philipp E. Nothaft. Scandalous Error: Calendar Reform and Calendrical Astronomy in Medieval Europe.
Katharina Habermann
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 590–592.;af=T

Raymond Clemens, ed. The Voynich Manuscript.
Marieke M. A. Hendriksen
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 592–593.;af=T

Nicolàs de Hilster. Navigation on Wood: Wooden Navigational Instruments, 1590–1731: An Analysis of Early Modern Western Instruments for Celestial Navigation, Their Origins, Mathematical
Concepts, and Accuracies.
Jim Bennett
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 593–594.;af=T

Ofer Hadass. Medicine, Religion, and Magic in Early Stuart England: Richard Napier’s Medical Practice.
Patrick Wallis
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 595–596.;af=T

Flavia Marcacci. Cieli in contraddizione: Giovanni Battista Riccioli e il terzo sistema del mondo.
William R. Shea
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 596–597.;af=T

Vittorio Hösle. Vico’s New Science of the Intersubjective World.
Luca Tateo
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 597–598.;af=T

J. B. Shank. Before Voltaire: The French Origins of “Newtonian” Mechanics, 1680–1715.
Michel Blay
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 598–599.;af=T

Niccolò Guicciardini. Isaac Newton and Natural Philosophy.
John Henry
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 599–600.;af=T

Thomas Sonar. The History of the Priority Dispute between Newton and Leibniz: Mathematics in History and Culture.
Sylvia Pauw
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 601–602.;af=T

Ori Sela. China’s Philological Turn: Scholars, Textualism, and the Dao in the Eighteenth Century.
Martin Hofmann
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 602–603.;af=T

Anne C. Vila. Suffering Scholars: Pathologies of the Intellectual in Enlightenment France.
Devin Vartija
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 603–604.;af=T

Laura Miller. Reading Popular Newtonianism: Print, the Principia, and the Dissemination of Newtonian Science.
Cornelis J. Schilt
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 604–606.;af=T

Benjamin Wardhaugh, ed. The Correspondence of Charles Hutton (1737–1823): Mathematical Networks in Georgian Britain.
Olivier Bruneau
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 606–607.;af=T

Lissa L. Roberts; Simon Werrett, eds. Compound Histories: Materials,
Governance and Production, 1760–1840.
Patrick Anthony
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 607–608.;af=T

Stefan Bargheer. Moral Entanglements: Conserving Birds in Britain and Germany.
Santos Casado
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 608–610.;af=T

Emily Ogden. Credulity: A Cultural History of US Mesmerism.
John Warne Monroe
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 610–611.;af=T

Efram Sera-Shriar, ed. Historicizing Humans: Deep Time, Evolution, and Race in Nineteenth-Century British Sciences.
Douglas A. Lorimer
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 611–613.;af=T

John V. H. Dippel. To the Ends of the Earth: The Truth behind the Glory of Polar Exploration.
Adrian Howkins
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 613–614.;af=T

Myron Echenberg. Humboldt’s Mexico: In the Footsteps of the Illustrious German Scientific Traveller.
Tobias Kraft
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 614–616.;af=T

Kim Helsvig; Jan Eivind Myhre, eds. Making a Modern University: The University of Oslo, 1811–2018.
Vera Schwach
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 616–617.;af=T

Stephen Case. Making Stars Physical: The Astronomy of Sir John Herschel.
Ian S. Glass
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 617–618.;af=T

Manuella Meyer. Reasoning against Madness: Psychiatry and the State in Rio de Janeiro, 1830–1944.
Matthew M. Heaton
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 618–620.;af=T

Frederick B. Churchill. August Weismann: Development, Heredity, and Evolution.
Manfred D. Laubichler
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 620–621.;af=T

Lee T. Macdonald. Kew Observatory and the Evolution of Victorian Science, 1840–1910.
Daniel Jon Mitchell
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 621–622.;af=T

Alexander Pechenkin. The History of Research on Chemical Periodic Processes.
Howard G. Barth
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 623–624.;af=T

Ralph Jewell. The Weather’s Face: Features of Science in the Story of Vilhelm Bjerknes and the Bergen School of Meteorology.
Matthias Heymann
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 624–625.;af=T

Dennis L. Durst. Eugenics and Protestant Social Reform: Hereditary Science and Religion in America, 1860–1940.; Karin Alejandra Rosemblatt. The Science and Politics of Race in Mexico and the United States, 1910–1950.
Marius Turda
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 625–627.;af=T

Mark Blacklock. The Emergence of the Fourth Dimension: Higher Spatial Thinking in the Fin de Siècle.
Andre Michael Hahn
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 628–629.;af=T

Élisabeth Roudinesco. Freud in His Time and Ours.
Robert Kenny
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 629–630.;af=T

Jean-Marc Ginoux. History of Nonlinear Oscillations Theory in France (1880–1940).
Fernando Q. Gouvêa
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 630–631.;af=T

Joeri Bruyninckx. Listening in the Field: Recording and the Science of Birdsong.
Marilyn Bailey Ogilvie
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 632–633.;af=T

Daniel A. Stolz. The Lighthouse and the Observatory: Islam, Science, and Empire in Late Ottoman Egypt.
Adam Mestyan
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 633–634.;af=T

Christian Bracco. Quand Albert devient Einstein.
James Evans
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 634–636.;af=T

Kathleen L. Sheppard, ed. My Dear Miss Ransom …”: Letters between Caroline Ransom Williams and James Henry Breasted, 1898–1935.
Jeffrey Abt
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 636–637.;af=T

Mark S. Morrisson. Modernism, Science, and Technology.
Michael H. Whitworth
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 637–638.;af=T

Yasu Furukawa. Chemists’ Kyoto School: Gen-itsu Kita and Japan’s Chemistry.
Nobumichi Ariga
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 639–640.;af=T

Christian Bonah; David Cantor; Anja Laukötter, eds. Health Education Films in the Twentieth Century.
Andreas Killen
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 640–641.;af=T

Henri Poincaré. Science and Hypothesis: The Complete Text.
Katherine Dunlop
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 641–642.;af=T

Diana Dolev. The Planning and Building of the Hebrew University, 1919–1948: Facing the Temple Mount.
Tal Golan
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 643–644.;af=T

Ze’ev Rosenkranz, ed. The Travel Diaries of Albert Einstein: The Far East, Palestine, and Spain, 1922–1923.
Richard Crockatt
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 644–645.;af=T

Maurizio Meloni. Political Biology: Science and Social Values in Human Heredity from Eugenics to Epigenetics.
Manfred D. Laubichler
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 645–646.;af=T

Dirk van Delft; Ton van Helvoort. Beelden zonder weerga: De elektronenmicroscoop van Ernst Ruska tot Ben Feringa.
Friso Hoeneveld
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 646–648.;af=T

Brian E. Crim. Our Germans: Project Paperclip and the National Security State.
Mark Walker
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 648–649.;af=T

Jörg Matthias Determann. Space Science and the Arab World: Astronauts, Observatories, and Nationalism in the Middle East.
Asif Siddiqi
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 649–651.;af=T

Shelley McKellar. Artificial Hearts: The Allure and Ambivalence of a Controversial Medical Technology.
Todd M. Olszewski
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 651–652.;af=T

Lee Alan Dugatkin; Lyudmila Trut. How to Tame a Fox (and Build a Dog): Visionary Scientists and a Siberian Tale of Jump-Started Evolution.
Marga Vicedo
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 652–654.;af=T

Rebecca Reich. State of Madness: Psychiatry, Literature, and Dissent after Stalin.
Dan Healey
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 654–655.;af=T

Iina Kohonen. Picturing the Cosmos: A Visual History of Early Soviet Space Endeavor.
W. Henry Lambright
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 655–656.;af=T

Alexander C. T. Geppert, ed. Limiting Outer Space: Astroculture after Apollo.
David Baneke
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 656–657.;af=T

Paul Richards. Ebola: How A People’s Science Helped End an Epidemic.; Debora Diniz. Zika: From the Brazilian Backlands to Global Threat.
Stuart Blume
Isis, Vol. 110, No. 3: 658–660.;af=T

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