The International Newsletter of Communist Studies XXIV/XXV (2018/2019), 31–32

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The International Newsletter of Communist Studies XXIV/XXV (2018/2019), 31–32
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Bochum 2019: Selbstverlag
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The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online
The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Dr. Bernhard H. Bayerlein Institut für Soziale Bewegungen, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Clemensstrasse 17–19, 44789 Bochum
Albert, Gleb J.

We are happy to present you with issue no. 31/32 (2018/2019) of The International Newsletter of Communist Studies (INCS). Due to the fact that both editors have to conduct this project in their spare time, being impacted by workload related to other projects, there was a delay in publishing this issue. We apologise to our authors and readers, and hope to be able to publish INCS on an annual schedule again, starting from this year.

The current issue can be read online at the following link:

The current issue encompasses 335 pages and features news on recent developments of communist studies and archives, six project reports, eight reviews, three review essays, and five article contributions, ranging from early Soviet archival documents to 1960s Argentina, from the international Left Opposition to the late GDR and post-1989 China. It includes a hitherto unpublished article by the late Pierre Broué, one of the founders of the International Newsletter. It also features the 2017/2018 International Bibliography of Communist Studies, encompassing 1367 titles from 54 countries.

We would like to welcome our new correspondents Daniel Gaido, who is a researcher at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (Conicet) and Professor of History at the University of Córdoba, Argentina, and Maria Luisa Nabinger, Retired History Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Issue no. 33 (2020) of the International Newsletter of Communist Studies will be published in late 2020. We are looking forward to receiving any sort of relevant information and contributions from our readers before 30 September, 2020, including news on archives and institutions, project presentations, announcements of new publications, bibliographic items from the years 2019–2020, suggestions for book reviews, and proposals for articles on aspects of the history of the Communist International, communist and socialist regimes and movements, the history of workers’ and revolutionary internationalism, the cultural Left, and related topics. Also, in accordance to the original goals of the International Newsletter in the 1990s, we would specifically like to encourage annotated publications of archival documents relevant for the history of communism. For review suggestions, article and sources contributions, we would ask you to get in touch as soon as possible, so we can evaluate the proposals and give you enough time to complete your manuscripts. In doing so, please be aware of our formal guidelines and refer to the style sheet published on the website.

All the very best,

The Editors,
Bernhard H. Bayerlein and Gleb J. Albert (Bochum–Zürich, 26 February 2020)



Editorial ... 7

I. The Newsletter of the Newsletters: Communist Studies Newsletters – New issues/Selected Items

- Aufarbeitung Aktuell
- Alfred Klahr Gesellschaft Mitteilungen
- Mitteilungen des FABGAB
- Neuer Nachrichtenbrief der Gesellschaft für Exilforschung e.V.
- SozialarchivInfo ... 8

II. News on Archives, Holdings and Institutions

- Hidden Manuscripts of the Left Opposition Found in Verkhneuralsk
- Archival Edition Available Online: Komintern y América Latina en documentos del Archivo de Moscú
- “Documents of Soviet History”: New Collection on 1917
- Digitised Archive Materials on Russian and Early Soviet Diplomacy
- Digitised Archive Materials on WW2 Soviet Foreign Policy
- Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung: Nachlass von Hermann Weber erschlossen
- Istoriia Stalinizma Book Series Available Online
- MEGAdigital: Marx-Engels-Gesamtausgabe als Online-Version
- “The Stalin Digital Archive” als DFG-Nationallizenz verfügbar
- Nachlass von Karl Hofmaier im Schweizerischen Sozialarchiv
- Teilnachlass von Elsa Rutgers-Fausch im Schweizerischen Sozialarchiv
- Now Online: The Russian Empire and Soviet Union. A Guide To Manuscripts and Archival Materials in the United States
- Nachlass von Hans Stierlin im Archiv für Zeitgeschichte der ETH Zürich
- Russian Edition of „Communist International“ Journal and Comintern Publications Digitised
- Stalin’s Funeral: Materials Rediscovered at RGASPI, Moscow
- ZZF-Vortragsreihe zur Kommunismusgeschichte: Vorträge online
- Nachlass von Bernhard von Brentano im Literaturarchiv Marbach
- Radical History Online: A List of Collections
- Balazs Nagy (Michel Varga) Papers at Senate House Library, London
- Lexikon des deutschen Rätekommunismus 1920–1960
- UB Gießen: Digitale Sammlung Frühe Holocaustliteratur
- Rosa Luxemburg & Karl Liebknecht Papers at IISG Amsterdam Online
- Historical US Communist Newspapers Available at Proquest
- Annotated Bibliography of Esther Frumkina
- “Left History” Journal Goes Open Access
- Digitized Newspapers from the Russian Civil War
- Biografisches Lexikon Widerstand und Opposition im Kommunismus 1945–91
- Bundesarchiv, Koblenz-Berlin: Akten der Kunst und Antiquitäten GmbH online recherchierbar
- Rosa Luxemburg in the 1918 Revolution: A Timeline ... 15

- The Ephemera Archive (Vila da Marmeleira, Portugal) ... 23

- Das Manès-Sperber-Archiv (Berlin) ... 24

- Gleb J. Albert: Personal Papers of Scholars of Communist Studies: A Preliminary List ... 26

III. Research Projects and Dissertations – Work in Progress

- Aruã Silva de Lima: Fordlândia. The Needle in the Haysack of the Comintern’s Struggles in Brazil over the Black Question. Research Project ... 39
- Éric Aunoble: The Involvement of the Lower Classes in the Making of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of Ukraine, 1918–1921: A Research Project ... 41
- Andrej Marković: Producing Ideology in Yugoslavia During the 1960s and 1970s. PhD Project ... 43
- Moritz Neuffer: Periodical Forms of Theory. New Left Journals, 1950s to 1980s. PhD Project ... 45
- Fredrik Petersson: Local Street Politics and Transfer of Global Awareness in Sweden, 1917–1939 // Biographical Project: Willi Münzenberg. A Red Visionary in a Changing World (working title) ... 49
- Agnès Sophie Vollmer: Against the Détente! The Formation of a Global Anti-Communist Community during the ‘Long’ Sixties (1955–1980). PhD Project ... 50

IV. Studies and Materials

- Pierre Broué: The International Oppositions in the Communist International. A Global Overview ... 53
- Gleb J. Albert: “I have no qualms about ... having shown Soviet Russia just like it is”: Aleksandr Lozovskii’s 1920 Reports About Travels with Foreign Delegates ... 85
- Juan Sebastián Califa: Comunismo y Universidad. El Frente de Agrupaciones Universitarias de Izquierda (FAUDI-PCR) frente a la “Revolución Argentina” (1966–1973) ... 101
- Dietrich Orlow: The Last Hurrah: Hanna Wolf’s and Wolfgang Schneider’s May, 1989 Defense of Stalinism ... 111
- Jie Li: The Use of Lenin in Chinese Sovietology after 1989 ... 121

V. New Publications – Review Essays, Reviews and Presentations

V.1: Review Essays

- Ottokar Luban: Neue Literatur zur deutschen Novemberrevolution 1918–1920 ... 141
- Ottokar Luban: Die deutsche Novemberrevolution 1918–1920 in Fotos und Briefen ... 165
- Reiner Tosstorff: Zur Neuedition der Tagebücher von Ivan Majskij ... 170

V.2: Reviews

- Maria Lafont: The Strange Comrade Balabanoff. The Life of a Communist Rebel (Barbara C. Allen) [review in English] ... 179
- Andy Willimott: Living the Revolution. Urban Communes and Soviet Socialism 1917–1932 (Éric Aunoble) [review in English] ... 184
- Hernán Camarero: Tiempos rojos. El impacto de la Revolución rusa en la Argentina (Víctor Augusto Piemonte) [review in English] ... 188
- Gregor Benton (ed.): Prophets Unarmed. Chinese Trotskyists in Revolution, War, Jail, and the Return from Limbo (Steve Smith) [review in English] ... 191
- Michael Goebel: Anti-Imperial Metropolis. Interwar Paris and the Seeds of Third World Nationalism (Fredrik Petersson) [review in English] ... 194
- Käte und Hermann Duncker: Ein Tagebuch in Briefen (1894–1953) (Reiner Tosstorff) [review in German] ... 197
- Kristen Ghodsee: The Left Side of History. World War II and the Unfulfilled Promise of Communism in Eastern Europe (Gerd-Rainer Horn) [review in English] ... 202
- Jean-François Fayet e.a. (eds.): Echoes of October. International Commemorations of the Bolsheviks Revolution, 1918–1990 (Andy Willimott) [review in English] ... 204

V.3: Presentations and Announcements ... 08

VI. Meetings and Conferences Concerning Communist Studies

- 1919–2019: The Centenary of the Communist International ... 218

VII. The International Bibliography of Communist Studies. Books on Communism, Issue 2017/18 ... 227

VIII. Periodicals on Communist Studies

- Selected Journals on Communist History ... 301
- Selected articles sent in and published by Newsletter correspondents and readers in journals and edited volumes, 2017–2018 ... 309
- Manfred Mugrauer: Publications on the History of the Communist Party of Austria, 2017–2018 ... 318

IX. Communism in Culture, Art and Media

- Dziga Vertov’s “Anniversary of the Revolution” Rediscovered
- Comintern Centenary Exhibition in Moscow: Virtual Tour
- “Tarrafal Never Again”: Exhibition in Portugal
- Soviet Yiddish Music from World War II Rediscovered
- Dark Comedy on the Death of Stalin ... 322

X. Discussions, Debates, Historical Controversies

- European Parliament Adopts Resolution Condemning Communism
- “Trotsky”: Controversial Russian TV Series
- Controversy Around Victor Arnautoff’s Murals ... 324

XI. In Memoriam ... 326

- Anatolii Avrus (1930–2017)
- Samuel H. Baron (1921–2017)
- Bernd Bonwetsch (1940–2017)
- Carter Elwood (1934–2018)
- Maria Ferretti (1958–2018)
- Hans Hautmann (1941–2018)
- Narihiko Ito (1931–2017)
- Annelies Laschitza (1934–2018)
- André Mommen (1945–2017)
- Aleksandra Novozhenova (1982–2019)
- Bill Pelz (1951–2017)
- Arsenii Roginskii (1946–2017)
- Alfred Erich Senn (1932–2016)
- Claudie Weill (1945–2018)
- Larissa Zakharova (1977–2019)
- Jürgen Zarusky (1958–2019)

Authors ... 332

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